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مفتی نعیم اور احمد لدھیانوی کی حامی عشرت العباد لابی ایم کیو ایم کو ہائی جیک کرنے کی کوشش کررہی ہے: پروفیسر سبط جعفر اور ڈاکٹر شکیل اوج کے قتل میں ملوث ایم کیو ایم کا کارکن گرفتار۔ اگر الطاف حسین پورے ملک میں بالعموم اور کراچی میں بالخصوص فرقہ وارانہ دہشتگردی کا خاتمہ چاہتے ہیں تو ان کو ایم
Open letter to new ISI Chief Lt. General Rizwan Akhtar: To: Lt. General Rizwan Akhtar, new DG ISI On the continued progress of the  Zarb-e-Azb operation, which resulted in the death of a senior Taliban terrorist this weekend, we congratulate the appointment of Lt. General Rizwan Akhtar to the
Takfiri ASWJ-TTP terrorists trying to infilitrate MQM: Altaf Hussain has asked Rabita Committee (C) to clean up party of Takfiris “We have to check which elements have managed to infiltrate our ranks who are causing conflict between Shia and Sunnis. Once they are found then they
Creeping Deobandism in MQM – by Ahad Hussain: There was a time in Karachi that MQM was considered symbol of shia sunni unity. Their work after liaqatabad sectarian fights was the reason why both shia and sunni started supporting this group. MQM’s leader strong statement after any
Four of 70 Shias in the ASWJ hit-list provided to MQM have been target killed so far!: (SHIITENEWS) Four of those 70 Shia Muslims named in the list of outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba given to the MQM, have been martyred so far. On March 2, a day before Abbas Town Tragedy, a delegation of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement
ANP and MQM feeding the sectarian crocodiles:     By:Ali Arqam Saturday, 9 Mar 2013 12:54 am The path of appeasing sectarian groups is a dangerous one For the last two weeks, I have been trying to come out of a disconcerted state of mind, as
Agencies have tasked Mufti Naeem Deobandi to infiltrate MQM to create support for the banned terrorist outfit SSP-ASWJ: According to informed sources from Karachi, the notorious pro-Taliban Deobandi cleric Mufti Naeem of Jamia Binoria has been tasked by agencies to infilitrate the MQM, a secular and moderate political party. Mufti Naeem Deobandi is known for his views
A day after the massacre of 85 Shias in Quetta, PPP-MQM govt allows Malik Ishaq Deobandi to address hate rally in Karachi: Loose translation of Malik Ishaq Deobandi’s speech to Sipah Sahaba (ASWJ)’s public rally in Karachi on 11 January 2013 (a day after more than 85 Shia Muslims were slaughtered by Sipah Sahaba militants in Quetta): “I am not a
On Altafism, Sufi folklore and Nadeem Paracha’s adoration of the MQM: Nadeem Farooq Paracha, noted left-liberal Pakistani columnist and satirist, is viewed by some in Pakistan’s limited English speaking circles as a prominent authority on the history of Pakistani culture and society. For the younger generation, Mr Paracha came into
MQM, Politics of a Chameleon – by Danial Lakhnavi: ہندوستان میں اپنے آبائی علاقے چھوڑ کر سندہ کو گھر بنانے پر جب ہم ہندوستانی اور مہاجر کہلائےجانے لگے، اور ہمارے کچھ احباب نے اس اصطلاح کو اپنا بھی لیا اس وقت میرے والد محترم کو اس اصطلاح سے
Narrow moves: MQM playing to the right wing gallery? – by Nadeem F. Paracha: Related articles: MQM Right Wing Alliance Narrow moves The Muttahida Qaumi Movement is one of the most enigmatic political parties. It has been enjoying overwhelming support in Karachi and Hyderabad ever since the late 1980s, in the process becoming
“Aafia United”: Imran Khan calls up Altaf Hussain: Related articles: Altaf bhai invites Taliban to join hands? – by D. Asghar MQM Right Wing Alliance …… Burying the hatchet: Imran calls up Altaf, agrees to work together Source: Express Tribune After years of political animosity, Imran Khan’s
Altaf bhai invites Taliban to join hands? – by D. Asghar: Related article: “Aafia United”: Imran Khan calls up Altaf Hussain If Altaf bhai can only realize his immense potential as an entertainer, he would definitely give many Umer Sharifs, and other “Comedy Kings” of Bollywood, run for their money.
Altaf Hussain’s condemnable invitation to military generals: الطاف کے ’فوج سے مدد‘ کے بیان کی مذمت حفیظ چاچڑ بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، اسلام آباد متحدہ قومی موومنٹ کے قائد الطاف حسین نے ایک بار پھر ملک میں عوامی انقلاب اور تبدیلی کےلیے فوج سے
The fake liberals strike back – by Qudsia Siddiqui: First part of this article: Another pseudo-liberal muck-raking of the PPP: So what’s new? – by Qudsia Siddiqui Firstly, thanks to the LUBP for accepting my post. I was heartened to see blogs like this one and Pakistan Media
Geo TV’s Aafia Mafia – by Fasi Zaka: TV journalism’s Aafia mafia Dr Aafia has been hijacked, and not just by the Americans, who had her flown to the US and gave her a dubiously excessive punishment for attempted murder, but by the Pakistani media itself. Just recently Meher
MQM’s illiberal politics and religious rhetoric: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) which portrays itself as the the only liberal and secular party in Pakistan which opposed religious fanaticism and terrorism and it has been the main ally of the government of Pakistan and the United States
Is MQM a secular and liberal party? Reality vs fantasy – by Mosharraf Zaidi: Related articles: MQM Right Wing Alliance MQM: reality vs fantasy When bodies start piling up in Karachi, the gut reaction of the Pakistani mainstream outside Karachi is to blame the MQM. This is a twenty-five year old problem. The