Cannon Should Be Towards Burning Issues – by Farhad Jarral

Presently all non-serious politicians and so-called champion journalists are reporting or publishing baseless stories without research and giving one side picture to the public. This act is being done by some private TV Channels as well as political analysts in daily newspapers and electronic media.

They want to put pressure on the present government and the real party of the peole, which is the largest political party in the country. The ruling political party proved its popularity in the most recent Gilgit Baltistan elections that they have roots is the people of Pakistan who love democracy and rule of law in our beloved country.

For last few weeks our TV anchors are busy along with the so called political analysts discussing about corruption and anti President campaign only for the sake of point scoring and gaining sympathy from whom they are affiliated with and also for monetary payments from their lords involved in terrorism in South Waziristan and Afghanistan. They are unable to think that these hearsay stories are encouraging the wrong doers in the public; while some English TV Channels are telecasting accurate reporting, certain Urdu electronic media anchors telecast sensational conversations and scary stories spreading panic among innocent people, blocking the positive way to develop the country and making obstacles in the way of foreign investment.

They can now read the statement made for head of 2nd largest political party (PML-N) given to daily news; when he said he has never talked about the impeachment of the president nor has he demanded his resignation. The Chief Minister of Punjab also talked with journalist in Karachi that they don’t want to derail the democratic system in Pakistan. President should complete his tenure, who unanimously elected through democratic process.

Now political analysts and media persons should wait the decision from court of law, as judiciary is independent and impartial. Corruption will put before the court of law. Let us see the institutional mechanism for dealing with the corruption cases not emotional attacks against the corrupt.

My suggestion for media persons that burning issue should be taken up i.e. social, economic issue in the society, war on terrorism, health care, drinking water, education and other necessaries of people.

Cannon should not be toward one personal, latest gallop survey reports confirm that present government has ability to coop the crises and other problem faced by the people of Pakistan. Media should improve their image, so people could rely upon them.