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بیچارہ چاند – از وسیم الطاف: سعودی عرب میں آج سلفی چاند دیکھنے کی کوشش کی جاۓ گی – اس سلسلے میں مرد حضرات اپنی شہادتیں نزدیکی عدالت میں جمع کرائیں گے – معلوم نہیں اس معاملے میں خواتین کی شہادت ہوتی بھی ہے کہ
LUBP condemns the cowardly terrorist attacks on Boston marathon and stands in solidarity with the victims: LUBP unequivocally condemns the horrific bomb blasts that have left three people killed and over 98 injured in Boston (based on news reports like this As a blogzine that focuses primarily on Pakistan, we are all too familiar
In Pakistan, Burning a Quran is Blasphemy, Burning a Bible is Halal: Blasphemy law is often used by Sunni Muslims in Pakistan, in particular by Deobandi and Wahhabi Muslims, to harass and penalize Christians, Hindus, Ahmadiyya Muslims, Shia Muslims etc. However, at least in theory, the Pakistan Blasphemy law provides protection
Darul Uloom Deoband’s fatwa in support of Hazrat Yazid – by Abdur Rahim Kandhalvi: Related posts: Who are Takfiri Deobandis? – by Fahd Khan مفتی تقی عثمانی نے دیوبندی مکتب فکر کو ناصبیوں اور تکفیریوں کےہاتھ فروخت کر دیا دار العلوم دیوبند کی جانب سے سنی بریلوی اور شیعہ مسلمانوں کے خلاف نفرت
شیعہ نسل کُشی کے مخالف دیوبندی علماءکے قاتل کون؟ حصّہ اوّل – خالِدبنوری: دیوبندی مکتبِ فکرکے حامِل افراد میں شیعہ نسل کُشی میں مُلوّث مختلف نام بدلنے والی دہشت گرد تنظیم سپاہ صحابہ پاکستان کو مدارس میں سرگرمیوں سے روکنے، مدارِس کے طلبہ کی اس میں شمولیت کی حوصلہ شِکنی کرنے اورشیعہ
Ishq-e-Rasool (saww) or egoism: thoughts of Mehmudul Hasan of Deoband: مولانا محمودالحسن جنہیں شیخ الہند کے نام سے جانا جاتا ہے، دارالعلوم دیوبند کے پہلے طالب علم اوربعد میں صدرمدرس رہے ہیں، تحریک ریشمی رومال کے مرکزی کردار ہونے کے باعث سعودی عرب کی برطانیہ نواز حکومت نے انہیں
Maulana Hassan Jan, a senior Deobandi cleric killed by Takfiri militants of Sipah Sahaba – by Abdul Nishapuri: Maulana Hassan Jan was a leading Sunni Deobandi cleric of Peshawar who was martyred by the Takfiri Deobandi militants of the Sipah-e-Sahaba Taliban (SST) on 17 September 2007. Maulana was born on 6 January 1938 in Prang, Charsadda. He
Quetta Attack on Tablighi Jamaat : Intra-Deobandi feud must not be presented as Sunni-Shia sectarian violence: Related posts: Plot thickens: ISI strikes back by killing non-compliant Deobandis – by Sheherzade Adil Daily Jang is helping ISI to manufacture Sunni-Shia sectarian violence in Quetta – by Ali Muntaziri Continued pattern of misrepresentation by Jang to create
Plot thickens: ISI strikes back by killing non-compliant Deobandis – by Sheherzade Adil: Editor’s note: On the most recent tragedy in Quetta, Sheherzade Adil’s article goes beyond the superficial analysis that is being peddled by Pakistan’s media.  In analysing the violence, Pakistan’s media carefully deflects attention away from the main cause of
Pakistan’s modernity: Between military and militancy – by Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa: Editor’s note: We are cross-posting a thought provoking article by Dr. Siddiqa which was recently published in The Friday Times. This is an important theoretical piece, which may be used as guidance document for further analysis. It provides the
Devotion to Muhammad (SAWW) or egotism? Views of an eminent Deoband Maulana Mehmudul Hasan: The following extract is from a book which is a collection of  memories of Maulana Manazir Ahsan Gilani, a prominent Deobandi scholar, writer and acdemic. During his studies in Darul Uloon Deoband, he was taught by prominent Ulemas like
The Barelvi-Deobandi feud and ‘becharay’ Pakistani – by Tanvir Qaiser Shahid:
Criminal silence of Deobandi and Ahl-e-Hadith scholars on terrorism – by Ali K Chishti: So important is the business of fatwas that when Masood Azhar was re-launched by certain security agencies after he returned in exchange of some passengers from Kandahar as the ‘new saviour’, a fatwa was needed to launch his Jaish-e-Muhammad.
