Shia Hazaras of Quetta must beware of their internal enemy – by Ahsan Abbas

HDP played a key role in the arrest of three Syed Shias to deflect attention from real killers of moderate Deobandis in Quetta.

I have spent considerable time in researching why the Hazara Shia community well known for its bravery throughout the history is not only failing to defend itself, rather they are unable to do a proper protest as well

I was astonished to conclude that the enemy is lying within Hazara, worse than the outer enemy


On 4th July 2012 law enforcement agencies (joint operation by the FC, ISI, Police) arrested three Shia men and later their female kin in connection with allegedly terrorist activities in Quetta. The people who originally belonged to Dera Ismail Khan were arrested on a police check post, after which their house in Faisal Town Brewery was also raided resulting in the arrest of the women.

As soon as the news broke out, Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) in Quetta spread rumours that those arrested were Lashkar-e-Jhangvi operatives who were residing in the Shia area. Thousands of SMS messages originating from HDP workers were exchanged and sent to the Shia Hazara of Quetta in order to create confusion and help those who had arrested the Shia men and women.

Later the same people ran SMS campaigns that outsiders were creating problems for Hazaras of Quetta and the Hazaras of Quetta should disown the Shias of other areas and ethnicities.

This is what the agencies who run HDP want that the Shia Hazaras of Quetta are isolated from other Shias and the rest of Pakistan.


“The news and the article is totally written by a blind person and by a person whose words are totally against HDP (Hazara democratic party), the question is here that if they were innocent woman or Syeda than why wine (sharab) is found from there home? HDP has also announced that we are not linked to any of such organisations. so lashkar e Mehdi is a game only. I being a Hazara and residence of Hazara town have not received nor heard of such SMS, yes here must be mentioned that the writer himself is against HDP. Alas the the Shia Killing [website] being our own brother spreading the wrong news, I think he must be ashamed of himself for such a wrong news.”


As it was an extremely important matter, as an independent columnist contacted the Shia religio-political party MWM and then had a written reply from them as follows:

“These ladies are the relatives of detained Shia men…. who were arrested by the Balochistan Police few days ago from Burari road quetta. Police detained these ladies along with their men…. who were allegedly arrested by the Balochistan police in killing of clerics of Deoband sect. These people belong from Darya Khan (D.I.Khan) and according to Maulana Maqsood Domki of MWM they lived in Quetta for last twenty years… it’s the style of Police to present some arms, ammunition and wrong things to defame the accused……”


HDP, Daily Jang and Daily Ummat serving ISI to create sectarian unrest in Quetta – by Zawar Hussain

Abdul Khaliq Hazara and the ethnic cleansing narrative – by Marya Mushtaq


A few weeks ago, some students belonging to Maulana Fazl ur Rahman (JUI-F Group) were attacked and killed by the military-sponsored Takfiri Deobandis (because JUI-F denounced suicide attacks and other terroist activities by ASWJ-SSP, Taliban)

The military establishment then put pressure on its ally in Quetta, HDP, to hand over to them the artificial “killers” (Although they knew VERY well, that they were innocent) in order to deflect attention from the real killers.

Quetta Attack on Tablighi Jamaat : Intra-Deobandi feud must not be presented as Sunni-Shia sectarian violence

Plot thickens: ISI strikes back by killing non-compliant Deobandis – by Sheherzade Adil

HDP, in order to release pressure from the real killers did “Wrong Mukhbari” for the innocent Syed family, settlers in Quetta from D.I.Khan.

In addition, HDP were involved in shameless propaganda against, a wesbite is doing excellent service to the nation by highlighting and reporting incidents of Shia persecution and genocide.

The HDP are also suspected to have asked the establishment to block/ban, which the establishment did through PTA.

I request the honourable Shia Hazara Community of Quetta to recognise their external as well as internal enemies. May God be with you.



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