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Mullahs, NGOs and Civil Society – by Qais Anwar: پاکستانی غیر سرکاری تنظیموں کی پہلی فکری زولیدگی یہ ہے کہ وہ جامعہ مدنی (سول سوسائٹی ) کی نمائندہ ہیں .ماضی میں پاکستان کی سول سوسائٹی کی ساری جنگیں مزدور تنظیموں نے لڑی ہیں جن کو جناب ذولفقار علی
Life term awarded to an extremist Deobandi Mullah for blasphemy against the Prophet (pbuh): توھین رسالت : دیوبندی مولوی کو میلاد کا پوسٹر پھاڑنے پر عمر قید توھین رسالت کیس میں دیوبندی امام مسجد کو محفل میلاد کا پوسٹر پھاڑنے پر عمر قید سنی گئی ،۔وکیل کے مطابق مدعی کا تعلق بریلوی جبکہ
Pushtun, Shia, Ahmadi and Barelvi: main victims of terrorism in Pakistan in 2010 – by Amir Mir: Source: The News, December 24, 2010 The year 2010 has proven to be the bloodiest for the people of Pakistan since 2001 as the unending spate of lethal suicide bombings in almost every nook and corner of the country
Extremist Deobandis’ attack on Ghazi Baba shrine in Peshawar: Attack on shrine in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa kills three PESHAWAR: Gunmen attacked the Ghazi Baba shrine overnight in Budhber, on the outskirts of Peshawar, and killed three caretakers. “At least five militants attacked the shrine and opened indiscriminate fire, killing three
The Barelvi-Deobandi feud and ‘becharay’ Pakistani – by Tanvir Qaiser Shahid:
Pakistan’s endangered Sufi spirit – by Shaheen Buneri: A man weeps while praying for victims at the Data Darbar Sufi shrine in Lahore, , where a double suicide attack in July killed 40 people and injured more than 200. Peace, tolerance, and humanity are the fundamental values
Takfiri Deobandi militants’ jihad against mushrik Barelvis and kafir Shias: A year of sub-sectarian massacre On October 29, the Sunni Ittehad Council, led by Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan (JUP), staged a protest in Karachi and a dozen cities of Punjab against the destruction of tombs and shrines. This multi-city protest was
Criminal silence of Deobandi and Ahl-e-Hadith scholars on terrorism – by Ali K Chishti: So important is the business of fatwas that when Masood Azhar was re-launched by certain security agencies after he returned in exchange of some passengers from Kandahar as the ‘new saviour’, a fatwa was needed to launch his Jaish-e-Muhammad.
Geo’s Priorities – Blast at Pakpattan’s Shrine is much lower in headlines than Babar Awan’s meeting with Chaudhry Pervez Ilahi:   When the PPP and the government complains of over focus on personalities by Geo and Jang Group, then these complains are backed by genuine grievance. The attack on Baba Farid Gunj Shakar’s shrine on October 25, 2010 in
Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC): Peaceful Sunni Barelvis rise against Deobandi militants of Sipah Sahaba Taliban: Cross-posted from LUBP old website: Related article: Will the Barelvi majority in Pakistan stand against terrorism? – by Tanveer Qaiser Shahid Related posts: Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC): Peaceful Barelvis rise against the Taliban-SSP criminals Sunni Barelvi (Sufi Muslims) Struggle with
Extremist Deobandis of Taliban/Sipah-e-Sahaba massacre Barelvis at Baba Farid’s shrine in Pakpattan: Related articles on LUBP: Fareeda, turya turya ja: In support of internal diversity of Islam Baba Farid of Pakpattan: Another Shrine attacked by the sectarian monsters alias SSP, LeJ, Taliban Monsters of the extremist Deobandi ideology have struck the
Baba Farid of Pakpattan: Another Shrine attacked by Taliban-SSP-LeJ beasts: Another blast at the shrine of Sufi Saint Baba Farrid Shakar Ganj has once again reminded us of the threat to our own cultural traditions from the Salafist Saudi Arabian ideology penetrated through huge political influence over us via
Fareeda, turya turya ja: In support of internal diversity of Islam: I am writing this brief post in defiance of all those Shias, Sunnis, Salafis, Doebandis, Barelvis, Ismaelis, Hanafis, Jafaris, Malikis, Shafeis, Hambalis etc who consider their beliefs and practices as the only true representation of Islam considering followers of
