America’s Friendship and Pakistan’s Limited Options for Survival – by Ammar Kazmi

Quite recently, Hillary Clinton has visited to revamp the bonds of friendship between Pakistan and America, but the fact of the matter is that this so called friendship is based on lust, power hunger and conspiracies. Subsequently, bears no fruit and has least support among masses due to generally prevailing trust deficit. According to a US survey report only 11pc Pakistanis like America and the rest are either against or not in favor. She was rather more disappointed with a heightened sense of bafflement that why Pakistani’s hatred for America is so intensely all pervasive. She seems to be regretting upon the fact that although US enormously contributed to economy, defense and distress assistance to Pakistan than any of its closest friends, including Saudi Arabia and China but sadly, there is little recognition at the public level. Finally, she attributes it to communication gap and failure of respective governments to correct the distortions. She also said that “Anti-Americanism and conspiracy theories will not make their problems disappear”.

There was a time when Usama and Sudam Hussain were titled as war heroes by the Americans. Both of them either were created or sponsored by them. Disgraced Sudam was found in a gutter by the American troops. And after a long trial he was hung for being responsible for many killings. But it’s not told that he had got death sentence for old killings or the courts also considered the other fact that he provided the reason for American presence in Iraq which increased vulnerability of Iraqi people and caused many more deaths.

Usama was killed in Pakistan on which Pakistani liberal community rightly felt ashamed that worlds most wanted terrorist was comfortably living on their soil for so many years with his wives & kids. Did any American, including their establishment & President feel the same of being producers of Bin Ladan & Sudam Hussain? Do they have similar feelings to accept their blunders which caused dangers not only for them but for whole world including speechless Europe? Their created or sponsored terminators have made this world miserable. In a scripted story of American establishment initially they were projected as heroes but in the last episode of the long plays both of them were killed like villains. The whole world is congratulating them for their big success against their own created evil without even thinking that who has made them?

They strengthened Sadam Hussain against Iran and he was provided with chemical weapons which were used in the killing of thousands of Iranian soldiers. And finally to get those chemical weapons back (which have never been found in Iraq) they destroyed their terminator.

That greedy but brainless war for oil & other recourses has destroyed the world resources and also has brought major crises for American economy. Lots of intellectuals, political and defense experts believe that behind such American policies they intend to take hold of other nation’s resources or America has done such activities to sell their weapons. Well if that’s true then the Somalian pirates are better thinkers than American think tanks. At least they are getting more without damaging much. After all they are the loan super power after the collapse of Russia. If the afore mentioned conspiracy theories are true then it’s better to simply demand ransom from many countries or sell weapons by simply saying that buy our weapons or we will try these on you. With such kind of strategies they can never secure the world and their own people rather than wasting money. Apart from conspiracy theories they have left a lesson for everyone by punishing their betrayer friends and have proved that if they can make someone then can even destroy them. So be always on guard in friendship with America.

Another international crime which America committed in Pakistan was to support military mullah alliance during Afghan jihad which led large number of Pakistani society towards extremism. It conferred misconception to generals like Zia, Hameed Gul & Mullahs that if they can defeat a super power like Russia then they can do anything to other countries. That false confidence directed them for more adventures. Moreover, Arab financial support was proved lethal for the society which developed hatred amongst the different Muslim sects and also caused sectarian violence.

Looking back to the historical facts it’s not difficult to understand that why most people hate America. That’s one aspect where divided communities of religious & liberals have hardly any differences. People barely bother millions of dollars American aids & other services because they think that Pakistan lost far more than their financial assistances. Pakistan bare 20 billion losses in this man hunt where as just like Sudam Pakistani establishment is equally responsible for the damage. In Pakistan, industry is almost collapsed due to terrorism & extremism which was initiated during Gen Zia’s regime by the Americans. Pakistan helped America against Russia in Afghanistan during cold war and America became loan super power. This support for America proved as international crime which disturbed world power balance amongst the states. After cold war America left Pakistan alone with poor economy & millions of refugees. As whole both cheated & deceived each other. America used Pakistan as tissue paper & in Pakistan incidents like “Ojri Camp” took place.

Usma’s suspicious killing left many questions to the world but Pakistani nation had even more questions than any other. The very first question which was raised in Pakistan was that “Is Pakistan a sovereign state or not? That was largely taken as attack on Pakistan’s sovereignty. Mostly ideologically divided Pakistani nation had a consensus on that. Apart from the fact still numbers of people think that Usama was a hero. Some were angry because he was found and killed on our land and others had anguish that their hero was killed in a secret operation by the American seals. With all contrast opinions and ideologies anger was common factor amongst the nation.

Rather than feeling apologetic to the world, President Obama & American establishment is taking credit of killing Osama. They should not forget the fact that he was trained & supported by them. He was responsible of many killings of soviets, Americans, Britain and people of many other nations. President of the loan super power should apologies to the world for their destructive policies. Same is the case with Pakistan’s ex army Generals. They should also apologies from the whole world including their own people for their wrong doings.

America has done all that to their groomed individuals but let’s see how they deal with a nuclear state like Pakistan? No doubt they have killed a big icon of terrorism but what else they can do for anti American sentiments which has become an ideology for millions of people in Pakistan and most of the Muslim countries. And what they can do to a country where judiciary is not punishing terrorists. Will they endorse military courts for terrorists in Pakistan? And a similar question from State, democratic government and civil society that should they endorse military courts for terrorists or follow the idealistic way which is far more impractical in present scenario. Who are facing clear and present danger from the terrorists?

Army, Police & Others have arrested 2500 (khudkush) suicide bombers but there is no one who can dare to trial them! Some judges are scared & some are in their favour. Finally they all will be released due to lack of evidence & witnesses.

A Senior Superintendent of Police told that they and army had arrested some terrorists of banned organizations thrice but every time the courts granted them bail yet they were killed in Swat while fighting against army & police. We don’t know which system & what constitution people are talking about? We are hiding behind both. We are not in normal state but in war of survival. We have to be innovative otherwise; our idealism may not have anymore things like constitution & state etc.

Defensive strategy is a total failure now army needs to be offensive rather than just waiting for terrorists to attack. We need complete action from Karachi to Khyber, North Wazirastan to Southern Punjab, on every inch of motherland without the lust for dollars & foreign aid but just for our own survival, liberty & integrity. Catch them from their breading centers. Close all hatcheries of terrorists. Clean our forces from Gen Hamid Gul & Gen Zia ideology. We are all Muslims; expel missionaries (Tableghis) who were purposely appointed by the previous army establishments. Refuse all foreign help including America just like Pakistan Naval commandos who didn’t allow other commandos to take part in final assault against terrorists for their honor & dignity. Live with pride & die with honor.

It’s not about martial law or extra-constitutional things. Pakistan Army is also a victim of their self created evil. But it doesn’t mean that we see all the destruction silently as we have created them in past. Taliban & Jihadits are killing every living creature & we all know that most of them are from our homeland. One has to be innovative & not to be “Lakeer ka fqeer” we have our own problems & we can’t follow the theoretical democratic stuff in this blood loathed war. To be honest our mirror is the best judge of our acts. If we can’t then remove the dust of our mirror then see the barbarians face of our nation’s extremists through the eye of whole humanity. Don’t live in a state of denial, it is invariably fatal. We don’t have third option & much time! Fight or just Surrender.



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