A tribute to Maulana Ubaidullah Sindhi: Most eminent representative of Deobandi Islam – by Abdul Nishapuri: Currently while there is a dearth of visionary, committed and selfless Muslim scholars who could lead the disillusioned and misguided Muslim youth to serving Islam, Pakistan and overall humanity in a constructive manner, it is pertinent to present a
LUBP Denial Archive: Why are some Pakistanis in a state of denial about Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba?: Welcome to the LUBP Denial Archive. Here we have have compiled some of the most useful resources which will shed light on the psyche and though process of supporters and apologists of jihadi and sectarian violence committed by the
Takfiri Deobandis (Taliban, LeJ) are killing moderate Deobandi scholars: An article on Dr Farooq Khan: Here is a though provoking article by Amir Hussaini which suggests the following: 1. While almost all Taliban, LeJ/ASWJ etc are Takfiri Deobandis, not all Deobandis support the Taliban or agree with their violent, intolerant ideology. 2. The murder
The Dominoes of Balochistan- by Peter Chamberlin: The day must come when sanity prevails in Balochistan, no matter which side proves to be acting in a rational manner. Pakistan is in a very bad way.  By most standards of measurement, it is a failed state, or
‘Data Darbar had to be destroyed because of Ibn Taymiyya’: An interview with Khaled Ahmed: Source: View Point ‘Data Darbar had to be destroyed because of Ibn Taymiyya’ Sunni-Sunni war was much earlier and it reached a peak in 2006 at Nishtar Park, the year the ISI allowed Sipah-e-Sahaba to stage its show of
Suicide bombing: a “reaction” one day and Blackwater conspiracy the next – by Farhan Q: Today in Jasarat (JI newspaper ) Moulna Aslam Shaikhopuri, a well known Deobandi Aalim in Karachi (graduated from Jamia Binoria) justified suicide bombings because of not having “Khilafah ” اگر مسلمانوں کا کوئی خلیفہ ہوتا تو انہیں خودکش حملے
ریاض سہیل – بریلوی دیوبندی تاریخ اور اختلافات: Source BBC Urdu برصغیر میں بریلوی اور دیوبند مسالک میں اختلافات کا سلسلہ تو کئی دہائی پرانا ہے مگر ان میں شدت پاکستان کے قیام کے بعد دیکھی گئی ہے۔ دونوں مسالک کی بنیاد ہندوستان میں پڑی یعنی دیوبند
Extremist Deobandis’ war on people’s Islam — by Yasser Latif Hamdani: Source: Daily Times The Deoband philosophy is a rejectionist philosophy, which rejected modernity and saw the British as the embodiment of western irreligious thought and materialism The attack on Hazrat Ali Hajvery’s shrine has struck at the root of
Then they came for Barelvis – by Imran Qadir Bhatt: Picture source: Daily Times Let us be honest with one another. We are a nation who has been taught distorted histories. We have been inculcated with absurd notions of religious pride. For us the source of honour and pride
Sufism being victimized – by Amjad Rashid: It is an established fact that Islam’s spread all over happened the world through Sufism and its teachings of love and peace. But in present times, the name of Islam is being used by the extremists, terrorists and ignorant
Update 3 July 2010: Two more Shias killed by extremist Deobandis of Sipah-e-Sahaba in Karachi and Quetta: The ongoing series of target killing of Shia citizens by extremist Deobandi (wrongly labelled as Wahhabi) terrorists of the Sipah-e-Sahaba / Taliban continues unabated. In the latest episode of this series, two Shia men were target killed in Karachi
Will the Barelvi majority in Pakistan stand against terrorism? – by Tanveer Qaiser Shahid: Barelvi Muslims constitute the majority of population in Pakistan. According to an estimate, Sunni Muslims in Pakistan are divided into 60% Barelvis, 30% Deobandis and 10% Ahle Hadith. It is a fact that, in Pakistan, Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba are
The Taliban scourge — by Ishtiaq Ahmed: When General Musharraf dissociated himself from the extremists, the links with al Qaeda were ruptured but an institutional decision was taken by the military top brass to continue secret low profile support of the Taliban. The more recent delinking
Finally, the Deobandi awakening against Taliban terrorists?: No condemnation Dawn Editorial Monday, 03 May, 2010 There is little doubt that there still exist, across Pakistan, mosques, schools of religious learning and other religious centres that continue to spew hate. Unless that infrastructure of hate is shut
Religious extremism: Bomb with the fuse lit – by Zafar Hilaly: Once upon a time to get on in Pakistan religion did not matter. On the other hand, a criminal record did not help. Today, by the looks of it, one can have a criminal record and still actually occupy
Societal perspectives on terrorism — by Dr Hasan-Askari Rizvi: At least one generation has been socialised into a favourable disposition towards Islamic conservatism and militancy. They have a natural sympathy towards the political discourse of the militants even if they do not support their violent methods The terrorist
Objectives Resolution and Secularism – by Wajahat Masood: Contributed by: Aamir Mughal First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan: M.A. Jinnah, Liaquat Ali Khan, Nurul Amin, Allama shabbir Ahmed Usmani, Maulana Akram and Dr I H Qureshi My friend Wajahat Masood has tried to dig the ‘Islamic roots’ of
Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba’s attack on Eid Milad-un-Nabi rallies: This is not sectarianism, this is terrorism: Rescuers stand near a child injured by a firing, at a local hospital in Dera Ismail, Pakistan on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010. According to police official unidentified gunmen opened fire on a procession celebrate anniversary of the birth of
Was Jinnah Secular? Facts about the creation of Pakistan compiled by Aamir Mughal: I. Ideology Drama was a farce rather hoodwinking the whole Muslim Population The strength of the Muslim League in the Muslim-majority provinces was going to be put to the test during the 1945-46 election campaign. Consequently in the public
Deoband and Terrorism: The Ulema, Deoband and the (Many) Talibans By : S Akbar Zaidi Historical scholarship tends to see a continuity in the Ulema of south Asia – from the Deoband seminary in the 19th century down to the Taliban of
The scholar, the sufi, and the fanatic – by Nadeem Paracha: Roughly speaking, the political and social aspects of Islam in Pakistan can be seen as existing in and emerging from three distinct sets and clusters of thought. These clusters represent the three variations of political and social Islam that
Sectarian terrorism in Pakistan during 2009 – by B. Raman: The year 2009 ended with two attacks by suicide bombers on processions to mark the culmination of the period of Muhurrum observed by the Shias of Pakistan. Fifteen persons were killed in the first incident at Muzzafarabad, the capital
In defense of our Salafi (Ahl-e-Hadith) brothers and sisters: Related post: Ahl-e-Hadith Muslims reject Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) Compiled by: Abdul Nishpauri Oft misunderstood, feared from and stereotyped, Salafis (Ahl-e-Hadith) need to be better understood as a peaceful religious group who must not be stereotyped as a part and parcel
Gilgit: Shia killing by the Taliban / Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorists: SFP News: September 30, 2009 Four Shia Muslims were killed in Gilgit since bomb blast at Al Murtaza Book Center. On 26th Septermber a bomb was thwon on Shia book Center resulting four people injured. After such incident thesituation
Hamid Saeed Kazmi shot by the Taliban-Sipah-e-Sahaba alliance in Pakistan: وفاقی وزیر کے ڈرائیور یونس کی معذور والدہ ن
Taliban taste justice, Taliban style in Swat, Pakistan: Pakistan’s military is accused of summarily executing suspected Taliban militants in the Swat valley. Photograph: Pedro Ugarte/AFP/Getty Images When was the last time that judicial courts in Pakistan, including “the great saviour of the nation” Chief Justice Ifitkhar Muhammad
Stay away from the Wahhabi-Deobandi alliance in Pakistan, Ms Judith McHale: Ansar Abbasi is a much despised journalist in Pakistani. He is widely disliked by the majority of moderate Pakistanis because of his consistent support for the Taliban and Al Qaeda. In his distorted and inflammatory news reports, he persistently