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شیعہ سنی اتحاد کے لئے آیت اللہ سیستانی کی کوششیں – از حق گو: عراق سے تعلق رکھنے والے دنیاۓ شیعہ کے مشہور و معروف عالم دین آیت اللہ علی سیستانی نے اپنے جاری کردہ بیان اور فتویٰ میں ایک بار پھر اس بات پہ زور دیا ہے کہ شیعہ اور سنی بھائیوں
Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani: Spilling Blood of Iraqis, Especially Sunnis, Is Forbidden: Editor’s note: Once again we are cross posting a brave statement by Shia Muslim Marjae Grand Ayatollah Sistani. In the wake of massive Shia Genocide in Iraq, Sistani calls for love between Shia and Sunni. Long live Shia Sunni
Sunnis not our brethren, but our souls: Ayatollah Sistani: Editor’s note: We are cross posting this blog so that the Sunni Ulema of Pakistan such as Deoband might issue similar Fatwas about the Shia Muslims facing Genocide at the hands of Deobandi terrorists. Ayatollah Sistani could simply have
Report: Saudi Arabia discriminates against not only Shiites but also Sunnis:   Editor’s Note: Muslims need to be clear that the Saudi Royal family are the first Taliban, they overthrew the last Caliphate of the Muslims with the help of  British Imperialist Intelligence. Since then they have been buying up
Pakistan’s first sect-free mosque calls for end to discrimination – by Mubashir Zaidi: ISLAMABAD: Darul Iman Jamia Masjid Qurtuba’s story is as dramatic as the sectarian history of Pakistan. The newly-built mosque in Islamabad’s Margalla foothills is calling upon its followers to stop discriminating along sectarian lines and to start praying together
Dangerous Divisions in the Arab World: Even in a region where violence has become all too commonplace, the killing of four Shiite men in Egypt last weekend seemed particularly vicious. According to news reports, a cheering Sunni Muslim mob armed with clubs, swords and machetes
Anti-Shia attacks in Pakistan are ‘genocide’ – by Kathy Gannon (Washington Post): Anti-Shiite attacks up in Pakistan; analysts say officials give militants room to operate QUETTA, Pakistan (AP) — Pakistan’s minority Shiite Muslims have started using the word “genocide” to describe a violent spike in attacks against them by a militant
The Dharna is not Shia! – by M. J. Nasir: Yesterday I spent 12 hours at the Dharna at Teen Talwar, Clifton, against the Shia genocide. At the time of writing, the Dharna is still underway and it has been over 24 hours since its start now. When I
Sunni Muslims in Lahore protest against Shia genocide: Those who are reluctant to use the ‘Shia genocide’ discourse should learn from the clarity of vision of the Sunni brothers of Lahore shown in the above pictures. We commend this move to have joint protests by all members of
There were good days and there are good people:   Because personal experiences count and these personal stories help reveal the fabric of society it is worthwhile to share my story of being a child whose childhood was free of prejudices and who was grown in Shias, Sunnis,
Equality of citizens: Common sense that’s not so common! – by Dur-e-Aden: A bomb explodes in a market, some 80 people die and 100s get injured. Can anyone tell me the identity of those who lost their lives? Do bombs differentiate when they explode that I am only going to hurt
Anti – Militancy Long March that changed Punjab: Sunni Ittehad Council is an alliance of traditional Barelvi religious / political parties, which is moderate in its essence and is popular with traditional and folk Muslims in Pakistani villages of Sindh and Punjab. The Council started a long
A report from Kurram — by Farhat Taj: Both Shia and Sunni IDPs have many complaints against the parliamentarians elected from Kurram. They say that elected representatives from Swat did a great deal to alleviate the sufferings of the Swati IDPs whereas the Kurram parliamentarians have done
Appeal: Step forward for your Muslim brothers! – by Sana Saleem: By Sana Saleem Source 1 Source 2 This a call for all those who condemn violence in the name of Islam.The atrocities by Taleban in Parachinar urges us to take strict action. We shouldn’t stand silent
Shia pilgrims killed in Medina: King Abdullah Has No Robes: George Galloway speaks about the killing of 4 Shia pilgrims by Wahhabis in Madinah
Taliban kill Shia school children in ambush in Hangu: Pakistani school children killed in ambush Fri, 27 Feb 2009 13:44:50 GMT Unidentified assailants have reportedly ambushed a van carrying Shia children to school in the troubled tribal region of northwest
Spectre of sectarian war in Pakistan: The eight persons who were wounded in a bomb-attack inside a Peshawar imambargah on Monday testify to the sectarian philosophy of certain elements in the “Taliban” movement and Al Qaeda. The bombers penetrated one of the oldest quarters of
My choice today: Thu 22 May 2008: Why should we ignore General Hamid Gul’s advice on Pakistan’s role in the war on terror:  Tussle between PPP and PML-N? Whose loss? Why must we insist on a durable approach to the ‘independence’ of judiciary?