Exhibitionists – Waseem Altaf


None of the followers of any other religion engage in such ridiculous exhibitionism as Muslims do. They would say their prayers in the cricket ground instead of the dressing room. Congregate for prayers on a busy road rather than a mosque or a town hall, thus blocking the free flow of traffic. Stand on top of a taxi cab and prostrate while others watch. They would also perform prayers in an inundated street thus allowing dirty water to enter their orifices. During Eid-e-milad and muharram this kind of exhibitionism is at its peak when they come on the roads and choke civic life. And even amputating or beheading someone they make videos and release them on the net for others to watch.

And in some countries they are at liberty to shout on loudspeakers. And at least five times a day they disturb the entire neighbourhood for almost half an hour for each prayer. One stops and the other begins. School children and patients get disturbed yet they are totally oblivious of how this noise affects others. This is another form of exhibitionism.

This exhibitionism indicates a kind of defiant self-righteousness. At the back of their mind they want to show to “others” that they consider their obligation to Allah so dear that they care two hoots what other’s think about it or how others feel about this transgression or how much inconvenience does it cause to the rest.
One may have no objection to prayer or other rituals, yet it has to be a private affair and not something to exhibit. But when the motive is to assert one’s defiance and self-righteousness and an unconscious desire to create awe, prayer transmutes into bizarre exhibitionism.
No wonder why these people have become the laughing stock of the civilized world.