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The GHQ-made jihadi and sectarian robots vs ordinary Muslims – by Abbas Ather:
The LUBP commends Mr Bilawal Bhutto Zardari for his bold and timely rejoinder to Islamofascists: The LUBP commends Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, PPP chairperson, for his bold and timely rejoinder to the Islamofascists. At a time when the PPP government is being besieged on all fronts, it is important not to loose focus and
No, Prime Minister, it’s not a sensitive issue, it’s a case of murder:
In the name of God, you are dead – by Amir Mir: When Punjab Governor Salman Taseer stepped out of the Table Talk restaurant in Islamabad, after having lunch with his hotelier friend Sheikh Waqas on January 4, he was most likely aware of the possibility of religious extremists lurking around
A survey of blasphemy laws in Muslim countries – by Wusatullah Khan: Related article: Namoos-e-risalat or namoos-e-zia-ul-haq? – by Abbas Ather کاش انہیں ضیا مل جائے وسعت اللہ خان بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، کراچی اس کرہِ ارض کی آبادی چھ ارب نوے کروڑ ہے۔اس میں ایک ارب ستاون کروڑ
My father died for Pakistan – by Shehrbano Taseer: Related article: Not unlike Benazir Bhutto, Governor Taseer was martyred because of his belief in a secular and democratic Pakistan – by Rusty Walker TWENTY-SEVEN. That’s the number of bullets a police guard fired into my father before surrendering
Salman Taseer’s assassination exposes ‘the cancer of religious fanaticism’: A few days ago, Mgr Lawrence John Saldanha, president of the catholic Bishops’ Conference of Pakistan, said, “it is clear that anyone that opposes the blasphemy law is at risk.” Mgr Rufin Anthony, bishop of Islamabad-Rawalpindi, told AsiaNews that
Allama Tahir Ashrafi’s views on the blasphemy law and Taseer’s murder – Abbas Ather’s Column Kaar: Before watching the following talk-show, you may wish to read the following article: Namoos-e-risalat or namoos-e-zia-ul-haq? – by Abbas Ather Talk-show participants: Allama Tahir Ashrafi (PUC), Azam Nazir Tarar (PBC), and Syed Mumtaz Shah (Analyst) in today’s episode of
Salman Taseer’s blood and apologetic politics:
From Shaheed Justice Arif Iqbal Bhatti to Shaheed Salman Taseer: PPP’s struggle against the Ziaist Blasphemy Law: The PPP has a long history of standing up to Islamofascism and Islamopatriotism in Pakistan, which have been systematically and institutionally cultivated in the curricula, mosques, schools, madrassahs, media and other aspects of Pakistani society by the military establishment.
Salman Taseer’s assassination: religious minorities live in mounting fear: “Salman Taseer fought for the release of Asia Bibi and spoken out for the repeal of the blasphemy law. I think this was the main reason for his murder,” said Mgr Lawrence John Saldanha, archbishop of Lahore, president of
From failed State to failed society – by Imran Qadir Butt: Which comes before which? I mean to say whether our state failed us first and then society as a whole degenerated or vice versa. But then I think we are at such brink where this distinction does not make
Taseer’s murder: A plan well executed: Related article: Salman Taseer: Another victim of the deep state, its ideological and political faces – by Shaista Aazar How fake is “civil society’s” liberal agenda? – by Shakeel Arain It is becoming increasingly apparent that shaheed Salman Taseer’s
Updated: Ban the supporters of Taseer’s murder: An appeal to international organizations and governments: This is an ethical and legal appeal to all international organisations and governments including the United Nations, Governments of UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy and other countries of Europe, USA, Canada, UAE, India and all other countries of the
‘Everyone Declare Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law as Black Law’ Campaign: Please participate in this campaign by joining this page. On 4 January 2011, Governor Punjab Salman Taseer was shot dead by an Islamofascist terrorist in Islamabad. Shaheed Salman Taseer’s only crime was: 1. He raised voice in support
Asma Jahangir’s interview: Taseer’s murder will embolden the Pakistani religious right: In the following interview conducted by Shamil Shams of DW, Pakistan’s leading human rights activist Asma Jahangir tells that after the assassination of the governor of the Punjab, it will become more difficult for people to challenge the country’s
“Ghazi” Mumtaz Qadri – by D. Asghar: The insane murder of late Salman Taseer was not enough of a shameful surprise this week. There was more in store for all of us. The blood of the slain leader had barely dried and there came an edict
Devotion to Muhammad (SAWW) or egotism? Views of an eminent Deoband Maulana Mehmudul Hasan: The following extract is from a book which is a collection of  memories of Maulana Manazir Ahsan Gilani, a prominent Deobandi scholar, writer and acdemic. During his studies in Darul Uloon Deoband, he was taught by prominent Ulemas like
Blasphemy Law rocks Pakistan once more – by Tahir Aslam Gora: Is Pakistan governed and controlled by religious forces? The answer is yes. No matter who is the incharge of the government, be a government run by secular leaning Pakistan Peoples Party, be a government comprised of middle class business
Fatwa of Shaykh-ul-Islam Mufti Muhammad Idris Usmani about Malik Mumtaz Qadri and his supporters: Note: This post highlights the fact that Islam is far from monolithic and while there are those who are issuing Fatwas that result in the murder of Governor Taseer, there are also those who have huge problems with such
Don’t Let Aasia Die – by Haris Ubaid: Governor Punjab Salman Taseer has been assassinated for speaking in support of a christian woman Aasia Bibi, a 45 year old Christian wife and mother who was sentenced to death by hanging in Pakistan for being a Christian on
The Liberal is Dead, Long Live The Liberal – by The Baloch Hal: The tragic murder of Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer by his own security guard in Islamabad is the most high-profile assassination in the country since the killing of the Pakistan People’s Party chairperson Benazir Bhutto in December 2007. Both Benzir
Death becomes his – by Nadeem F. Paracha: Punjab Governor, Salman Taseer, was assassinated yesterday (January 4) by one of his security guards. The guard, who soon gave himself up to the police, proudly claimed that he killed the late Governor because Taseer had described the controversial
Salman Taseer Zinda Hei!!!! – by Khalid Chauhdry:
Salman Taseer, Shaheed-e-Thaffuz-e-Rehmat-e-Risalat (PBUH), ko salam: Related articles: Salman Taseer zindah hai – by Khalid Chaudhry Death of a hero: the aftermath – by Waseem Altaf Death becomes his – by Nadeem F. Paracha Salman Taseer: Another victim of the deep state, its ideological and
Shame on extremist Barelvis: More than 500 religious scholars belonging to the Barelvi school of thought paid rich tributes to the assassin of Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer on Tuesday and urged ‘Muslims across the country’ to boycott the  funeral ceremony. While the Deoband and
Death of a hero: the aftermath -by Waseem Altaf: Salman Taseer, the lone ranger was a pure soul, unlike most of our politicians who are scared of speaking the truth. He stood for the right cause and sacrificed his life for whom nobody dares to come forward–the downtrodden
Mumtaz Qadris are everywhere – by Altaf Ahmad: I am ashamed of being a Pakistani today. I still remember the day a foreign firm that I worked with online for 2 years offered me to join their office at Warsaw. They were willing to increase my pay
Taseer’s murder is a warning to all sane voices in Pakistan – by Imran Qadir Butt: One by one, extremists are silencing every sane voice in Pakistani society. The cold blooded murder of Salman Taseer is another warning for people who are harbingers of sanity and tolerance and crude reminders for them that they are
Salman Taseer’s murder: An assault on the integrity of Islamic faith – By Taha Kehar: Salman Taseer’s murder highlights nothing but the small-mindedness of a microscopic faction of extremists who do not value justice. It is, in all earnest, an assault on the integrity of the Islamic faith. As I write this post, I
Salman Taseer: Another victim of the deep state, its ideological and political faces – by Shaista Aazar: Related article: A plan well executed Governor Punjab Salman Taseer is assassinated by his own guard from the Punjab Police Elite force, Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri. He very proudly confessed it before the security officials, saying that he has
A brainwashed fanatic kills Governor Punjab Salman Taseer: An extremist and religious fanatic (reportedly of the Barelvi sect) killed Governor Punjab Salman Taseer in a brazen attack in Islamabad today. Governor Punjab had received death threats from the following because of his bold stance on the blasphemy
Politicizing blasphemy law: who is behind Namoos e Risalat movement?: “Many believe the two parties are acting at the behest of the security establishment to undermine the country’s political system.”, BBC As per the news published in various news papers Pakistan Peoples Party led government appeases religious parties on
Blind Faith: A short documentary film about the blasphemy law in Pakistan – by Sarah Naqvi: This is a must see documentary on the blasphemy laws, made just a few days before the assassination of Salmaan Taseer. The penal code of 1860, carried 4 sections. Laws related to offences against religion were enacted to diffuse
Blasphemy law, Kamran Khan ke sath – by John Bosco: It doesn’t look good that we should start our 1st day of the year with the same problems and issues that we have been dealing for over 2 decades. Please find herewith web link of a programme telecast on “Aaj
Pakistanis shout for secularism, minority rights and end to Islamization: LUBP supports the following initiative and hopes that this movement spreads and grows all over Pakistan. Furthermore, while we applaud and support this development, we think it should be extended to: 1) Support for Baloch Human Rights which cannot
Blasphemy laws: The shape of things to come – by Omar Ali: Taking Sides : The Liberals and the Right The decision of a lower court to award the death penalty to a poor Christian woman accused of blasphemy has ignited a wide debate over Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. Liberals have asked
Pakistani Hindu families seek political asylum in India: According to the report published in various national ‘Dailies’ and in international media with regard to the Pakistani Hindu families seek asylum in India. The Times of India report says Kidnapping, killing force Pak Hindus to seek political asylum
Happy new year? – by Kamran Shafi: WELL, hopefully, what with the obscurantist forces back on the march in an attempt to bludgeon into submission those who advocate the imperative and immediate need of making the blasphemy laws in this country less draconian, less obnoxious; what
PPP’s bold stance on blasphemy law, and some encouraging comments: According to a CNN report, Pakistan will review blasphemy laws to prevent them from targeting innocent people. The government will form a committee of scholars to revisit the law, said Shahbaz Bhatti, the federal minister for minority affairs. It will