Objectives Resolution and Secularism – by Wajahat Masood

Contributed by: Aamir Mughal

First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan: M.A. Jinnah, Liaquat Ali Khan, Nurul Amin, Allama shabbir Ahmed Usmani, Maulana Akram and Dr I H Qureshi

My friend Wajahat Masood has tried to dig the ‘Islamic roots’ of Pakistan, exposing the infiltration of a conservative Islamic (neo-Deobandi) thought in the fabric and structure of Pakistan through the Objectives Resolution. The following is Wajahat Masood’s excellent article on Objectives Resolution and secularism in Pakistan (in several parts):


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  1. If we have to move forward we must make Pakistan a secular state. There are historical proves that even Jinnah wanted Pakistan to be a secular state and its society as a dynamic one.

  2. Interesting piece one must say. With an open mind I belive one can see the entire picture. The citizens of this country have the right to know also that Pakistan gives 2% of GDP to education. The problem of extremism is related to this CLEARLY! When one would not get educated it would be much easier to corrupt his mind! And that is where we are lacking According to a seminar held by Individual Land on 20th Feb this year, Pakistan is the 6th largest recipient of Official Development Assistance (ODA) receiving US $ 2.2 billion. This needs to be utilized in the interest of the citizens rather than personal pockets.

  3. What I find appalling and ridiculous in all this is the totally unnecessary, whining inferiority complex displayed by Muslims.

    Contrary to the current myth, Muslims in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan have a great deal to be proud, happy and encouraged about.

    It is a very widespread fashion in the West and India to keep saying Pakistan has been a brutal failure, while India is a huge success. The fact is, visitors to Pakistan from India are always surprised how much MORE prosperous Pakistan is. As William Dalrymple haspointed out, there is far less sheer poverty in Pakistan, the electricity supply is much more reliable, the infrastructure is very much superior to India’s, people generally seem healthy and well-fed compared to the weedy-looking Indians, and the houses of the Pakistani middle class are bigger and more modern.

    Even Bangladesh has done better than India in terms of healthcare and reducing infant mortality.

    So why does Pakistan have to keep apologising or feel worried about the Partition? Muslims are DEFINITELY living better as a result of the Partition.

    This is the blunt FACT Indians and even many Pakistanis will not admit.

    The truth is, Partition was good for Hindus AND Muslims.

    Now all of us have our separate, reasonably successful countries, and should work to develop them, going our separate ways and not interfering with each other.

    Pakistan and Bangladesh should simply be another two foreign countries, for India, and vice-versa.

    Stop the obsessing.

    As for Muslim liberals, let them depend on no-one but themselves. Be confident and strong.

  4. Even I myself only recently came to realise that Pakistan is a SUCCESS. So powerful is the widespread assumption that it is a failure and not worth having, that Muslims in the former united India have a lot to complain about, etc.

    They have in fact done rather well, and can do much better with their own efforts.

  5. Objectives Resolution & Secularism (Part 12) by Wajahat Masood.

    Communal Riots before Partition. Classical Excerpt from the article above “The then Governor [English] Punjab approached a Local Congress Leader “Mawlana Dawood Ghaznawi” for help to end the Communal Riots in Punjab [Pakistani Punjab] but it was Sardar Shaukat Hayat who “helped” in stopping the Riots. end of quote.

    I wonder what happened to the infamous slogan “Muslim Hai toMuslim League Mein AA” [If you are a Muslim then join Muslim League] whereas Mawlana Dawood Ghaznawi was an Ahl-e-Hadith [Wahabi] and in Congress like many other Mawlvis of that era. Did joining Congress made anybody Non-Muslim???

  6. Islam & Muslims, these legal terms have almost similar relationship as a completed operational and functional building and its material at any stage. If a building get demolished, the material would still be there,in what ever condition it might be. That is what Muslims are today. Pakistani Muslims are confused if we are part of any building, then as per our constitution of which one,Islam or Secularism? To know exactly where we Pakistani
    “Muslims” are, do read this article of Wajahat Masood and its comprehensive reply on http://www.people-or-muslim.com

  7. @ above
    Mr. Suri, you have tried our best to negate the basic points that are given in Mr Wajahat Masood’s article. Will you please also provide us with a “working example” of a government based on your beliefs.? Khilafat was the need of the time, it was not followed after the Sahaba, whatever that was, it was more Malookiyat than khilafat. Plus, khilafat is not a simple concept, more than 40% of muslim population in this world believes in Shia version of Islam, their concept of Khilafat is much different than your views, What will become of them.? Doesn’t Islam leave a room for change by keeping the door of “Ijtehad” ajar.?

