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University lecturer killed in Quetta by ISI-SCP backed LeJ-SSP-TTP terrorists: Related Posts: Silence Of The Liberal Lambs – By Dr. Taqi  Blood of Shia Muslims flows freely in Pakistan – by Amir Mir Intellectual dishonesty in misrepresenting Shia massacres in Pakistan A university lecturer, Danish Baltistani, was gunned down
A lonely voice: Nasir Ali Shah’s mission to save Shia Hazaras: His community, the people who elected him as their representative in Pakistan’s parliament (National Assembly), are being killed like flies in a systematic and ongoing manner. He has been highlighting the mass murders and persecution facing his community for
Khaled Ahmed’s false binaries on Hazara Shias and Pashtuns: Khaled Ahmed in TFT offers a classical example of flawed analysis on religious extremism and violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Given Mr. Ahmed’s past sterling scholarship on this topic, the present article is a disappointment. The author presents a
Shia Hazaras: Guilty of being a minority in establishment’s Pakistan – by Hafsa Khawaja: Originally published on her blog The Pakistan of today has found itself to be nothing but a wreckage of a country, a carcass of a state and an international outcast. A tragedy brought upon itself by both; the sharp
Pakistan’s Shia Muslims reject President Zardari’s false assurances: [poll id=”4″] Based on feedback from Shia Muslims including Shia Hazaras, LUBP has decided to publish the following response to President Zardari’s press release in the aftermath of his meeting with some members of an ethnic Hazara party. The
The Hazara Issue:   In a nation like ours where some groups hold massive power, abuse is common. In Pakistan, abuse has been of varied nature. Those who have arms, ammunition, clout and a large budget have repeatedly abused their power and
A timely documentary after yet another Shia Hazara massacre in Quetta: Related posts: Activists slam rights organization statement as ’very weak,’ lacking integrity – by Ahmadiyya Times Intellectual dishonesty in misrepresenting Shia massacres in Pakistan Bold statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission on Shia massacres in Pakistan under the
From Hazarajat to Quetta: A sorry tale of Quiet Genocide of Hazaras – by Maisam Ali:  The book said that my people had killed the Hazaras, driven them from their lands, burned their homes, and sold their women. The book said part of the reason they had oppressed the Hazaras was that they were Sunni
Wahabi-Deobandi fitna celebrates Eid in Quetta by killing Shia worshippers: And what to do? By Omar Khattab in Lahore Immediately after the suicide bomber struck the Hazara Shia worshippers in the mosque in Quetta this morning, the highly partisan channels of Pakistan, especially GEO and ARY, relayed “Breaking News”
Petition: Silence of Human Rights Organizations on Shia Genocide in Pakistan: Please sign this petition here: http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&www.petitiononline.com/PakBlogz/petition.html To: Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, United Nations Human Rights Commission, European Union, Governments of Pakistan, USA, UK and other countries Silence of Human Rights Organizations on Shia
Silence of the Liberal Lambs – By Dr. Taqi: Editor’s Note:  In cross-posting Dr. Taqi’s article from Outlook India, we at LUBP stand vindicated on our blunt stance in exposing Fake Civil Society (FCS).  This group of candle-holding Tweeples and  urban elites have failed miserably in even confronting the bigotry of the
Shia Hazaras of Queta: Entrapped in deep state’s delinquent and obedient proxies – by Farrukhzad Ali: Initially, I was amazed at the media attention Syed Ibrar Hussain’s recent assassination in Quetta received, but I could rationalize it quickly – it wasn’t Syed Ibrar Hussain (or Ibrar Agha as he was known) who was being eulogized
ISI-SSP network kills Olympian boxer Abrar Hussain, a Hazara Shia Muslim, in Quetta: Boxing Olympian and deputy director of Pakistan Sports Board Quetta centre Syed Abrar Hussain was shot dead on Thursday in what police termed an “apparent” case of sectarian killing. Gradually but surely, Shia Muslims of Pakistan, including Hazara and
Post-OBL backlash: 7 Shia Muslims slaughtered in Quetta by ASWJ: Related posts: Sipah-e-Sahaba and Taliban: Brothers in arms – by Ayesha Siddiqa LUBP Archive on Shia genocide Once again, the ISI-backed jihadi and sectarian monsters have massacred Shia Muslims in Quetta. At least seven people were killed and six
Post-OBL false narratives in Pakistani and foreign media: For the LUBP readers, it is common knowledge that Pakistan’s military establishment routinely manufactures certain false narratives (to suit its particular requirements) which are systematically recycled by their right wing and (fake) liberal friends in the media and further
Explosion at Shiite Protest Kills at Least 40 in Pakistan: ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A blast ripped through a Shiite protest, the second such attack in three days, in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta on Friday, killing at least 40 people and wounding 80, police and rescue officials said.
