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LeJ’s Malik received monthly stipend from Punjab govt: Related Articles: Malik Ishaq wielded clout in jail; helped Pak army Thank you, ISI-backed Supreme Court, for releasing Malik Ishaq By Asad Kharal Malik Ishaq enjoyed Punjab government’s financial assistance ever since the Sharif’s came to power in 2008,
Punjab government fails to respect quota for minorities: As per news report published in Asia News, the Punjab government has ignored the rule that reserves 5% of federal government and provincial governments jobs to minorities, in District Coordination Officer recruitment (DCO) in Khanewal. “The government had announced
Yellow Cab – by Ahmed Mughal:
Punjab: Christian families flee false accusation of blasphemy: The students of a madrassa try to force a child to convert. A relative is attacked for defending him, and accused of blasphemy. A priest: “This is a common practice in the region. Many cases of forced conversions are
Hypocrisy of PML-N: Punjab condemns foreign funds but accepts billions anyway: The government of Punjab, which had recently secured front page coverage by its proclamation about shunning all funding by foreign donors, demanded from Islamabad to increase its borrowing limits and ensure release of development funds to avoid delays in
Young Doctors and Punjab Government – by Hafiz Soofi: نوحہ مسیحائی اگلے روز پنجاب اسمبلی کے سامنے جس بیدردی سے نوجوان ڈاکٹروں کو پیٹا گیا ہے اسنے “بلڈ پریشر” وزیر اعلی اور اسکی لولی لنگڑی طرز حکمرانی کا پردہ فاش کر دیا ہے- پرایویٹ ہسپتال اور حکومت عرصہ
Land for cricket team but no land rights for poor farmers: Shahbaz Sharif’s hypocrisy: Hypocrisy thy name is PML-N. While a cricket match between India and Pakistan has been transformed into a frenzy by the corporate media, the clueless leaders are of course not lagging behind in this race to earn short lived
Sharif brothers are patronizing corrupt politics: Related articles: Ansar Abbasi appreciates Nawaz Sharif’s decision to part ways from PPP Rauf Klasra’s article on PML-N’s opportunistic politics PPP gains confidence, PML-N loses nerves March in March – by Ahsan Abbas Shah The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz headed
PPP gains confidence, PML-N loses its nerve: Related Article: Rauf Klasra’s article on PML-N’s opportunistic politics It seems fairly clear that Pakistan Muslim league and it’s leaders losing their nerve and Pakistan Peoples Party and it’s government gaining confidence as well as people’s support due to
ISI leaks to their media team: “Running short of Patsies; need more Raymond Davises” – by Azaad Mir: Related article: On the so called ISI-CIA rift on the Raymond Davis issue It seems that Aabpara and its media division (Geo, ARY, AAj etc) have realized that breaking the news of Raymond Davis being a CIA operative can
Rauf Klasra’s article on PML-N’s opportunistic politics: Here’s an excellent article by Rauf Klasra published in the ‘Daily Express’, that provides critical review on Pakistan Muslim league’s recent political move in Punjab, it’s chief boss Mian Nawaz Sharif’s opportunistic politics and undemocratic style of leadership. Mr.
Religious persecution threat high in Punjab: Analysts and officials said Punjab’s extreme poverty, as well as lack of education, makes people in the region more vulnerable to the lure of militancy. The militants in Punjab had a good infrastructure on the ground, with many organizations
The Khadim-e-Aaala of Punjab’s Aala kaam: According to Express Tribune, Punjab Chief Minister is bolstering the security of CM’s camp office in Raiwind in the wake of assassination of Salmaan Taseer. Off course, the Raiwind Camp Office is a privately owned residence of the Sharif
Sharifs using 248 Elite Force Personnel!:   Look at our Khadim-e-Aala and his use of Elite Force for himself and his family. According to a report in Express Tribune: Out of 67 vehicles, 20 vehicles are with the Sharifs. 248 elite personnel work for the
Wikileaks on Lashkar-e-Taiba: Pakistan Today Zardari revealed Sharif-Jihadi nexus to Patterson: Wikileaks Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) already knew about the United Nation sanctions after the Mumbai attacks through Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif who had advised them to withdraw their money from banks, President
Now the whole world demands: repeal Pakistan’s blasphemy law: The whole world  is deeply shocked and concerned over Asia Bibi’s death sentence for blasphemy, issued by a local court in Pakistan. Concerned citizens and human rights activists say the case of Asia Bibi – the first woman to
Good governance as they say?: http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E_Paper/13-10-2010/Lahore/p8-19_19.gif A small news in Nawai Waqt catches the eye. Off course, Jang and Geo will never talk about this.
