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Ansar Abbasi’s “Truth” Problem: Cross-posted from Pakistan Media Watch Just this week I posted about Jang Group’s problem with facts. Now, as if to prove my point, Ansar Abbasi writes an article filled with so many problems and errors that it’s hard to keep
My Lord, Why NRO only? – Kamran Shafi: We are told that Ziaul Haq, yes the very same Ziaul Haq at whose door the responsibility of unleashing the demons responsible for most of our present travails can and should be placed, is to be excised from the
Dr Shahid Masood’s letter to Shaheen Sehbai – by Qais Anwar: مارچ کب ہو گا؟ میرے پیارے شاہین صہبائی میرا یہ خط جس وقت تمہاری نظروں سے گزرنے گا مارچ کی پندرہ تاریخ ہو چکی ہوگی ، مطلب یہ کھ آدھا مارچ گزر گیا ہو گا بغیر کسی مارچ کے.
The End of the Zardari Government is Near: Courtesy: Pakistan Media Watch This is the first post in a series on ‘Wishful Journalism’ – an unfortunate practice that seems to be taking place more than actual reporting in some parts of the media. There is a difference between
TV talk shows: good, bad or just inane — by Dr Syed Mansoor Hussain: Being a strong supporter of freedom of the media I believe that every television channel and all the hosts have the right to say whatever they wish as long as it is within accepted societal norms of decency Every
Anjum Niaz, Raza Rabbani and the virus of yellow journalism – by Abdul Nishapuri: According to her ‘official’ profile at Naseeb Vibes: Anjum Niaz is the first Pakistani woman to qualify under US Government Immigration as possessing Extraordinary Ability in Journalism. She works as a correspondent for Dawn, has been editor of Dawn
Media hype on rickshaw childbirth – by Dr Muhammad Awais Khalil: In the last few days, we have witnessed an extraordinary media hype against President Zardari because of a childbirth in an auto-rickshaw in Quetta. Apparently it seems that a traffic mismanagement during President Zardari’s visit to Quetta lead to
Some rambling thoughts on Dr Shahid Masood’s hair transplant and Meray Mutabiq – by Kaleem Butt: If one is asked to name one media personality hosting a TV show whose presentations now a days are totally lacking in objectivity, fairness, sense of proportion and balance, one name pops up and that is Dr Shahid Masood.
These are the courts, and yes, this is the justice – by Saria Benazir: Today , the democracy is being challenged in the courts. Those cases, which stayed unproved after years of exploration are being opened again, and people, who themselves took illegal steps in the past, this day speak of law and
Three pictures, a column and the mindset of Syed Talat Hussain: The first few paragraphs in Syed Talat Hussain’s op-ed today offer his choice and analysis of three pictures. However, more than anything else, this choice and analysis also betrays his mindset, explaining why this excellent anchor sometimes acts as
Amir-ul-Momineen Nawaz Sharif declares Persident Zardari as the biggest threat to democracy – by Mehmal Sarfraz: Mian Nawaz Sharif, a leader reincarnated, did not like being overshadowed by President Zardari. Ah, the mind boggles at this political ‘brotherhood’. Reminds one of the ‘brotherly rivalry’ between the Mian brothers themselves. The elder Mian sahib must not
Why is Iftikhar Chaudhry destroying Pakistan? – by Bilal Qureshi: Every objective analyst who follows Pakistan has come to the same conclusion – Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry is becoming a serious threat not only to the country, but also to the entire democratic system that is already under tremendous
Zardari bashing reaches ABC News blog – by Sarah Khan: It was saddening to see how an engineered video clip defaming President Asif Zardari made its way to ABC News blog. Here is the article which inspired me to write this post particularly because I was in the audience
Laptop Warriors: After reading Ayaz Amir’s article and his use of the term “laptop warriors” (about Dr Shahid Masood, Ansar Abbasi etc), I googled the term and discovered this picture. Now Aitzaz Ahsan’s remarks have caused a major disappointment to them; he
Some Balance Please: Thanks: Sohni Dhurti “The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life.”
