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پیر افضل قادری جیسے ملّا جاہل، بے علم اور دین فروش ہیں ۔ ڈاکٹر طاہر القادری: ڈاکٹر طاہر القادری نے پی جے میر کو ایک انٹرویو دیتے ہوئے سابق گورنر پنجاب سلمان تاثیر شہید کے بارے میں دوٹوک الفاظ میں کہا تھا کہ ان سے توہین اسلام ، توہین رسالت جیسے افعال کا صدور ہرگز
A fantastic and incisive piece by comrade Umer Ali on the Mandi Bahauddin episode – Shaan Taseer:   Most importantly, please note his finding of the role played by terrorist organisations like the JUD and ASWJ in such incidents. I concur fully with my comrades findings on the role of such organisations, as that is what
Question of ethics in journalism: Express Tribune’s (@etribune) shameful attack on a member of Shaheed Taseer’s family: Time and again, rights activists with clear anti-Takfir stance are routinely misrepresented by those who cannot respond honestly to their nuanced analysis and non-selective criticism of extremism. We witness not just double standard but a complete lack of proportion
شان تاثیر کی جانب سے مفتی نعیم کو بھرپور اور مدلل جواب – عامر حسینی: سلمان تاثیر شہید کے بیٹے شان تاثیر نے وہ کلمہ حق بلند کیا ہے جس کو بلند کرتے ہوئے( سلمان تاثیر شہید کے قاتل ممتاز قادری کو لیکر پورے بریلوی مکتبہ فکر کو دہشت گرد ثابت کرنے والے بعض
Shaan Taseer’s rebuttal to Mufti Naeem of Jamia Binori Deoband: “Terrorism was taught by the state not the madrassahs”. A very rich statement by Mufti Naeem, the head cleric of Binori Town Karachi. I would encourage all my fellow Pakistani to know and remember the following facts: Binori Town,
Tackling the Takfiri terrorists of ASWJ and the fallacy of “due process” – Shaan Taseer: Editor’s Note:Contrary to “commercial liberal lobby”, our dear comrade Shaan Taseer is very  clear on “due process” when it comes to tackling the menace of Takfiri terrorism in Pakistan.  ******   My Dear Pakistanis Back in 1997 when the SSP
Shaan Taseer’s speech in the House of Lords highlighting Shia genocide and the persecution of minorities in Pakistan: My Dear Friends Below is a short speech I, Shaan Taseer, was asked to make to the House of Lords in the British Parliament. It was an honour, and as I made this speech on behalf of my countrymen,