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عمران خان کا حالیہ بیان اور کراچی کے عوام میں تشویش کی لہر – محمد فیصل یونس ( Muhammad Faisal Younus ): وزیر اعظم عمران خان نے کراچی میں اپنے حالیہ دورہ کے دوران یہ بیان دیا کہ پاکستان میں موجود بنگالیوں اور افغانیوں کو شہریت دیں گے اور مزید وضاحت بھی کی کہ اس فیصلے کا اطلاق صرف کراچی پر
The Mysterious Death of Dr. Hassan Zafar Arif and the Military Establishment Fascist Policies – by Muhammad Faisal Younus: The conditions of law and order in Pakistan are progressively deteriorating because of state policymakers. Under their policies, terrorists and extremists like Hafiz Saeed, who is one of the prime suspects in the Mumbai attacks, are enjoying their freedom.
(Muhammad Ahmed Kamal ) دہشت گردی کی نئی لہر – محمّد احمد کمال: افغانستان کے شہر قندھار میں متحدہ عرب امارات کے سفارتکاروں پر ۱۰ جنوری کو ہونے والے دہشت گرد حملہ نے ایک بار پھر پاکستان میں موجود دہشت گردوں کیلئے خلیج ممالک سے مالی معاونت اور فنڈز کی منتقلی پر
The Decline of Human Rights and Social Order in Pakistan – by Muhammad Faisal Younus: Freedom of expression is the constitutional right of every citizen under Article 19 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but Pakistan is well known for violating basic human liberties and is notorious for its dictatorship and sometimes extremist mindset.
کوک سٹوڈیو میں شہید امجد صابری کی آخری پرفارمنس: مجھے کوک سٹوڈیو کے اس سیزن میں امجد صابری اور راحت فتح کی اس پرفارمنس کا سب سے شدت سے انتظار تھا۔ سوچا تھا بار بار سنوں گا اور امجد صابری کو یاد کروں گا۔ لیکن حقیقت یہ ہے
(Muhammad Faisal Younus) مجھے دشمن کے بچوں کو پڑھانا ہے – محمّد فیصل یونس: مجھے دشمن کے بچوں کو پڑھانا ہے صرف بے گناہ اور معصوموں کا خون بہانا ہے مجھے دشمنوں سے یاری کو بڑھانا ہے اور اپنے ہی ملک کو نوچ نوچ کر کھانا ہے یہ دہشت گرد تو ہیں میرے
Sad demise of Amjad Sabri- Another victim of state terrorism – by Muhammad Faisal Younus: One more tragic incident has produced an innocent victim. This time a famous qawwali musician, a man with international fame became a victim of state terrorism. Amjad Sabri was a famous qawwali singer, an international celebrity, born on December
Bahrain strips Shiite cleric of citizenship:     Bahrain stripped the citizenship of its top Shiite Muslim cleric Monday over allegations of inciting sectarianism, drawing rebukes from Shiite-majority Iran and the U.S. Bahrain’s Ministry of Interior said revoking Isa Qassim’s citizenship aimed to confront extremism
Hakeemullah Mehsud’s death and Pakistan’s reaction: a State that harbors terrorism?: One couldn’t believe his eyes and ears upon seeing the reaction of PML-N government functionaries and PTI leadership all the way down to the trolls condemn the US Drone attack that killed Hakimullah Mehsud on Friday, November 1, 2013.
Spinning half-truths on Balochistan -by Ayesha Siddiqa: Balochistan is quite fashionable these days, especially amongst the establishment wallahs, some of whom have been visiting the place, writing about it or even getting research grants to figure out ways to make the Baloch patriotic. There are two
People of Parachinar can not believe Rehman Malik any more: رحمان ملک کے ٹل پاراچنار روڈ کھولنے کے جھوٹے وعدوں پر یقین نہیں کیا جا سکتا، یوتھ آف پاراچنار اسلام آباد:اسلام ٹائمز۔ پاراچنار کرم ایجنسی کے عوام رحمان ملک کے مزید جھوٹے وعدوں اور بیانات سے دھوکے میں نہیں
State sponsored terrorism in Indian Occupied Kashmir – by Abdul Nishapuri: State sponsored terrorism in Indian Occupied Kashmir remains an ugly blot on the face of democracy in India. The Kashmir dispute is the oldest unresolved international conflict in the world today. India’s forcible occupation of the State of Jammu
New video of Israel’s terrorist assault on Gaza aid flotilla: Democracy Now has released a preview of previously unseen raw footage from the Mavi Marmara. The footage shows the mood and the activities onboard the Mavi Marmara in the time leading up to the Israeli attack, and the immediate
Syed Talat Hussain exposes Israeli terrorist attack on Gaza Foltilla: Syed, Talat Hussain, a leading Pakistani journalist who was captured during an Israeli naval attack on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla alleged Wednesday that Israeli soldiers were shooting people in cold blood. Talat Hussain, one of the 124 people arriving
State terrorism by Israel: At least 20 aid workers killed: Trying to bring in food, medicine and all kinds of much needed aid to war torn Gaza and its stranded people – the Flotilla was ambushed by the barbarians of Israel’s military; they carried out another despicable massacre, killing