Pakistani State is involved in our genocide: Shia leaders in Quetta speak to BBC Urdu

Author: Karbala-e-Quetta

Shia Genocide and its growing trend in Pakistan, specifically at Quetta, Balochistan, is a big question mark for the Pakistani State (civilian government, judiciary and army). Everybody seems to be helpless before the banned militant groups involved in Shia Genocide.

On the increasing trend of Shia Genocide, BBC Urdu held an interview with the members of Quetta’s Shia community. Allama Hashim Mausavi of MWM, Allama Mehdi Najafi of Shia Ullama Council and Haji Abdul Qayum Changezi of Hazara Jirga seated to cry out their blood.

Allama Mehdi Najafi preceded the talk and initialized stating that the target killings of Shia Community in Quetta started off from 1999 and is continued much intensely at present. To the surprise of many, the killers – Lashkar-e-Jhangavi (lej , also operating as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaast ASWJ) terrorists so openly claim responsibility of each attack. These beasts also claimed to wipe Shia out of the map which is their illusion and nothing else.

Allama Najafi reminded the suicide bomb blast that had taken place at Imambargah where Shia Muslims were offering their Friday Prayers. LeJ had designated 3 terrorists for the blast out of which 2 of them straight away knocked the Hell door while one of them was caught injured.

A delegation then headed towards the Corps Commander of Balochistan in order to take notice of the detained terrorist. His highness made the delegation believe that he would take serious charge of the caught terrorist and would interrogate him , however, he struck his claims when a phone call informed him that that the caught terrorist was dead. It shall be noticed that the terrorist was not badly injured; actually he was supposed to be set free.

This clearly proved that the State and its security agencies are involved in terrorist acts or they do have a part in it in any way, had they been not, the wave of Shia Genocide would not have been blown to the extent at present.

Allama Hashim Mausavi said that the Shia community has lost their hopes on the Media and rights groups and they are equally responsible in killings as their silence speaks the same. Pakistani Government has failed in running the state and giving peace to its citizen by handing over the country to the terrorists. How can these miscreants escape off high security ATF jails without a scratch in the hands?

In an answer to a query, Allama Najafi stated that terrorists’ dens are all known to the Government (including the security establishment) but since they have a hand in terrorism, they do not bother to arrest the terrorists.

Haji Abul Qayum appended that a security plan comprising of 100 pages is introduced recently to maintain peace in the city, however, it is restricted to the pages of the file and no practical measures are exercised.

In short, in hollering out for Shia Genocide, the three representatives concluded that Pakistani State, government and security agencies are involved in anti-Shia terrorist acts in Quetta otherwise it is not difficult to take out wild beasts off the city.

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شیعہ ہزارہ شدت پسندوں کے نشانہ پر کیوں؟

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