Is Dr Shazia not a daughter of the nation?

Thousands of people hold protest demonstration across the country to mark the ‘Protest Day’ being observed against the sentence of Dr Aafia, media reported on Friday.
Demonstrations were staged by political, social, student organizations and religious circles in many small and big cities across the country to mark protest against the sentencing of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui for 86 years by a US federal court.

They are saying that Dr Aafia Siddique is daughter of the nation, condemning her conviction and demanding her immediate release and repatriation. And also terming the ‘prison term’ awarded to Dr Aafia Siddique  ‘harsh’ and ‘unfortunate’

The sentenced has sparked anger in Pakistan, where people have protested and people have demonstrated. It has also provided new avenue and opportunity to right wingers and Taliban apologists to condemn and criticize, US and Pakistan’s civilian government-and especially Mr Hussain Haqqani. The leaders of Jamat e Islami and Tehrik e Insaf said that people serving US interests have pushed the country into a quagmire of problems.

I wonder Why,  no one for punishing those who raped Dr Shazia Khalid. No one demanding Punishment for those who raped Dr Shazia. Is it not a perfect example to understand our own hypocrisy, insincerity double standard and shallowness of mind?

Shazia’s story in her own words. NY Times (video)

Dr Shazia Khalid was raped on January 2nd , allegedly by an army officer while performing her duty as a medical officer for Pakistan Petroleum Limited in Sui, Balochistan. Her rapist was never caught and the Government of Pakistan forced her to leave Pakistan and left her stranded in the United Kingdom, where she is currently seeking asylum. Dr. Shazia khalid’s official website.

Shazia Khalid talks to ANAA from UK after 3 months of silense. (pdf) (word)
Sui Rape victim finds political asylum in UK. Daily Times 19 June 2005
ANAA disappointed that State has denied justice to Sui Rape Case. The NEWSDaily Times 20 March 2005
ANAA briefs the Press in Washington, DC about the Sui Case. DAWN 19 March 2005
ANAA meets the Ambassador Jehangir Karamat to discuss Sui Case. 18 March 2005 (pdf)
Justice (R) Nasir Zahid email to ANAA reviewing the case.
The ultimate violation. Beena Sarwar – Read the letter of victim’s sister-in-law to ANAA. 20 Feb 2005
ANAA’s co-ordinator criticizing the silence of State on jirga’s decision. Daily Times 7 Feb 2005
Pakistani American (ANAA) outraged by the Rape. Daily Times 7 Feb 2005
ANAA’s co-ordinator meets the victim in Pakistan. Report – DAWN letter 5 Feb 2005
ANAA infuriated at rape incident in Baluchistan. The News 5 Feb 2005
ANAA’s Chairperson blasts the jirga’s decision declaring the victim “Kari”. Daily Times 31 Jan 2005

Questions to be answered by the State:
1. Why Sui Rape Victim was stopped from returning to her room after she went to Nurse Sakina’s room, right after rape?
2. Why PPL staff didnot comply with her plea to have her brother and his wife flown in from Karachi to be with her after the rape?
3. Why PPL didnot call the Police?
4. Why PPL didnot carry out any medical examination?
5. Why PPL sedated her to conceal the rape?
6. Why on the 4th day of rape she was flown to Karachi Psychiatric hospital?
7. Why has none of these questions answered by the state or its tribunal which was asked to submit its report in 14 day, now more than 28 days have passed?

International Media:

Musharraf backs rape-case officer. BBC – 24 Feb 2005
Pakistan’s gas fields blaze as rape sparks threat of civil war.
GUARDIAN – UK, talks to the victim. 21 Feb 2005
BBC reports on the rape of lady doctor. 12 Jan 2005.

Pakistani Media:

Sherry points out loopholes in Dr Shazia’s rape probe. Daily Times – 4 March 2005.

A MUST READ – Victim’s Husband explains the case. DAWN – 4 Feb 2005

Police arrested PPL Sui Chief executive Pervez Jamula, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mohammed Usman and deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mohammed Ali. The News – 28 Jan 2005

Law Enforcement Agencies – Frontier Corp and DSG – blocked Balochistan police to interrogate PPL doctors – Dr. Muhammad Usman and Dr. Muhammad Ali – in Sui Rape Case. ANAA demands that DSG, to which Captain Hammad belongs, be refrained from blocking the investigation of why the lady doctor was kept unconscious for 3 days after the rape. Daily TimesDAWNThe News. – 24 Jan 2005

PPL attempted to potray lady doctor as “traumatized and depressed”. After 3 days they transfered her to Karachi Psychiatry hospital. We do not bring army officers for interviews before the media,” was the answer from Maj Gen Shaukat Sultan, the ISPR DG, when he was requested by Daily Times to arrange an interview with the captain. ANAA still is unclear why PPL hide the case and why Captain Hammad was brought on the media but General Shaukat Sultan refused media to interview him. Daily Times – 19 Jan 2005.

Police confirms rape and demands PPL officials to explain why they concealed the facts. Daily Times – 17 Jan 2005

Lady doctor failed to identify the rapist. From the Crime scene blood stained bed sheets, condoms and broken hair collected. Lady doctor to appear before the tribunal headed by Justice Ahmed Khan Lashari on Jan 17. Tribunal will present the report to Balochistan Provincial assembly in 15 days. DAWN – 13 Jan 2005.

Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) attacked the gas line in Sui and claimed that the attack was in retaliation to gang rape. The elders of the Bugti tribe and Secretary-General of the PPL Workers Union Ghulam Sarwar Bugti strongly condemned the rape of the doctor and alleged that an army captain and three members of Defense Security Guardswere responsible for this crime. DAWN – 9 Jan 2005

Night of Jan 2nd and 3rd lady doctor was raped. She was working for Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) in Balochistan. It is alleged that PPL and Defense Security Guards blocked timely investigation of the case. Fourth day the victim was transfered to Karachi. The News – 8 Jan 2005.

Opinions on Sui Rape Case:

Pakistan Link Editorial
Tigers of Balochistan. Cowasjee – 6 Feb 2005
Rape in Balochistan. Syed Mansoor Hussain – 25 Jan 2005 
Ayaz Amir
cautions General Musharraf to be flexible – 14 JAN 2005
Najam Sethi summarizes the problem in Balochistan. Nawab Bugti claims Captain Hammad of Defense Security Group as one of the rapist. Friday Times (PDF Format)

Source: ANNA



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