  8. and can you please explain to us HOW Islam is a “mukammal zabta e hayat”(a complete code of living)

  9. Mr. Abdul Majeed, at the age of almost 35, I have the same confused views, rather worse than yours. Yours are much sensible. You have neither read all my writings nor have you understood my point of view exactly. Because you understand it form the background of your knowledge and social atmosphere. If have read my writings fully than I believe you must have found answers to most of these comments. If you claim that you have fully read me and understood my point of view, only then we can indulge in arguments in search of truth, nature and concept of “Khilafat”. Not on this form but better face to face. You highlight all the points in my writings and books with which you disagree and write down your arguments, so that we may discuss those and reach at some conclusion not to our views and understandings only, but specifically to Quran and Sunnah. You need to donate time for the Establishment of Deen Islam, which today is a heap of rubble of the demolished” Deen or System of Human life”, on earth. Deen Islam in its completed, ‘’ operational and functional practical condition” is non-existent today as it was on the day it was declared completed by the creator of Universe, human beings as His “khalifa” on this earth. The “KHILAFA” remained as “WORKING EXAMPLE’’ up to the end of Khilaft-e-Rashida, not as you say “ it was not followed after Sahaba”. “Khilafat” is not a way to be followed; it is a “system” to be established. What you have said it is all hearsay, these terms and ideas today we secular Muslims have picked up from the ideally polluted environmental circumstances of secularism. We of today’s Muslims have not had a chance to enter Islam, we are born in Islam. Therefore what we are following and practicing is our ancestral or circumstantial historical Islam. The real Islam is entered by first ensuring the practical adoption and assurance of the first condition of kalma-e-Tuiba, i.e. Laa-Ilaaha. What we today’s Muslims are following and practicing is the rest of kalma-e-Tuiba, and that is “Religion Islam” not “Deen Islam”, because as “ Ilaaha” we have other gods in the form of human beings, who’s man-made Laws, “sharia” we are following in our Constitution. It is therefore first and foremost requirement for today’s secular Muslim to understand the difference between “Religion” and “Deen” and also the definition of “Deen”. Deen is also not only “Mukamal Zabta-e-hayat” as you and today’s secular Muslims term it, but Deen is a “Mukamal Nizam-e Hayat”. Try to find out what the definition of “Nizam”, and also try to find out what is the technical difference between “Nizam” and “Zabta”. If you really believe in the life after death, same as you are living on this earth today and making such comments, and then you need to be prepared to answer this important question according to Muslims faith as soon as buried in the grave “what is your DEEN?” As I said DEEN ISLAM today in its established and working state and condition is non- existent, if so which Deen are we Muslims in, and are following, and applied or applicable on us? Answer to this question, we can only find and understand if we know the definition, its natural formation and compulsory conditions of its establishment and functional existence. For all this, if you or any other reader is interested, please read my books, which are available in” kitab-Sarae” Urdu Bazaar Lahore. There you will find my contact also for further reading material.

  10. wajahat deserves full credit for exposing all those who are———————–.thia article is being reprinted in irtiqa

  11. If Jinnah wanted non-Islamic state then why did he say these speeches which are proof that he wanted Islam as the core of new state?


    Are you claiming that Jinnah was a hypocrite or declaring him Kaafir like Mullahs did before partition?

  12. Though facts are facts. It was all past, what happened then: Look at the challenges thereafter: Muslims of minority provinces were betrayed mercilessly. Though Pakistan-India signed a series of agreements to allot exchanged evacuee rights to Muhajirs and Sharnarthies in Pakistan & India respectively. In India Shri Mehar Chand Khanna former NWFP Finance Minister was appointed as Rehabilitation Minister of India who allotted all the evacuee properties in India left by Muhajirs to Sharnarthies but in Pakistan Muhajirs have been mistreated to the last extreme except in Punjab. Out of 28% non-Muslim seats in NWFP assembly today there is no Muhajir MPA in KPK. In Sindh 45% MPAs and 50% Cabinet Ministers were Hindus.Till 1947 Urban Sindh was purely Hindu Sindh owning 24 cities including Karachi & Hyderabad besides 82% agri-land, all industries & trade.As per International Treaty signed by Pak-India this all belong to Muhajirs only. Today Mohajirs hardly have 30% seats in Sindh Assembly, still blamed converting local population into minority. Muhajirs lands, 20 cities, Industries,Commerce, Trade, Schools, Colleges, Banks, Companies, Homes, Properties, jobs have been snatched away from them.On 19 June, 1992 Asif Nawaz on the orders of PM Nawaz Sharif attacked Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas & Sukkur & killed thousands of innocent Muhajir youth & looted/tortured millions; Nawaz Sharif on holy Quran took false oath that he did not know the attack by Asif Nawaz on Urban Sindh/Muhajir Nation & then in 1998 again attacked whole Sindh. Rana Maqbool the professional killer of Nawaz Sharif and Lehrasap and Saleem Haider Gujjar Naseerullah Berber & others continued killing innocent Muhajirs. An un-elected person Ghous Ali Shah made Advisor to PM(NS)for Sindh with powers of CM Sindh, Mushahidullah made Mayor of Karachi & people of Urban and Rural Sindh, disfranchised. President Asif Ali Zardari’s tongue was cut, his neck was cut & whole body was injured by the SHOs specially brought from Lahore under the direct supervision of Rana Maqbool, SaifurRehman, Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Sharif still befooling the Baloch leaders as he deceived Altaf Hussain(who was given official reception @ Shalamar garden Lahore & then attacked). On coming to power NS shall do same thing with Balochs & appoint Mushahadullahs Mayors of Quetta, Gwadar, Sibbi, Sui and Dera Bugti. If NS again comes to power Pakistan will be broken by him.