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Najam Sethi’s racist propaganda against Pashtun IDPs – by Farhat Taj:     I have never been impressed by Najam Setti. He is more a propagandist. In the latest episode Aapas Ki bast (20 July 2014). He is Demonising the IDPs from Waziristan. ‘The IDPs have integrated with foreign terrorists
Pashtun nationalists have every right to criticize PTI’s resolution in support of Hazara province but…: A resolution moved by the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) for creating a new Hazara province was adopted with majority vote by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly on 21 March 2014. The resolution read that the provincial assembly should request
مدیر ویو پوائنٹ اور فرحت تاج کے نام: کیا یہ صحافتی، علمی اخلاقیات کے مطابق ہے؟: تعمیر پاکستان ویب سائٹ کے بانی سابق ایڈیٹر عبدل نیشا پوری نے پشتون علاقوں میں دیوبندی تکفیری آئیڈیالوجی کے پھیلاؤ اور اس کے نتیجے میں پشتون معاشرے کے اندر پھیلنے والی انتہا پسندی اور دھشت گردی کے اثرات کا
Is Deobandi hate ideology an integral component of Pashtun culture?: In this recent news clip (28 Feb 2014), the arrested takfiri Deobandi terrorist, involved in attacks on Sunni Barelvi and Shia mosques in Karachi, admits that he belongs to the Swati group of ASWJ-TTP. He also admits that he
A Pashtun scholar recycles the Saudi-Iran proxy war theory to obfuscate Deobandi terrorism: These days, a Pshtun scholar is busy in painting the Shia genocide as an outcome of the Arab-Ajam or Arab-Iran war, ignoring the fact that Shia sect is essentially an Arab-origin sect with its roots in Makkah, Madinah, Najaf
سید احمد بریلوی اور شاہ اسماعیل دھلوی کی تحریک جہاد، دیوبندی مکتبہ فکر کی تکفیری بنیادیں اور پشتون قوم پرستوں کی جذباتیت: سید احمد بریلوی اور شاہ اسماعیل دھلوی ہندوستان کے اندر وہ پہلے دو ایسے مذھبی رہنماء تھے جنہوں نے ہندوستان کے اندر تکفیری خارجی آئیڈیالوجی پر مبنی نظریات قائم کئے سید احمد بریلوی تکفیری سلفی نظریات کے حامل تھے
What about the Shia extremist outfit of Sipah-e-Mohammad? – Khadim Hussain: Mr. Khadim Hussain is a Pashtun scholar and activist. In response to LUBP’s critical posts on the takfiri Deobandi roots of terrorism that currently engulfs not only Pashtuns but also Punjabis, Baloch and other ethnicities, and also in response
پشتون معاشرے میں تکفیری دیوبندی عدم برداشت کے نفوذ کا مقدمہ اور فرحت تاج صاحبہ کا ردعمل: Related post: مدیر ویو پوائنٹ اور فرحت تاج کے نام: کیا یہ صحافتی، علمی اخلاقیات کے مطابق ہے؟ – See more at: https://lubpak.com/archives/307361 تعمیر پاکستان ویب سائٹ کے بانی سابق ایڈیٹر عبدل نیشا پوری، موجودہ ایڈیٹر انچیف علی عباس
Farhat Taj’s rebuttal to LUBP’s posts on terrorism, Deobandi Islam and Bacha Khan: Related post: مدیر ویو پوائنٹ اور فرحت تاج کے نام: کیا یہ صحافتی، علمی اخلاقیات کے مطابق ہے؟ – See more at: https://lubpak.com/archives/307361 Pashtun scholar Farhat Taj sahiba has posted a rebuttal to LUBP posts in which a critical
A racist attempt to implicate Bacha Khan in Taliban terrorism – Farhat Taj: LUBP’s note: Pashtun scholar Farhat Taj has posted these public comments in response to LUBP’s post on the historical context and roots of Deobandi terrorism in Pakistan and India. https://lubpak.com/archives/306115 We invite our readers to review these comments and
Romanticizing Taliban: Dirty and dangerous tactics of Pakistani media – by Dr Farhat Taj: Editor’s note: LUBP wishes to commend Dr. Farhat Taj’s brave effort to expose the liars in the media that promote and humanize the Taliban and other Deobandi Wahhabi terrorists to further Deep States’ agendas and discourse.   It’s not
FATA: Behind Pakistan’s Iron Curtain – by Melissa Roddy: Photo by Melissa Roddy Editor’s note: In the following article published in the Huffington Post, Melissa Roddy presents a point of view that is mostly missing from the Pakistani pro-Taliban media. Her analysis is more fact based than Taliban
Taliban are Pakistan Army proxies, not Pashtun nationalists – by Farhat Taj: Taliban are Pak Army proxies, not Pashtun nationalists – I Taliban, both in Pakistan and Afghanistan, are an attempt to wipe out entho-nationalism among the Pashtun and temper with the Pashtun cultural identity Insight By Farhat Taj One of
