Takfiri Deobandis (Taliban, LeJ) are killing moderate Deobandi scholars: An article on Dr Farooq Khan

Taliban have accepted responsibility for assassinating Dr Muhammad Farooq Khan, a moderate Deobandi scholar.

Here is a though provoking article by Amir Hussaini which suggests the following:

1. While almost all Taliban, LeJ/ASWJ etc are Takfiri Deobandis, not all Deobandis support the Taliban or agree with their violent, intolerant ideology.
2. The murder of Dr Muhammad Farooq Khan (and previously murder of other moderate Deobandi scholars e.g. Maulana Hassan Jan of Peshawar) suggests that the Taliban will kill any one who does not subscribe to their violent jihadi and sectarian agenda.
3. The Taliban have hijacked the Deobandi school of thought; they have been successful in befooling and misguiding the Deobandi youths within and outside madrassahs leading them to jihadi and sectarian violence.

However, one may not ignore the complete absence of an irrefutable and unconditional condemnation of the Taliban by any notable Deobandi organisation, e.g., Jamaat-e-Islami, JUI(F), JUI (S), Tableeghi Jamaat etc.



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