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Shia-Sunni unity and the trails to blow it off – by S. Batool: Whatever is happening in Pakistan is not a Shia-Sunni battle, it is a doubt and our mistake and incorrect analysis. Though from both sides attempts are made in full flow to turn this into a Shia Sunni battle but
Shia Hazaras of Quetta must beware of their internal enemy – by Ahsan Abbas: I have spent considerable time in researching why the Hazara Shia community well known for its bravery throughout the history is not only failing to defend itself, rather they are unable to do a proper protest as well I
Baba Abdul Ali Mazari – A Shia Hazara but a Global Father – by S.Batool: Related post: Remembering Baba Abdul Ali Mazari – by Abdul Nishapuri A never tiring majestic personality, audacious explorer, a brave warrior, a revolutionist and consistent Leader, a baronial individual, a spiritual Jihadist, a ray of hope for the innocents
The Shia-Hazaras of Quetta are grateful to LUBP – by Anwar Changezi: I want to reassure the dear friends at LUBP that the Shia Hazaras of Quetta are grateful to you. I came to know about your work only recently, but as I checked your archives and matched them with the
LUBP’s misleading propaganda against Hazara nation – by HDP: LUBP (Let Us Build Pakistan) is the only blog which is involved in propagating misleading information against Hazara Nation in Pakistan, misrepresenting Hazara Genocide as Shia Genocide only, criticizing Hazara Democratic Party, blocking and calling Hazara twitter activist as
Pakistani State is involved in our genocide: Shia leaders in Quetta speak to BBC Urdu: Author: Karbala-e-Quetta Shia Genocide and its growing trend in Pakistan, specifically at Quetta, Balochistan, is a big question mark for the Pakistani State (civilian government, judiciary and army). Everybody seems to be helpless before the banned militant groups involved
HDP, Daily Jang and Daily Ummat serving ISI to create sectarian unrest in Quetta – by Zawar Hussain: Related posts: Plot thickens: ISI strikes back by killing non-compliant Deobandis – by Sheherzade Adil Jang wants to spark Sunni-Shia violence in Quetta to cover up Shia genocide by ISI-backed Jihadis Daily Jang is helping ISI to manufacture Sunni-Shia
Munawar Hasan and Hamid Mir’s discourse on “Hazara genocide” in Quetta: Related posts: Abdul Khaliq Hazara and the ethnic cleansing narrative – by Marya Mushtaq Hamid Mir, a champion of the Balochs? List of non-Hazara Shia Muslims killed by SSP-LeJ-Taliban in Balochistan – by Marya Mushtaq ISI-sponsored Shia genocide in
Pakistani extremists film massacre of Shiite minority group – by France 24 TV: Editor’s note: What was ignored by Pakistani media and foreign correspondents in Pakistan is being shown by France 24 TV. The footages of Shia massacres in Pakistan which were completely censored in Pakistani media as well as by foreign
City of slaughtered souls – by Maisam Ali: چلو آؤ تم کو دکھائیں ہم جو بچا ہے مقتلِ شہر میں یہ مزار اہلِ صفا کے ہیں، یہ ہیں اہلِ صدق کی تربتیں (Let me show you what has left in slaughterhouse of the city These are tombs
There was a time I could walk through Quetta‏ -by Zain Gardezi: Original post: All of us have some special kind of emotional attachment to things that we cherished during  childhood and teenage. The home where we have the earliest memories, our childhood best friends, that special watch that one of
Shia Hazara holocaust and the deafening silence in Pakistan – by Anas Abbas: Source: Adapted and edited from Viewpoint Online Political and religious parties in Pakistan take no interest in the plight of Shia Hazaras since none of the influential politician represents Shia Hazara community and the issue lacks fundamental ingredients of
Lashkar-e-Jhangvi threatens Imran Khan: In a dramatic departure from his silence on genocide of Shia Muslims at the hands of banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ, currently operating as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat ASWJ), Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Friday (30 June 2012) termed the barbaric
Wall of silence on anti-Shia violence in Pakistan – by Abbas Nasir: Source: Adapted and edited from Dawn WE have made this Islamic Republic such a heaven on earth that we struggle to find words, often fight over these, to describe what its proud sons are capable of. Just two days