Some common fallacies often shared by Taliban apologists and (fake) liberals: Related posts: Intellectual dishonesty in misrepresenting Shia massacres in Pakistan Unloading the entire blame of sectarian terrorism on Saudi Arabia and Iran is unfair – by Adnan Farooq LUBP archive on Shia genocide in Pakistan Here is a list
Takfiri Deobandis (Sipah Sahaba Taliban) massacre Sunni Barelvi Muslims in Karachi: Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s shrine attacked: After attacking the shrine of Rehman Baba in the Khyber Pakthunkhwa, and the shrine of Data Ganj Bakhsh in Lahore, the extremist Deobandis (terrorists of the Taliban, Al Qaeda and Sipah-e-Sahaba) have now attacked the shrine of Hazrat Abdullah
Triple Blasts in Youm-e-Ali (a.s.) Procession: Karbala attacked in Lahore – by Ch. Ahmad Khan: As the death toll from today’s gruesome attacks on a Shiite procession commemorating the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali, probably the most venerated muslim saint after the Holy Prophet rises, few if any are addressing the core issues that have
Mad in the middle- By Nadeem F. Paracha:   The political and social aspects of Islam in Pakistan can be seen as existing in and emerging from three distinct clusters of thought. These clusters represent the three variations of political and social Islam that have evolved in
Rewarding hate – by Nadeem F. Paracha: The more mischievous among us even prayed to the Almighty to let the Saudis fall in love with this eminent ‘Islamic scholar’ and fund his outlandish theories, leaving television viewers ever so grateful for keeping him there. But, alas,
‘Data Darbar had to be destroyed because of Ibn Taymiyya’: An interview with Khaled Ahmed: Source: View Point ‘Data Darbar had to be destroyed because of Ibn Taymiyya’ Sunni-Sunni war was much earlier and it reached a peak in 2006 at Nishtar Park, the year the ISI allowed Sipah-e-Sahaba to stage its show of
When Data sahib turned malamati – by Dr Mohammad Taqi: Like in Iraq, the al Qaeda-Taliban strategy in Pakistan appears to focus on the existing divisions between the major Islamic sects. The jihadists are attempting to play on the historical religious fault-lines in Pakistani society and trigger internal violence
ریاض سہیل – بریلوی دیوبندی تاریخ اور اختلافات: Source BBC Urdu برصغیر میں بریلوی اور دیوبند مسالک میں اختلافات کا سلسلہ تو کئی دہائی پرانا ہے مگر ان میں شدت پاکستان کے قیام کے بعد دیکھی گئی ہے۔ دونوں مسالک کی بنیاد ہندوستان میں پڑی یعنی دیوبند
Extremist Deobandis’ war on people’s Islam — by Yasser Latif Hamdani: Source: Daily Times The Deoband philosophy is a rejectionist philosophy, which rejected modernity and saw the British as the embodiment of western irreligious thought and materialism The attack on Hazrat Ali Hajvery’s shrine has struck at the root of
Deobandi terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba rule the country while Pakistani leaders look the other way – by B. Raman: Source: Sri Lanka Guardian An unidentified Barelvi group of Pakistan has disseminated the following through the Internet after the twin suicide explosions in the Data Darbar sufi shrine of Lahore on the evening of July 1,2010, resulting in the
Then they came for Barelvis – by Imran Qadir Bhatt: Picture source: Daily Times Let us be honest with one another. We are a nation who has been taught distorted histories. We have been inculcated with absurd notions of religious pride. For us the source of honour and pride
Attack on Data Darbar: Qari Hanif Jalandhari and Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi should be arrested – a demand by the Sunni Ittehad Council: Addressing a charged protest demonstration outside the Data Darbar on Friday, with over 3,000 emotional participants, the leaders of the Sunni (Barelvi) Ittehad Council (SIC) openly advocated violent revenge. Several SIC members vowed to ‘seek revenge’ for ‘the attack
Selective Mourning – by Bahadar Ali Khan: Victims of apathy, can be the only name given to the current situation of circumstances that have plagued current day Pakistani masses. A highly condemnable and tragic bombing of Data Sb. shrine has jolted the entire Pakistani public. Data
