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PCB should appoint Maulana Tariq Jameel as the Chief Spiritualist of team Pakistan – Shoaib Mir:   IT’S COMMON knowledge that during the last years of their careers, both Inzamam ul Haque and Mohammad Yousuf caressed their beards more times on the playing field than they would care to touch the cherry with either their
Tableeghis and the demise of Pakistan cricket – by Pejamistri:     Well its a very difficult situation to be in, on one hand I agree with all the point against Inzimam-ul-haq for his religiosity and I think this has a very negative effect on the players, There is
شاہد آفریدی ۔ یہاں شراب کے چھینٹے، وہاں گلاب کے پھول – از فرنود عالم: بدعت کی آسان تعریف کیا ہے؟ عمار خان ناصر تو گویا بلاغت و ظرافت کی حد کو چھوکر آگئے۔ کہنے لگے ’’دین میں ہر وہ نیا کام جو بریلوی کریں اسے بدعت کہتے ہیں‘‘ غداری کی آسان تعریف کیا
شہریار خان نے اصل بات چھپائی ہے: نجم سیٹھی کا الزام: پاکستان کرکٹ بورڈ کے دو اعلیٰ ترین عہدیداروں شہریار خان اور نجم سیٹھی کے درمیان ’اختلافات‘ سامنے آئے ہیں۔ نجم سیٹھی نے ایک نجی ٹی وی چینل پر انٹرویو میں شہریار خان کے اس دعوے کو مسترد کر دیا
Najam Sethi is a wrong choice for ICC president – by Asif Iqbal: I am surprised to hear that Pakistan’s nominee for the post of ICC president will not be the head of the PCB, but Mr Najam Sethi. The Pakistan Cricket Board is alone in following this strange practice of `nominating`
Exhibitionists – Waseem Altaf: None of the followers of any other religion engage in such ridiculous exhibitionism as Muslims do. They would say their prayers in the cricket ground instead of the dressing room. Congregate for prayers on a busy road rather than
Pakistan cricket: A class, ethnic and sectarian history:   The negative evolution Right from the moment of its sudden inception in August 1947, Pakistan began to experience a number of socio-political fissures. The country constituted various distinct ethnicities, religions, Islamic sects and sub-sects. Instead of harmonising the
Shamelessly, Najam Sethi, head of PCB executive committee says that criticism against Pakistan cricket team is unfair: Karachi: A senior official of the Pakistan Cricket Board has lamented that the culture of criticism and scorn being directed at the national team after a bad performance is not visible in any other cricket playing nation.(Full Coverage) “I
This crook must never be allowed to don Pakistan’s colours again – by AZ: Nations just don’t do it, I can’t think of any respectable nation that will allow this to happen. Thank you, Ramiz Raja for speaking up the truth. Before many lala land dick heads come out of the woodwork and
Asif , Amir and Butt – these cheats should not be trusted again – by AZ:     For some reason, I cannot reconcile with the fear that these cheats will again don the colours of Pakistan. They are an epitome of the people who are very interested in the dubious and unethical ways to
Misbah interview raises questions on Sethi’s role – by Umar Farooq:   In what can be charitably termed a bizarre occurrence, the PCB head Najam Sethi donned his other hat as a journalist on Saturday night and interviewed Pakistan’s captain Misbah-ul-Haq on his popular political show, Aapas ki Baat. Sethi
Akmal Brothers – Pariahs of Pakistan Cricket? – by Talal Mahmud:   The honor for the most talented and famous cricketing families in Pakistan is a close fight between the Mohammad(s) from Karachi and the Khan\Burki clan from Zaman Park Lahore. Four of the Mohammad brothers (Wazir, Hanif, Mushtaq and
One Step Forward Two Steps Back (A story of Pakistan selection policy) – by Talal Mahmud: One Step Forward Two Steps Back!!! Aptly describes the crazy world of Pakistan cricket administration. Whether it’s interference by political (or even their judiciary fronts) and business interests to mind boggling selection decisions, apathy in handling match fixing menace
What Ails Pakistan Cricket? by A Z: Almost every day I hear analyses from cricket pundits in Pakistan that the standard of the game in Pakistan is going down because of the lack of international cricket in the country. This is. Indeed, very far from the
Letter to God about Pakistan Cricket – by A Z: My dear Almighty, Please keep an eye on our cricket, the only thing left for us to enjoy. I can understand that you may have been busy lately, facilitating the appointment of a new Pope. Though I am no
Whitewash at Dubai – by Shoaib Mir: Setting the record straight about the whitewash in the desert Today, in the exotic desert setting of Dubai, Pakistan completed a much awaited 3-0 whitewash of England, presently the first-ranked Test team in the world. This historical win is
Fickle Fans? – by Sindhyar Talpur: When Pakistan lost to India at Mohali, the initial reaction from Pakistan was that of sympathy. It was disappointing loss to arch-rivals, especially after all the hype created. But there was no such ill-will towards the whole team, minus few individuals
The Mohali heart-breaker – by Bahadar Ali Khan: For Pakistani nation the moments of happiness have become a rarity in recent times. And in desperation they try to squeeze joy out of any minor/major event that comes across their way. The latest was the Cricket World Cup
Emotional Mosquito-ism – by Rameez Karamat Ali: “It was a straight ball and Razzaq did not have a very good technique to handle that ball“. Those were the exclusive comments by one of the “Emotional Mosquito” outside my room this morning, which forced me to come
Enjoy the match guys – by Bahadar Ali Khan: March 30th, the day when sub-continent is scheduled to stand still on the eve of the clash of Cricket Titans e.g.; India and Pakistan. Naturally the emotions of Cricket fans across the divide are spouting to the new highs.
Let peace win at Mohali -by Shahid Nadeem: Pakistani cricket fans are on their way to Chandigarh to cheer their team in the mother of all matches taking place at the Punjab Cricket Association stadium in Mohali. Among them are Pakistani peace activists who will be joined
Meritorious Jehangir Khan and apologies in the Supreme Court – by Rauf Klasra: