The GHQ-made jihadi and sectarian robots vs ordinary Muslims – by Abbas Ather

3 responses to “The GHQ-made jihadi and sectarian robots vs ordinary Muslims – by Abbas Ather”

  1. its a very well written article….and so true …none can disagree with any part of it…..yes i feel that the murder of Salaman Taseer has shaken up the conscience of the people of Pakistan…particularly those who were on fringes, sitting on borderlines, and also those who never thought that things may go that bad due to their apathy…..Some of mullahs have started ‘rujoo’ and soon a strong group will emerge openly challenging the barbaric laws introduced by Zia ul Haq, in the name of divinity….

  2. This is for the common people of Pakistan. We are in majority but we have not guns like “Mullas” and their “Chellas”. I think it is clear message for our leaders, President, PM, all Ministers, all workers of PPP, ANP and MQM that there is time to take action. Government and its benefits are very attractive but leave all these to save Pakistan if necessary. There is a clear line between extremists and common people of Pakistan. As per my thoughts PPP, ANP and MQM are on other side of this line and rest of the parties are on this side including all leagues ( May be some people in these leagues don’t like “Mullas). So I like to ask Mr. Abbas Athar please take the charge and convey our message to our leaders for God sake get more courage to fight these extremists.
    Otherwise they may make our country Somalia or Afghanistan and the day is not too far then we are unable to see any woman on our offices, markets and roads. Men have forced to wear “shalwar kamiz, Topi or Pagri”. Pakistan may be become most (so called) Islamic country of this world, and most dangerous too. We are in great shock after Salman Taseer’s tragic incident. We don’t want to see more incidents like that so we should have to be careful. Love for all the people of Pakistan who want to live in this country according to their will and according to their religion including minorities. We (Muslims) want to live as per true Islamic teaches and thoughts not as per “Mulla’s so called Islam”.

  3. This Military-Mullah alliance has already resulted in the breaking of Pakistan. They want to impose their puritanical interpretation of Islam on the moderate and enlightened people of Pakistan. ISI is again in action to divert the attention of the Pakistani Public and International Community from its acts of Barbarity in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. ISI can go even to the extent of breaking the country again to hide its atrocities, its game of blood and death, its policy of turture and killing.
    It has already earned fame(notority) by killing innocent people of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). Now, again it is making another history of blood-bath in KP and Balochistan.
    By releasing well known terrorists like Hafiz Saeed and re-grouping the old MMA Alliance, ISI is bent upon a suicidal path of removing the present democratically elected government of PPP. PPP government, If, removed will result in the break-up of Pakistan as it is the only unifying force left in Pakistan.