Selective Morality of the Supreme Court of Pakistan – by Harris Azhar

Today I recall the words of the mother of the renowned writer Ms Arundhati Roy while in the Supreme Court of India, that I cannot accept any dictatorship and if you don’t allow me to discuss the Supreme Court’s decision, it means that now I am to confront the dictatorship of the judiciary.

Today a detailed judgement of about 300 pages has been announced on the NRO. It was an expected judgement, and is very much specific against the current political system which is prevailing with all its given strengths.

I am amazed that the17 members jury very much emphasized that they can question the morality of any office bearer (President Zardari in specific) at any time and he has no immunity by any law. Here the question arises that Mr Zardari was kept in prison for more that 11 years and not a single case was proven against him so what’s left now to trial him.

Furthermore who don’t know that this is the Supreme Court who had twice given the retired General Musharraf the power to amend the constitution? And they became a part and parcel of Musharraf’s rule; not a single voice came against his morality or some such.

Where was the morality of the Supreme Court lost when Mr Nawaz Sharif was given indemnity by the President even while he was convicted by the courts? Why the lessons of morality were forgotten when all that was happening under the Supreme Court’s very nose.

What morality will apply on the ex-generals who have addmitted of corrupting the political system by using illegal money and influence in making the IJI in 1988?

Why are the lessons of morality not applied to the son of the present Chief Justice who was forced into CSS and then recommended for an out of turn promotion, why other similar allegation against the Chief Justice remain ignored?. Why all morality is left for the largest political party whose foundations are in the poor masses of the country. Where was the morality of this Supreme Court when it failed to help the masses by providing sugar on lower prices?

The NRO judgement once again unfolds the bitter truth that this is not a game of morality. Rather it is a game of victimization against the poor people of Pakistan. The evil forces of the establishment (Generals and Bureaucrats, now aided by certain elements in the media) have decided to pull the PPP out from the democratic system, with the help of the supreme morality of the honourable Supreme Court.



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