Probe in Sialkot killings points finger at PML-N govt -by Irshad Salim: The ongoing investigation of the Sialkot brothers’ lynching in front of Rescue 1122 office has revealed that some police officials being named in the incident are not only pro- Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), but that their role was a contributing factor in
Punjab government is unable to implement the Protection bill; women still facing harassment despite legislation: A survey has found that crimes against Pakistani women are still continuing at workplaces, as the provincial government is unable to implement the Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2009. The survey found that there are still
Where is the Gojra report? – by Laila Ebadi: Pakistan has a history of compiling reports on controversial issues and then deciding not to make them public. An example is the Hamood ur Rehman Commission report which took 26 years to see the light of day. Another such
Politics of Sahibzada Fazle Karim: MNA Sahibzada Fazle Karim is a senior member of the PML-N and Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan (JUP). JUP is a traditional Barelvi political party, which is moderate in its thinking and is popular with traditional and folk Muslims in Pakistani villages in
11 simple question for the ISPR. Will it reply?: The Punjab government has submitted a 52 page report questioning the role of the army and intelligence agencies in the course of two specific terrorism cases on army personnel – the suicide attack on the Surgeon General of the
Deceiving public is a routine work of PML-N- by Amjad Rashid: There is no doubt that PML-N is the party of industrialists, business men, traders, middle men of Pakistani business economy and definitely extremists with no beard on their face. So it works for the sake of these people and
Punjab removes tax on luxury vehicles: Elitist mindset? – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Punjab government has decided to withdraw luxury vehicles tax in order to collect more revenue. The provincial Finance Minister, Tanvir Ashraf Kaira, observed the tax was planned to be levied on luxuries and the rich and the idea was
Dr Amna Buttar and Sherry Rehman object to Jamat-ul-Dawah funding by the Punjab government: Dr Amna Buttar and Sherry Rehman are amongst a few brave parliamentarians who have always  raised issues which are not normally raised in our parliament. Dr Buttar is the only parliamentarian  who has consistently raised the issues of (lack of)
I am a Sunni, a Shia and an Ahmadi – by H.A. Khan: Two days before as I opened the LUBP Blog to read its daily articles I felt so sad that again a worst wave of religious violence is repeating in our society to divide the society into religious classes and
Jamat-ud-Daawa receiving Rs 82 million from Punjab Government: Dawn has broken the news that Jamaat-ud-Daawa received more than Rs 82 million during 2009-10 from the Punjab Government in form of grants. Even though this is for sure condemnable, however, one has to understand that this may have
Cellular Governance in Jhang – by Qudrat Ullah: Pakistan is a victim of bad governance and corruption. Due to institutional decay and slackness of the top babus (bureaucrats), government infrastructure, especially in smaller districts and tehsils where gubernatorial feudal elite and corrupt officials often make lives of
Hate and horror in Lahore – by Irfan Hussain: Source: Dawn, 05 Jun, 2010 A day after the slaughter of nearly 100 Ahmadis in Lahore last week, Britain’s Channel 4 aired a programme on Iraq in its ‘Unreported World’ series. The narrator described the plight of the Christians and
Welcome to Pavlovia –Farrukh Khan Pitafi: When the court had ruled only to block one website, PTA’s decision to block a number of others was uncalled for and appeared symptomatic of a ‘holier than the Pope’ attitude Rome was not burnt in one day. Russian
Sasti Roti scheme caused irregular expenditure of Rs1bn – by Aftab Maken: Originally Published at THENEWS The much touted Sasti Roti (cheap bread) scheme of the Punjab’s `Khadim-e-Aala’ (chief minister) has caused irregular expenditure of Rs1.06 billion from the national kitty, reveals an audit report of the Director- General of Audit,
Punjab S&GA audit objects to Rs614m spending – by Aftab Maken: Originally Published at THENEWS! Auditor-General Punjab’s report questions purchase of 30 vehicles and sale of aircraft and spares ISLAMABAD: The audit report of the Services and General Administration Department (S&GA) of Punjab has raised objection on a sum of