Army and Baloch separatists are responsible for violence in Balochistan: ’ٹارگٹ کلنگ‘ کے واقعات میں تیزی کیوں اعجاز مہر بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، اسلام آباد پاکستان کے شورش زدہ صوبے بلوچستان میں قومپرست سیاسی رہنماؤں اور کارکنوں کی ’ٹارگٹ کلنگ‘ کے واقعات میں حالیہ دنوں تیزی نظر
LUBP condemns assassination of BNP-M leader Habib Jalib Baloch: Former senator and Baluchistan National Party Mengal (BNP) leader Habib Jalib was shot dead on Saryab Road in Quetta. Habib Jalib was ambushed by unidentified gunmen on Saryab Road. He was taken to the Civil Hospital Quetta where he
Update 3 July 2010: Two more Shias killed by extremist Deobandis of Sipah-e-Sahaba in Karachi and Quetta: The ongoing series of target killing of Shia citizens by extremist Deobandi (wrongly labelled as Wahhabi) terrorists of the Sipah-e-Sahaba / Taliban continues unabated. In the latest episode of this series, two Shia men were target killed in Karachi
Two Shia brothers killed by the Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorists in Quetta; Pakistani media continues to ignore the Shia genocide – SFP News: Picture source: Samaa TV June 20, 2010 In a yet another incident of target killings of Shia in Pakistan, two brothers were killed and their cousin critically injured in a terrorist attack in Quetta. Hassan and Hasnain (aged between
If half-a-million ethnic Punjabis flee Balochistan – by Jan Assakzai: If they flee Balochistan A disturbing fallout of Baloch militants’ estrangement is going to be mass migration from Balochistan of Punjabi- and Urdu-speaking people, who mostly live in Quetta. The professional entrepreneurial middle class composed of the non-indigenous communities
Target killing of Professor Nazima Talib Mehdi: Shame on BLA terrorists. Where are your Baloch traditions?: Only a few days ago, the LUBP published a detailed account of target killings of intellectuals, bureaucrats, security personnel, educationists, politicians, particularly of non-Baloch origin, by terrorists of the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and other sectarian/jihadi groups. Today is a
The outcome of fighting the footsoldiers and mentoring the masterminds: Can there be an end to this war? — by Daud Khattak Friday’s attack on a convoy of army soldiers in North Waziristan and the fresh wave of violence in parts of the newly-renamed Khyber Pakhtunkhwa signifies that armed
Religious minorities in an intolerant nation: Consequences of promoting Islamofascism: An intolerant nation Dawn Editorial Monday, 19 Apr, 2010 The site of the suicide attack outside an emergency ward at a local hospital in Quetta. A suicide bomber attacked a hospital emergency room where Shiite Muslims were mourning a
Taliban / Sipah-e-Sahaba’s attack on Shias in Quetta: At least 10 killed in suicide blast at Civil Hospital: A suicide bomber on Friday (16 April 2010) blew himself up in a hospital in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta, killing at least ten persons, including a TV journalist (Samaa TV), a DSP, an MNA, and injuring over
Balochistan: Pakistan’s broken mirror – by Madiha Tahir: Source: The National – via Raza Rumi Baloch children hold up nationalist posters. Photographs by Asim Hafeez for The National Islamabad’s brutal attempts to crush ethnic Baloch nationalism have met with fierce, escalating resistance – and have laid bare the
Terrorists of Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba kill three Shias in Quetta: Genocide of Shias and the Hazara community continues unabated in Balochistan. At least three Shiite Muslims were killed on Saturday when two men riding a motorbike opened fire on the outskirts of Quetta. (SIFY News) Police sources told that
Remembering Baba Abdul Ali Mazari – by Abdul Nishapuri: Related post: Baba Abdul Ali Mazari – A Shia Hazara but a Global Father Last week, the Afghan nation in general, and the Shia Hazara community in Afghanistan and Pakistan in particular, commemorated the 15th anniversary of martyrdom of
