Mumtaz Qadris are everywhere – by Altaf Ahmad

زندگی اتنی غنیمت تو نہیں جس کے لئے -- عہد کم ظرف کی ہر بات گوارا کر لیں

I am ashamed of being a Pakistani today.

I still remember the day a foreign firm that I worked with online for 2 years offered me to join their office at Warsaw. They were willing to increase my pay and bear my travel expenses. I decided not to go as I thought if I remain in my country I will create jobs for my fellow country men and would bring the entire foreign currency to my country.

I have always been the optimistic one even at the most scariest time I used to remain positive and always thought that soon things would be alright. I always use to focus on the brighter side of things and same was with my country. No matter how grave the situation would get I always trusted my state and its different pillars safeguarding it. I always believed in the people of this country that they can do better than this, if they are provided the right platform.

Today’s tragic incident (assassination of Governor Salman Taseer) has completely changed my views. I now feel that staying back in Pakistan was a wrong decision. I mean a person who is a sitting Governor is not safe rather he gets assassinated after expressing his views regarding a mere controversial law added to constitution by worst dictator ever. So how can I be sure that someday I wouldn’t meet the same fate, if someday I annoy some other Mumtaz Qadri with my views?

This killer would soon meet his well deserved fate but Mumtaz Qadris are every where, they are in our schools, bazaars, mosques, madrassas, universities, colleges, offices, law enforcing agencies, political parties and especially media and if we roughly and/or honestly calculate, every second person that we deal in our daily life is a Mumtaz Qadri….

I always used to defend my country; its institutions no matter how unpopular that view was but how can I defend this… The nature of the act and thought behind this heinous act puts a lot of question marks on our national character and identity. I literally have no courage now left to walk with my head held high and say that I’m proud of my country.

A country where the chief power-holder (military establishment) has heavily invested in religious fanaticism for their specific jihadi agendas in Afghanistan and Kashmir, where politicians are scared to confront forces of religious and sectarian extremism, where media persons are hand in glove with the security establishment, where schools, colleges, mosques, madrassahs, newspapers and TV channels are cultivating a twisted version of history, Pakistan and Islam, the presence of Mumtaz Qadris is a norm, not an anomaly.

Malik Mumtaz Qadri’s statement (Samaa TV)



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