Hijacking a faith: How an extremist Deobandi ideology rules the Barelvi majority? – by Fawad Manzoor: Picture source: BBC Urdu First Deoband Madrassa was established in 1866 in India. If we look at the history, Deoband is fairly new sect of Islam. Deoband sect slowly worked to make it stronger and they were very active
Rana and Mian, the extremist Deobandis of Punjab – by Muhammad Amjad Rashid: The sad incident of terror attacks on Data Darbar has brought out the true faces of the people claiming to be defenders of the democratic system, such as Shahbaz Sharif and especially Rana Sanaullah. Apparently, Shahbaz Sharif and Rana
Will the Barelvi majority in Pakistan stand against terrorism? – by Tanveer Qaiser Shahid: Barelvi Muslims constitute the majority of population in Pakistan. According to an estimate, Sunni Muslims in Pakistan are divided into 60% Barelvis, 30% Deobandis and 10% Ahle Hadith. It is a fact that, in Pakistan, Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba are
Sipah-e-Sahaba’s attack on Lahore’s Data Darbar, at least 37 killed, 175 injured: گنج بخش فیضِ عالم مظہر نورِ خُدا ناقصاں راپیرِ کامل، کاملاں را رہنما Extremist Deobandis of the Sipah-e-Sahaba have once again attacked the Data Di Nagri (Data’s city), Lahore. This time their target was the sacred shrine of Hazrat
Religious extremism: Bomb with the fuse lit – by Zafar Hilaly: Once upon a time to get on in Pakistan religion did not matter. On the other hand, a criminal record did not help. Today, by the looks of it, one can have a criminal record and still actually occupy
Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba’s attack on Eid Milad-un-Nabi rallies: This is not sectarianism, this is terrorism: Rescuers stand near a child injured by a firing, at a local hospital in Dera Ismail, Pakistan on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010. According to police official unidentified gunmen opened fire on a procession celebrate anniversary of the birth of
Sufi chants and revolutions — by Dr Manzur Ejaz: If one reads Punjabi classical poetry, with no presumption of Sufism, it is just good poetry of a certain period that has withstood the test of time. I do not know anybody who would claim that just reading and
Past present: Is Sufism relevant to our time? – by Mubarak Ali: There are some people who, in view of the present religious extremism, believe that if Sufi teachings are revived, religious intolerance and fundamentalism may be controlled. The attempt to revive the past system and old ideas is not a
The scholar, the sufi, and the fanatic – by Nadeem Paracha: Roughly speaking, the political and social aspects of Islam in Pakistan can be seen as existing in and emerging from three distinct sets and clusters of thought. These clusters represent the three variations of political and social Islam that
Attack on Hamid Saeed Kazmi and the Taliban inside Islamabad: Feeling insecure in Islamabad The federal religious affairs minister, Mr Hamid Saeed Kazmi, escaped death at the hands of terrorists on Wednesday at Islamabad’s GPO chowk. He was driving out of his office without much security. His driver has
Hamid Saeed Kazmi shot by the Taliban-Sipah-e-Sahaba alliance in Pakistan: وفاقی وزیر کے ڈرائیور یونس کی معذور والدہ ن
Stay away from the Wahhabi-Deobandi alliance in Pakistan, Ms Judith McHale: Ansar Abbasi is a much despised journalist in Pakistani. He is widely disliked by the majority of moderate Pakistanis because of his consistent support for the Taliban and Al Qaeda. In his distorted and inflammatory news reports, he persistently
Dr. Sarfraz Naeemi: a revolution against the Deobandi-Wahhabi violence in Pakistan:
Taliban-SSP-LeJ terrorists martyred Dr. Sarfraz Naeemi in Lahore: Who killed Dr. Sarfraz Naeemi? Hear from himself. Sarfraz Naeemi martyred in Lahore attack Updated : Friday June 12 , 2009 2:55:09 PM LAHORE (Nasarullah Malik): Renowned religious scholar and head of Jamia