Media hype on rickshaw childbirth – by Dr Muhammad Awais Khalil: In the last few days, we have witnessed an extraordinary media hype against President Zardari because of a childbirth in an auto-rickshaw in Quetta. Apparently it seems that a traffic mismanagement during President Zardari’s visit to Quetta lead to
Former corps commander, 2 ISI officials booked: * Case registered in line with orders of Supreme Court over disappearance of Quetta resident Ali Asghar Bangalzai By Malik Siraj Akbar QUETTA: Police in the provincial capital registered a case on Wednesday against former corps commander Gen (r)
3 Shia pilgrims killed by Taliban / Sipah-e-Sahaba’s Quetta Shura: QUETTA, Pakistan — Gunmen in southwestern Pakistan opened fire on pilgrims bound for Iran on Friday, killing three Shiite Muslims and wounding seven others, in what police said was a sectarian attack. Four people riding two motorbikes sprayed bullets
Who rules Pakistan? This is what the Balochistan CM has to say: ‘FC running a parallel govt in Balochistan’ LAHORE: Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani on Wednesday said the Frontier Corps (FC) had established a parallel government in the province, and the provincial government had no control over it, a
Elections in Quetta and Baltistan, Some Questions for the LHC – by Humza Ikram: In last 48 hours two general elections were held, First one took place in Gilgit -Balistan and the other one took place in Quetta. Although official election resulta are not announced yet, unconfirmed reports suggest that in both places PPP candidates
SOS: Time to attack the Taliban / Sipah-e-Sahaba hideouts in Quetta.: Who will stop Shia killings in Quetta? Pakistan or the USA? US demands urgent action in Quetta By Baqir Sajjad Syed Friday, 02 Oct, 2009 Mr Feierstein said the US believed that Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was
Pakistan and NATO must attack and eliminate the Taliban new havens around Quetta: ‘Taliban have new havens around Quetta’ * Washington Post says US grappling with rapidly spreading arc of Taliban influence* US officials concerned Quetta shura planning
Quetta appears to be Taliban headquarters: Holbrooke: Peshawar, Mar 24 (ANI): US special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke has said that Quetta, the capital of Pakistans Balochistan province, appears to be the Talibans headquarters. Holbrooke made it clear that the number one problem in
9 March 2009: 2 more shia funerals in Quetta. Shia killing goes on unabated under the watch of the ISI: Two Shia Muslims gunned down in Quetta March 09 2009 at 11:56AM Quetta – Gunmen on a motorcycle on Monday killed two Shi’a Muslims in an apparent sectarian attack in Pakistan’s south-western city of Quetta, police said. The victims
Quetta: 2 March 2009: 2 more Shia killed by Humayun Jogezai and his associates in Taliban: Quetta Police Chief, Humayun Jogezai has been once again successful in engineering and executing another round of Shia killings. Innocent people of Quetta demand an honest police officer such as Shoaib Suddle to be appointed in place of terrorist
Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claims responsibility for the attack on Jan Muhammad Dashti in Quetta: (SANA News): Bloch Student Organization (BSO) Islamabad Zone will hold protests demonstration on Wed, 25 February against the attack on Secretary of Mines and Minerals Jan Muhammad Dashti here on Wednesday (today) before National Press Club Islamabad. He was
Dubious role of Police Chief Nawabzada Humayun Jogezai in Shia killing in Quetta: 4 Shias Killed in Quetta QUETTA, Feb 24, 2009 (APP): Four welders, a father and his three sons were killed and their two colleagues were seriously injured when two armed assailants opened fire at them in their welding shop