Laptop Warriors: Ayaz Amir presents two pressing challenges to the Supreme Court of Pakistan: < strong>While disregarding pawns of ‘the anti-democracy establishment’ (e.g. Dr Shahid Masood and Ansar Abbasi and other members of the Pakistani Taliban Union of Journalists (PTUJ)) as “laptop warriors” and “media samurais — of whom there are not a
Half-truth of the Supreme Court of Pakistan: An interesting conversation: Here are some excerpts from an interesting conversation at pkpolitics where ‘Bawa’, a pro-democracy blogger (with anti-Zardari inclinations), has raised some interesting points about the anti-NRO stance of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. آدھا سچ ہم میں سے ہر
Selective Morality of the Supreme Court of Pakistan – by Harris Azhar: Today I recall the words of the mother of the renowned writer Ms Arundhati Roy while in the Supreme Court of India, that I cannot accept any dictatorship and if you don’t allow me to discuss the Supreme Court’s
Asif Zardari, Establishment and the Supreme Court : by Bahadar Ali Khan: To my recallable memory collections, I can never fetch a single incident when somebody actually took pictures of the page from guest book placed at Father of the Nation’s mausoleum, except one page remarked and signed by Asif Ali
The SMS war against Zardari – by Kaleem Butt: Day in and day out, PPP and President Zardari has to contend with an onslaught of negative propaganda on air waves, in print media and in cyber space. The enemy is media savvy and knows the impact of psychological
Planned hype against President Zardari – by Dr Masooda Bano: The crisis mode created around President Zardari’s speech has an air of planned maneuvering around it. Zardari is not without his weaknesses but the air of tension being created after his speech on the second anniversary of Benazir Bhutto’s
A short history of the Babble Media Mujahids – by Nadeem Paracha: Babble Media Mujahids (BMM, and also called, BAAM!) is a group of superheroes operating in Pakistan. They advocate religious tolerance through the killing of heretics and glorification of an independent judiciary. The BMM was formed through divine intervention when
Obsession with Zardari; Not in the New Year!: By Agha Haider Raza TV anchors must refrain from pretending as Chief Justice. Picture / Pakistan Media Watch It has of late become frustrating to read the newspapers in Pakistan.  If the once a week suicide bombings are not bad
The New Media Jihadis – by Ayaz Amir: Thanks: Khaleej Times There is no such thing as positive journalism, a notion put about, mostly in a whining manner, by government information departments. Journalism is at its most responsible when it is explosive and incendiary, shaking people out
Former ISI official challenges presidential immunity: ISLAMABAD: A former official of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) filed a petition in the Supreme Court challenging the constitutional presidential immunity against legal proceedings as un-Islamic and unconstitutional. Khalid Khawaja, also a former air force official, filed the petition
Tahir Sarwar Mir’s rebuttal to Shaheen Sehbai’s column: Tahir Sarwar Mir’s rebuttal to an op-ed by the veteran CIA agent Shaheen Sehbai (The News):
Veteran Gravedigger: Saif-ur-Rehman: By Abbas Ather
Anti-Asif Zardari malice exposed – by Fasihur Rehman: Saturday, December 12, 2009 Is democracy all about a plethora of documents whose authenticity remains doubtful for more than 13 years now, on many counts and in the backdrop of the PML-N Quaid’s own statement that the accountability process
Enemies of Quaid-e-Azam, saviours of Pakistan? – by Asadullah Ghalib: Asadullah Ghalib offers an historical perspective on those elements in Pakistani establishment, politics and media (e.g. Munawar Hassan, Hameed Gul, Ansar Abbasi) who have been, at various points in history, consistently conspiring against the state and the nation of
Sherlock Holmes and the minus-one mystery — by Samiullah Khan: They seemed to have hated Benazir before Zardari and their previous generation hated Bhutto. They spread scandals about him all the time and never miss an opportunity to blackguard him. They feel he wiggled out of the long list
‘EC refused to move against Benazir, Zardari despite pressure’: The NAB had urged the Election Commission in 2005 to take action against the former prime minister and her spouse for allegedly providing false information about their assets.
It’s not the 17th amendment, stupid! It’s the man.: In the following op-ed, Nazir Naji suggests that it is not the 17th amendment of Pakistan’s constitutions, it is the person of Asif Ali Zardari which is not acceptable to ‘the establishment’ in Pakistan.
The most heinous crime of Asif Zardari – by Abbas Ather: Zardari’s tri-color coat and the nuclear button In the following op-ed, Abbas Ather explains that is is neither corruption (the NRO) nor Article 58-2(b), the most heinous crime of Asif Zardari is the fact that he heads Pakistan People’s
Hamid Akhtar’s analysis of the anti-Zardari campaign by the establishment: Senior columnist Hamid Akhtar offers an analysis of the anti-Zardari campaign (on various pretexts, e.g. anti-Kerry Lugar bill, anti-NRO etc) and links it the democratic government’s sincere and committed operation against the Taliban terrorists. Here is an analysis by
Cannon Should Be Towards Burning Issues – by Farhad Jarral: Presently all non-serious politicians and so-called champion journalists are reporting or publishing baseless stories without research and giving one side picture to the public. This act is being done by some private TV Channels as well as political analysts
Charge sheet against Zardari: Enemies of democracy and supporters of Taliban taunt President Zardari for what they term as his cowardice to refrain from exposing himself in public meetings. The main aim of the Mullah Media Alliance here is to help their foot-soldiers
Zardari responsible for corruption in Pakistan?: In the following op-ed, Nazir Najis argues that it is not politicians but the civil and military establishment which is the biggest thief in Pakistan.
‘Goebbels Eleven’, minus-one brigade and Nawaz Sharif: Here are three columns on this topic: The first one is by Ayaz Amir (a PML-N MNA) who terms the minus-one brigade (Shahid Masood, Ansar Abbasi, Shaheen Sehabi etc) as media galdiators. The second column is by Asadullah Ghalib
"Plus Talibanization" in the Guise of "Minus Zardari":
Defending the NRO – An extensive analysis by Abbas Ather: While many constitutional and legal experts as well as politicians of the PPP government have either shied away from or miserably failed in defending the rationale and necessity of the National Reconciliation Ordinance between Benazir Bhutto shaheed and General