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The Balochs and Shias of Pakistan: Can we draw a comparison? – by Abdul Nishapuri: At times, rights activists in Pakistan and abroad try to belittle or obfuscate Shia genocide in Pakistan in a long laundry list of atrocities facing other communities including the Balochs. Some of them actually try to compare the Shia
Kamran Bokhari uses falses Sunni-Shia binary to promote Saudi-CIA perspective, hides the Salafi-Sunni divide.: Editor’s note : Kamran Bokhari uses falses Sunni-Shia binary to promote Saudi-CIA perspective, hides the Salafi-Sunni divide. Apparently, he is doing a thesis on “Moderation Among Salafists and Jihadists”. In history, there are quite a few Bokharis who are
وسعت اللہ خان کی ڈنڈیاں – از عبدل نیشاپوری: وسعت اللہ خان سینئر پاکستانی صحافی ہیں جو بی بی سی اردو اور پاکستانی اخبارات میں اپنی تحریروں اور تجزیوں کی وجہ سے مشھور ہیں، دیگر زرد اور خاموش صحافیوں جیسا کہ انصار عباسی، ندیم پراچہ، مشرف زیدی، حامد
Example of a sectarian Shia terrorist of Pakistan – by Riaz Malik Al Hajjaji:   This is a “sectarian” Shia terrorist. A Shia Pashtun school boy who prevented a Deobandi sucide bomber from “making another century of Shia children kills” as ASWJ likes to describe their genocidal campaign. It is Shia terrorists like
Dr Hoodbhoy’s Shia-Sunni binary serves only Deobandi assassins – Laleen Ahmed: In his most recent piece in what he calls “Healing our sectarian divide” (Dawn, 20 Feb 2014), the respected educator and political commentator Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy has obfuscated the Shia genocide and, thus probably unwittingly lent great support to
Documentary obfuscates, not highlights, sectarian terrorism in Pakistan – Aamir Hussaini: It is a very common mistake to present vague and obfuscated discourse on Shia genocide and Sunni Sufi genocide and sectarian based terrorism which we often find among those research reports and documentaries which are made by western funded
False neutrality: Jibran Nasir condemns Deobandi and Shia terrorists: In an expression of false neutrality and false impartiality, civil society activist Jibran Nasir equates Deobandi terrorists with “Shia terrorists” and “Salafi terrorists”. Jibran Nasir said: “Sippah e Sahaba or Sippah e Muhammadi, Lashkar e Jhangvi or Lashkar e Tayyeba, whatever
Note to Andaleeb Rizvi: A false Sunni-Shia binary helps Deobandi and Wahhabi terrorists.: In her otherwise valuable article published in Raza Rumi’s Pak Tea House, Andaleeb Rizvi uses false Sunni-Shia and Saudi-Iran binaries and thus, inadvertently, dilutes the fact that not only Shias but also thousands of Sunni Sufis, Christians, Kurds and
Javed Ghamidi’s false neutrality: Shias and Sunnis are beheading each other in Pakistan: On 1 November 2014, Pakistan’s “moderate” cleric Javed Ahmad Ghamidi discussed the significance of “Unity and Diversity (Shia Sunni Differences)” in Samaa Tv’s program Ghamidi Kay Saath (Host: Nida Sameer). In that program, Ghamidi said quite a few things
At last, New York Times accepts LUBP stand on false Shia-Sunni binary: Editorial note: Since its inception in 2008, Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP) has been consistently claiming that the violence against the Shias, Sunni Sufis and other Muslim and non-Muslim communities in Pakistan and other Islamic countries has nothing to do
Reyhaneh Jabbari’s legal case: Iran bashing for populism: Related post: No bandwagon for Serena Shim https://lubpak.com/archives/325908 **************   I am a critic of the Iranian thecracy and don’t need to repeat my arguments or cite my posts to show my neutrality and objectiveness. (Use Google if you
A facebook discussion over Mehdi Hasan’s false Sunni-Shia binary: Ale Natiq :  served him well. populisat rhetoric seeking relevance. Sayyed Nakvisson : I had liked a similar post by him but that did not include any reference to Pakistan and there was no mentioning of “two wrongs make
Closet ASWJ supporter Ilmana Fasih obfuscates genocide of Sunni Sufis and Shia Muslims at the hands of Deobandis: “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”  ― John F. Kennedy In the week of Eid, Muslims worldwide were still reeling from the latest atrocities committed by
تشدد ویب سائٹ کی کمیونل دھشت گردی کی اصطلاح حقیقت یا فکری مغالطہ: تشدد آرگنائزیشن نے ایک ویب پورٹل پاکستان میں ہونے والی دھشت گردی کا جاری کیا ہے اور اس ویب پورٹل کا مقصد انہوں نے خود اپنے الفاظ میں یوں بیان کیا ہے Most in Pakistan today are acutely aware
Tashaddud website and “sectarian violence” in Pakistan – by Haider Rizvi: According to daily Dawn, a group of activists and researchers, namely Sarah Hank, Ali Jafri, Seher Haider, Shayan Rajani, Haider Raza, Shahana Rajani, Fahad Desmukh and Rubab Karrar have launched an interactive website that supposedly documents and visualises trends
False Shia Sunni binary by Ismaili leader and noted aristocrat Prince Aga Khan: Editor’s note: The Aga Khan does not realize that it not only  Shia Muslims who are being killed in Pakistan, the Deobandi terrorists (operating as Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba) are killing Sunni Barelvis/Sufis, Christians, Ahmadis, and other communities. He does
سید احمد بریلوی اور شاہ اسماعیل دھلوی کی تحریک جہاد، دیوبندی مکتبہ فکر کی تکفیری بنیادیں اور پشتون قوم پرستوں کی جذباتیت: سید احمد بریلوی اور شاہ اسماعیل دھلوی ہندوستان کے اندر وہ پہلے دو ایسے مذھبی رہنماء تھے جنہوں نے ہندوستان کے اندر تکفیری خارجی آئیڈیالوجی پر مبنی نظریات قائم کئے سید احمد بریلوی تکفیری سلفی نظریات کے حامل تھے
What about the Shia extremist outfit of Sipah-e-Mohammad? – Khadim Hussain: Mr. Khadim Hussain is a Pashtun scholar and activist. In response to LUBP’s critical posts on the takfiri Deobandi roots of terrorism that currently engulfs not only Pashtuns but also Punjabis, Baloch and other ethnicities, and also in response
Is Pakistan’s elected PM slightly less competent and way more corrupt than an average traffic cop?: Here is a quick comment on false neutrality which is a glaring feature of Mohammed Hanif’s recent article published in The Guardian. In his apparent criticism of an overstepping and politically biased Supreme Court, Mohammed Hanif tries to maintain false neutrality
A rejoinder to liberal fascist critique of sister Naziha Syed Ali – by Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji: Related article: Naziha Syed Ali justifies Shia genocide in Pakistan as tit-for-tat violence I want to commend sister Naziha for presenting the ongoing genocide of Islamo Marxist groups like Sipah Sahaba/Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat by the All-Powerful Rafzi (Shia)