Rana and Mian, the extremist Deobandis of Punjab – by Muhammad Amjad Rashid

The sad incident of terror attacks on Data Darbar has brought out the true faces of the people claiming to be defenders of the democratic system, such as Shahbaz Sharif and especially Rana Sanaullah. Apparently, Shahbaz Sharif and Rana Sanaullah are themselves Deobandis (also hosted and patronized by the Wahhabi Kindgom of Saudi Arabia) and that’s why they are supporting extremist Deobandis especially Sipah-e-Sahaba.

This fact is no longer a secret that Shahbaz Sharif and his Punjab government are on the back of sectarian and jihadi terrorists. Punjabi Taliban are getting more and more force in Punjab because they have gotten free hand from Punjab government.

After 36 hours of the tragic attack on the Data Darbar, Shahbaz Sharif announced some funds for the families of innocent people killed and injured in these attacks. But it was too late because only money is not the cure of their wounds. The actual cure is serious steps against terrorists. The Punjab government seems to be less than serious in that regard.

First of all, it was the biggest security blunder. All the centers of Deobandi sect are given full security although almost all the terrorists and suicide bombers are Deobandis themselves.

But the centre of Lahore, the Data Darbar was given very poor security. It is a fact that the Barelvi scholars have wholeheartedly supported the government and Pakistan army in the war against terrorism. Many famous Barelvi scholars blamed Deobandis for the spread of terrorism in Pakistan and gave Fatwa against these terror attacks.

Dr Tahir ul Qadri and Dr Sarfaraz Naeemi announced that these attacks are “Haram” (forbidden in religion). In retribution, Dr Sarfaraz Naeemi, the principal of Jamia Naeemia was martyred by the extremist Deobandis.

But the attitude of Shahbaz Sharif and the Punjab government especially that of Rana Sanaullah, is much disputed. The complicit role of the PML-N leaders in Punjab has depressed the followers of Sufism and Barelvi Muslims.

In Faisalabad, Deobandis of Sipah-e-Sahaba attacked with heavy gun fire the 12th Rabi-ul-Awal walk by Barelvis who were celebrating the event of the Eid Milad-un-Nabi (S.A.W.W.). The attackers were fully supported by Rana Sanaullah and the Punjab government.

Now this sad incident (attack on the Data Darbar) has further tarnished the image of Punjab government. Now it is a feeling in the public of Punjab that they are not safe because the terrorists have the capaity to attack their holy shrines and mosques. They also feel that vast majority of Barelvis and Shias are being ruled by minority of Deobandis and Wahhabis. This is very bad for Pakistan because we are going to split in different sects by these terrorists who are supported by Punjab government.

Shahbaz Sharif has not taken a single solid step against these extremist terrorists because his party is full of extremist Deobandis, that’s why the Sipah-e-Sihaba has re-started its activities in Punjab on the back of Punjab government.

However, it seems that Shahbaz Sharif and Rana Sanaullah are not worried about heavy loss of lives in terrorist attacks in the Punjab. Instead, their key focus is to provide shelter to the terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba and Punjabi Taliban, and in this process shift the blame on Rehman Malik, who is bravely naming names and identifying the real culprits.

Rana Sanaullah, himself an active member of the Sipah-e-Sahaba, is a dubious character in the Punjab government. He is the owner of several illegal plazas in Lahore and has established a vast illegal business in different big cities of Punjab using the black money of the Punjab government. It is very funny that he is the “minister of law” but he is actually “man against law”. In his own constituency in Faisalabad, people recognize him as “Rana illegal” but he is impacting on media like “Rana eagle”.

Rana Eagle (Illegal) has proved himself to be a true servant of Jati Umrah and he has pleased his masters very much. The Punjabi Deobandi rule is his model rule, and he is trying his best to make it 100%. The case of his illegal plazas is now buried into deep soil because Rana is the chief of terrorists and actually controlling Sipah-e-Sahaba. He was personally responsible of 7 innocent killings in the Eid Milad-un-Nabi (S.A.W.W) celebration in Faisalabad.

It is high time that the Punjab government should care about its responsibilities and should do solid work against terrorism in Punjab. It is the duty of the chief minister and his team to ensure peace in Punjab but they are doing only one thing religously, i.e., criticizing Rehman Malik.

Peace in Punjab is only possible when the Punjab government will get rid of terrorist Deobandis like Rana Sanaullah; otherwise it will be very difficult to prevent Punjab from the fire of extremism.

Chief Minister Punjab should realize that although he is a Deobandi but he is the acting chief minister of the entire province, and he should treat all sects with equality. He has resources to control terrorism and he should do it honestly because terrorism is destructive for Pakistan as well as for Punjab. How long will it be possible to enjoy the fire in our neighbour’s house? After all the fire will reach our own house and everything will be finished. So the Punjab government should get their act together. Rana Sanaullah and his likes should be banned from politics of Pakistan because what would happen if the fire of terrorism reached the madrassahs and dens of extremist Deobandis?

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