These are the courts, and yes, this is the justice – by Saria Benazir

Today , the democracy is being challenged in the courts. Those cases, which stayed unproved after years of exploration are being opened again, and people, who themselves took illegal steps in the past, this day speak of law and justice, and threaten the governments by strikes. Still, despite this, they speak of not harming the people’s government or federation! These people even don’t know that their greatest fear is democracy…… but fairly, the government of Pakistan Peoples Party.

Yes! This day, these people speak of honest and fair dealings and even insist that the President should even punished , if found guilty , rather if the President is from PPP, he should not be spared even if he’s innocent.,. That’s absolutely their nightmare now…..!!

As far as the immunity of the President is concerned, the parliament has granted it. It is not you or me, who have done so. On one side, they speak about honest and fair dealings…of the restoration of the constitution and the supremacy of the parliament….They themselves speak so and yet, are even unaware of the constitution.

In fact, democracy has over years being challenged in Pakistan and yes, when it is the Government of Pakistan Peoples Party, the tyrants can hardly face it and try all their best to search for a General Zia, Farooq Laghari or someone like them and of course, dictatorship and its affiliation with Pakistani politics is even well known to a lay man. When looking around and in our past, we see the judges, giving statements of death to the innocent ones, without adequate proofs. That was also so called justice and yes, in their books of law, this is the genuine essence of justice……..!!!!

That judicial murder of April 4 might have been forgotten by those….who committed it. But not by the world, that has hatred towards the name of that dictator and those judges…for all they can judge is the amount of bribe, they are offered………nothing else!!!!!!

People and yes, today, whatever they hear and yet are silent over those hideous deeds…judges….judiciary….Chief Justice….What the crap is it…..Chief Justice has the power to reject the notifications of the President, and to consider him guilty and not capable. Yet, worthy of being the President, so , therefore, why don’t they simply say that the Chief Justice should be the President…..he has the right to hit any leader and to himself rule the state according to his own will…….I simply can’t understand, why these judges only have problem with the Govt of PPP………WHY? What is the real fault of PPP, for which it is being punished over decades… Was it founded only for giving blood???

The President has always been the figure head of facing courts. yes, an emblem of giving sacrifices, during the time, when our leader Shaheed Benazir Bhutto was the PM and at times, when her Government had been deteriorated in the wake of the same charges and of course, the same courts of Pakistan and it was the same Asif Ali Zardari, who spent years in prison , but no court could prove even a single corruption charge against him and today, if he is the President, he has the right to be so , for the sacrifices , he gave for the sake of Pakistan and democracy are too numerous , yet, too heart taking that there exist no words to describe them and yet, the words are unable to imbibe that struggle.

The same courts are today, standing against the President of the state….the same judges, who could not even get justice for themselves and the same judges, who are and were the staunch supporters of the corrupt governments and took oath under black laws……the same judges, who begged democratic powers for their restoration…Pity on them…..It was my party PPP. It was my leadership, which faced prisons for them. My party workers, which gave their blood for them & the same PPP’s Government, which restored them and today, the Chief Justice speaks of the President being guilty_ The same person, who gave the sacrifice of his wife for them_ With which face , which tongue, does he speak of the SWISS CASES….OH!!! they could not prove them in decades and the mighty Chief Justice may have a magic stick to prove it in a split of second. That is not going to work out this time.

Well, after all, only this is the real face of Pakistani judiciary, which can take life of a Prime Minister at the cost of bribe and make all out efforts to harm democracy….

Our country is moving towards a JUDICIAL DICTATORSHIP…..but indeed, Pakistan Peoples Party won’t let it happen. We would support our President under all circumstances and any attempt to harm his Government may bring a big revolution. A revolution, dissipating “DICTATORSHIP” from the face of Pakistan.

Long Live Bhutto
Long Live Zardari
Pakistan Khappay!

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  1. nice article Saria……..and there is no need to wory as no one can harm democracy or elected government when it has support of people of Pakistan