The Slippery Slope of Intolerance – by Banda-e-Khuda: According to reports, the Shia Hazara students in Quetta have been asked by their university administration to take a separate bus to travel. They ave been asked to travel as a separate ethnic group (making them more vulnerable to
Daily Times, the latest pen-killer of Shia Hazaras of Quetta – by Ali Muntaziri: Update/Editor’s note: Op-ed editor of Daily Times has now apologized and assured to be extra careful in the future. We appreciate this gesture and hope the mainstream media will publish factual and sympathetic articles on Shia Hazaras, one of
Daily Jang is helping ISI to manufacture Sunni-Shia sectarian violence in Quetta – by Ali Muntaziri: Related posts: Plot thickens: ISI strikes back by killing non-compliant Deobandis – by Sheherzade Adil Jang wants to spark Sunni-Shia violence in Quetta to cover up Shia genocide by ISI-backed Jihadis Whilst every electronic and print media source has
Three cups of tea: A story of betryal and butchery – by Maisam Ali: “Haji Ali spoke. ‘If you want to thrive in Baltistan, you must respect our ways. The first time you share tea with a Balti, you are a stranger. The second time you take tea, you are an honored guest.
Spini Road Killings: The Quetta Version – by Anwar Ali Hazara: A Sukuzi van on its way to Alamdar Road carrying Shia Hazara passengers from Hazara Town was ambushed by 2 armed assailants when it slowed down near a speed-breaker on Spini Road, Quetta. According to the driver, two bearded
LeJ kills Shias with impunity even in areas where state authority is well established – by Ali Dayan Hasan (HRW): Sectarian cleansing By Ali Dayan Hasan December 31, 2011 On Oct 4, gunmen stopped a bus carrying mostly Hazara Shia who were headed to work on the outskirts of Quetta. The attackers forced the passengers off the bus, made
Mullah Mohammad Fazl, responsible for Shia Hazara genocide in Afghanistan, about to be released by Obama administration: Adding to the miseries of Hazara Shias, who are already living under the severe kind of persecution and violence in Pakistani provincial capital Quetta at the hands of radical Shia haters i.e. likes of Malik Ishaq who had been
Not all deaths are mourned the same – by Murtaza Haider: Pakistanis of all political and religious persuasions are equally enraged by the tragic death of their soldiers caused by an indiscriminate air attack by the Nato forces. Pakistani soldiers, stationed at a border post in Mohmand region, were attacked
Shia genocide, complicity of judiciary and the attempts to stifle dissent – by Haider Karrar: Today Pakistan is in the midst of a low grade war against its minority Shia Muslim population. This is the same Pakistan whose founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah had said: “Minorities, to whichever community they may belong, will be safeguarded.
A lonely voice: Nasir Ali Shah’s mission to save Shia Hazaras: His community, the people who elected him as their representative in Pakistan’s parliament (National Assembly), are being killed like flies in a systematic and ongoing manner. He has been highlighting the mass murders and persecution facing his community for
Khaled Ahmed’s false binaries on Hazara Shias and Pashtuns: Khaled Ahmed in TFT offers a classical example of flawed analysis on religious extremism and violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Given Mr. Ahmed’s past sterling scholarship on this topic, the present article is a disappointment. The author presents a
Killings of Hazara Shias: makings of genocide? Some questions for human rights groups — by Mohammad Taqi: Guest editor’s note: In the following op-ed published in Daily Times, Dr. Mohammad Taqi continues with his tradition of writing on sensitive and non-mainstream topics thus demonstrating his character and intellectual integrity. Dr. Taqi asks tough questions from what
Shia Hazaras: Guilty of being a minority in establishment’s Pakistan – by Hafsa Khawaja: Originally published on her blog The Pakistan of today has found itself to be nothing but a wreckage of a country, a carcass of a state and an international outcast. A tragedy brought upon itself by both; the sharp
Kharotabad: A Taliban safe haven in Quetta: People in Kharotabad are living in constant fear of possible drone attacks in their neighbourhood, considering that over the past six months, the Afghan and local Taliban seemed to covet this part of Quetta as a veritable ‘vacation spot’.