Don’t push Pakistani Shias to invite foreign intervention to get rid of a genocide: Editor’s note: Departing from collective silence in Pakistan’s mainstream media, Daily Times is the only outlet in English and Urdu media which has published at least two articles highlighting the 17 Feb 2012 Shia massacre in Parachinar in which
Dr Shakil Afridi — by Farhat Taj: We support the following petition for release of the doctor and request our readers to sign it. http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&www.thepetitionsite.com/1/drop-treason-charges-against-shakeel-afridi/ Related :Dr. Shakeel Afridi is a benefactor, not a traitor  Dr Shakil Afridi —Farhat Taj A native of Khyber Agency in
Voices from FATA and the panic (5 parts) – by Farhat Taj: Related: Merge FATA into KP : ANP jirga Editor’s note: We are cross-posting a five-series article titled “Voices from FATA and the panic” recently published in Daily Times. In this series Farhat Taj present a Pashtun nationalist perspective on
It is okay if Taliban kill our soldiers? A comment on the slaughter of 15 FC personnel in Waziristan: Related post: A month since Taliban executed 15 Pakistani soldiers, yet no outrage. Now watch the executions; perhaps… Editor’s note: In the following article published in Daily Times, Farhat Taj highlights a case of selective morality and hypocrisy recently
Civil-military relations in Pakistan — by Farhat Taj: Related article:  Imran Khan’s PTI joins banned terrorist groups in pro-army rally in Lahore Militant outfits known for close ties with the military establishment of Pakistan held the Difa-i-Pakistan Conference (Defence of Pakistan Conference) on December 18, 2011. They
The ANP and revenge attacks —by Farhat Taj: If terror attacks in Pakistan is Pakhtun revenge, then the ANP must be involved in the attacks. Surely, ANP and non-ANP victims of terrorism share the same culture and social setup By now the notion that several of the
Farhat Taj exposing Deep State’s plausible deniability: With Thanks : BBC Urdu  We are pleased to post this excellent eye-opening interview by Farhat Taj where she exposes the Deep State and the false narratives of the likes of Imran Khan.   قبائلی لشکر لمبی جنگ کے
Ali Khel, where Sunnis and Shias were massacred by TTP-LeJ-SSP proxies – by Farhat Taj: Farha Taj’s article in Daily Times today is a challenge to those who project Pashtuns = Taliban and those who project TTP-LeJ-SSP = Sunnis. The article shows that Pakistani Shias & Sunnis, Pakhtuns & non-Pakhtuns are a victim of
India-Afghanistan alliance: implications for Pakistan? —Farhat Taj: Source: Daily Times, October 8, 2011     Afghanistan and India have signed a wide-ranging strategic partnership agreement during the recent visit of Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai to India. The agreement expands trade relations between the two countries, affirms
APC: civil façade of foreign policy — by Farhat Taj: Related post: APC: Pakistan army-orchestrated response to USA – by Ayaz Amir Since the recent attack on the US embassy in Kabul by the Haqqani network Taliban, Pakistan came under immense US pressure, including veiled threats of attack, for
Liberal façade of strategic depth — I —Farhat Taj:   At least three of the ‘elite’ who contributed to the controversial report, ‘Pakistan, the United States and the End Game in Afghanistan: Perceptions of Pakistan’s Foreign Policy Elite’, by Jinnah Institute (JI) and the United States Institute of
Liberal face of religious bigotry: A response to Jinnah Institute – by Farhat Taj: Related post: Pursuing Pakistan’s interests in Afghanistan? A rebuttal to Sherry Rehman’s Jinnah Institute’s report The report is aimed at justifying the establishment’s long-standing Afghan policy, the strategic depth policy that has brought nothing but destruction to the Pakhtun
Book review: Taliban and Anti-Taliban, Another book to kill for? – by Khaled Ahmed: Another bombshell will have to be endured by the national Taliban narrative with ‘Taliban and anti-Taliban’ by Farhat Taj (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2011), a Research Fellow at Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Research, University of Oslo, Norway, an MPhil in
