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Children of Lesser God: Early this January, liberal quarters of Pakistan’s civil society commemorated fourth death anniversary of Shaheed Salmaan Taseer, the slain Governor of the Punjab. He was assassinated in broad daylight four years ago because of his unrelenting support for a
Maulana Tariq Jameel and Agha Rahat Hussaini meet for Sunni Shia Muslim unity in Gilgit: By Shabbir Mir Published: June 11, 2013   GILGIT: The ongoing Tablighi Ijtima in Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) has provided an opportunity to bring Sunni and Shia sects closer in a manner the region has never witnessed before. On Monday, Maulana Tariq
Hindu lawmaker in Pak asks new regime to safeguard rights of minorities: Islamabad: Pakistani Hindu legislator has cautioned Pakistan’s new government about a possible exodus of members of his minority community and called for a quick and effective legislation to safeguard their rights, according to a media report on Monday. Malani,
ECP to decide the fate of 182 minority candidates today: Friday, April 05, 2013 ISLAMABAD: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will decide the fate of 182 minority candidates contesting elections on 10 national assembly seats reserved for minorities today (Friday). The ECP is scheduled to hold scrutiny process of
Reserved seats for minorities: Nomination papers of 22 candidates accepted: PESHAWAR: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Thursday accepted at least 22 nomination papers of candidates vying for seats reserved for minorities in the provincial legislature. An ECP official said 22 nomination papers were screened and accepted out of
‘Nothing changes for us … we will live and die sweeping’: PESHAWAR: Afzal Masih, 28, slowly walks along Warsak Road, reflecting on his situation, broom in hand. “I am a sweeper, my sons will be sweepers and, in the future, so will my grandsons,” he says. In a jarring similarity shared
Sidelined minorities: ‘The present system has turned us into second-class citizens’:     Published: April 2, 2013 PESHAWAR: Non-Muslims in Nowshera on Monday demanded the government give them what they described as the right to elect their representatives so people subscribing to various religions can play their due role for the
Blasphemy Law rocks Pakistan once more – by Tahir Aslam Gora: Is Pakistan governed and controlled by religious forces? The answer is yes. No matter who is the incharge of the government, be a government run by secular leaning Pakistan Peoples Party, be a government comprised of middle class business
Necessity Pushes Pakistani Women Into Jobs and Peril – by Adam B. Ellick: Cross Posted from: New York Times Her conservative brother berated Ms. Sultana for damaging the family’s honor by taking a job in which she interacts with men — and especially one that requires her to shed her burqa in favor
Religious parties demand removal of Shahbaz Bhatti: Religious parties are demanding removal of the Federal Minister for Minorities, Shahbaz Bhatti because he demanded amendment in  blasphemy laws. Previously , Shahbaz Bhatti received threat from Aalmi Majil-e-Tahfuz-e-Khatm-e-Nabuwat (AMTKN) for his critical comments on blasphemy law. Tribune Blasphemy Case :
Is Dr Shazia not a daughter of the nation?: Thousands of people hold protest demonstration across the country to mark the ‘Protest Day’ being observed against the sentence of Dr Aafia, media reported on Friday. Demonstrations were staged by political, social, student organizations and religious circles in many small and
Politics over national interest – Daud Khattak: Source Daily Times The JUI-F cares more for saving the skin of its leadership than national interests. By signalling a parting of ways with the Centre, the JUI-F leadership wants to convey to the Taliban its ‘hate’ towards the
Religious political organisations and parties — by Ishtiaq Ahmed: It is important that the open, secular parties make specific arrangements for representation of religious and ethnic minorities in parliament and in sharing public office. Under all circumstances, a clear distinction must be maintained between the private religious beliefs
Ministry of Religious Affairs of Pakistan: A hard look at the supernatural – by Nadeem Khan: Today, I was amazed to see that the whole website of our Ministry of Religious affairs of Pakistan is as clean, as may be my heart, void of any religious belief (in the insightful eyes of a moulvis). I
Unchecked fanaticism in NWFP and the criminal silence of Pakistan’s religious parties: Unchecked fanaticism THAT, at least until the time of writing, there was no loss of life is perhaps the only redeeming feature of the Taliban’s attack on three schools in Peshawar on Monday. There were no casualties because there