Shias enabling Shia killings in Pakistan: Pakistani Shias demonstrate against ISI’s role in Shia massacres Related posts: Blood of Shia Muslims flows freely in Pakistan – by Amir Mir A significant number of prominent Shias in Pakistan seem to be repeating or reinforcing the military
Pakistan’s Shia Muslims reject President Zardari’s false assurances: [poll id=”4″] Based on feedback from Shia Muslims including Shia Hazaras, LUBP has decided to publish the following response to President Zardari’s press release in the aftermath of his meeting with some members of an ethnic Hazara party. The
Mutasareen: Samaa TV’s special on Hazara Shias of Quetta: This program is basically driven out of terrorism and violence and how they surround ordinary people. In this particular program, Samaa TV highlights miseries of Hazara Shias of Quetta who are being systematically killed by jihadi, sectarian footsoldiers of
Hamid Mir, Shia Hazaras do NOT need your crocodile tears! – by Laibaah: Related posts: Pakistani Shias and other rights activists protest the misrepresentation of Shia massacres by Human Rights Cartel Intellectual dishonesty in misrepresenting Shia massacres in Pakistan For the last few days, we have seen a new trend in Pakistani
More of the same — by Gulmina Bilal Ahmad: Source: Daily Times, October 7, 2011 This week, I could not agree more with columnist Munir Ataullah when he confessed to being “stumped” as he sat down to compose his column. I share his predicament although the reasons are
Pakistani Shias and other rights activists protest the misrepresentation of Shia massacres by Human Rights Cartel: Pakistan’s Shia, Hazara and other volunteer human rights activists reject Amnesty, HRW and HRCP’s biased and misleading reports and statements on the systematic and ongoing Shia massacres in Pakistan. Volunteer rights activists are deeply offended by the deliberate attempts
“We Want Bus, not Human”! Javed Chaudhary— a Lashkar-e-Jhangvi mouthpiece!: Editor’s Note:  The article by a Hazara activist doctor is a good exposure of bigots like Javed Chaudhary.  Javed allegedly writes for a Jihadist publication under a pen name and his anti-Shia bigotry as exposed in this article comes
The Hazara Issue:   In a nation like ours where some groups hold massive power, abuse is common. In Pakistan, abuse has been of varied nature. Those who have arms, ammunition, clout and a large budget have repeatedly abused their power and
A timely documentary after yet another Shia Hazara massacre in Quetta: Related posts: Activists slam rights organization statement as ’very weak,’ lacking integrity – by Ahmadiyya Times Intellectual dishonesty in misrepresenting Shia massacres in Pakistan Bold statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission on Shia massacres in Pakistan under the
Amnesty’s statement masks Deep State’s role in Shia massacres in Pakistan: Cross-posted from: Pakistan Blogzine It was amusing as well as educating to see how some urban (seemingly) liberal Pakistani tweeps and media persons uncritically recycled and reported the Amnesty and HRCP’s recent statements on the systematic and ongoing Shia
Activists slam rights organization statement as ’very weak,’ lacking integrity – by Ahmadiyya Times: Related posts: Bold statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission on Shia massacres in Pakistan under the patronage by Pakistan army An open letter to Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of HRW: A call for help from Pakistan Ahmadiyya Times
Pakistani Shias, rights activists reject HRCP’s statement on Shia killings in Pakistan: Source: Pakistan Blogzine Related posts: Intellectual dishonesty in misrepresenting Shia massacres in Pakistan Laibaah, the liberal fascist, must refrain from attacking human rights defenders   A humble request to Mustafa Qadri (Amnesty) and Ali Dayan Hasan (HRW) Petition: Silence of