Farhat Taj’s rebuttal to Ejaz Haider’s misleading information on Taliban: More misleading information — I —Farhat Taj Mr Haider’s most misleading information about the Ali Khels is that the Pakistani state supported their resistance to the Taliban. The fact is that the state abandoned the Ali Khels by design
People of Waziristan support drone attacks: Related Post : A survey of Drone Attacks in Pakistan .What do the people of FATA think? by Farhat Taj With thanks :BBC The following article suggests that contrary to what the military establishment and their proxies would like
A report from Kurram — by Farhat Taj: Both Shia and Sunni IDPs have many complaints against the parliamentarians elected from Kurram. They say that elected representatives from Swat did a great deal to alleviate the sufferings of the Swati IDPs whereas the Kurram parliamentarians have done
Is Orakzai Agency cleared of the Taliban? — by Farhat Taj: The IDPs say that both the Taliban and the Pakistan Army have bombed their empty houses in Orakzai. The authorities are now handing them tents so that they go back and erect tents on the sites of their bombed
Political agent torturing students – By Farhat Taj: It has been almost ten months now. The political agent (PA) of Khyber in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) has subjected 13 students from the Government Degree College, Jamrud, Khyber Agency to acute mental torture. The students’ representative,
A survey of Drone Attacks in Pakistan. What do the people of FATA think? – by Farhat Taj: Drone attacks — a survey Source: The News, March 05, 2009 The Aryana Institute for Regional Research and Advocacy, a think tank of researchers and political activists from the NWFP and FATA, conducts research, surveys and collect statistics on
Has ANP sold itself to the ISI? – by Farhat Taj: What is wrong with the ANP? — Farhat Taj The ANP fell on its knees during the signing of the Swat peace deal with the terrorists. ANP circles have anonymously claimed that suicide bombers were sent to the top
An unethical survey on FATA — by Farhat Taj: The people of FATA perceive state collusion with the Taliban. They want the termination of this collusion before the military operations. Until then, they are comfortable with the drone strikes on militant positions Recently, a survey was conducted by
Is the military cheating Orakzais? by Farhat Taj: A potentially dangerous development is afoot in Orakzai and no one in Pakistan seems to care. The military authorities and the Orakzai political agent (PA) have ordered the internally displaced persons (IDP) from the Lower Orakzai to go back
Pakistan not a safe heaven for Anti Taliban – by Farhat taj: The doctrine of strategic depth means Pakistan is not a safe haven for Pakhtuns opposing Taliban or Talibanization either with arms or musical instruments. The ordeal of the late Kamal Mahsud, a well-known singer from Waziristan, and his family is
Several perspectives on the FCR and FATA reform: It might be worthwhile to read two differing perspectives on the FCR and the FATA reform in order to come to an informed conclusion on a complicated issue that the government is likely to be dealing with in the
Tirah massacre: insensitive state response — by Farhat Taj: The Pakistan army simply does not have the tradition to punish its rank and file, unless the aggrieved party is also from within the army Recently, Pakistan Air Force fighter planes bombed Sra Vella area in the Tirah Valley
Kidnapping for ransom: a family’s ordeal — by Farhat Taj: The Pakistan Army is conducting an operation in Bara, Khyber Agency. Thousands of people of Bara have become IDPs due to the operation. Despite the operation, the Mangal Bagh group is active and kidnapping people for ransom as usual
Paranoid about Pakhtun ethnic identity — by Farhat Taj: “The people of Hazara have the right to demand a separate province in their area, but they have no right to dictate a name of their choice on the overwhelming majority of the Pakhtun”, writes Farhat Taj