Deceiving public is a routine work of PML-N- by Amjad Rashid

There is no doubt that PML-N is the party of industrialists, business men, traders, middle men of Pakistani business economy and definitely extremists with no beard on their face. So it works for the sake of these people and parties only. It uses the name of Muslim League but it has no contact with Muslim League which founded Pakistan. It is always the most trusted party of establishment & 3% resource occupying families in Pakistan. It always does the politics of Punjab because mostly establishment and upper class of Pakistan belongs to Punjab specially Lahore.

Now it is said that Lahore is the fort of PML-N but I wonder that who destructs his own fort, can survive? Surely the answer is no. But PML-N is surviving on the support of black money given by establishment & upper class.

The dog is the most faithful animal in the world. It has a nature that whenever it sits, it sweeps out the sitting area with its tail. It always tries to keep its own home clean and free of any disturbance. But it seems that PML-N is really worthless even than a dog as according to saying of Bullay Shah (the famous Punjabi poet).

Nawaz group claims that Lahore is the fort of PML-N, while the people of Lahore are abusing Nawaz + Shahbaz group because they are facing the worst conditions in the history of Lahore. We see posters of Lion (logo of PML-N), Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif & Hamza Shahbaz Sharif on almost every road, every street in the 2nd largest city of Pakistan but it is a mere acting nothing else. These posters demonstrate the double faces of these establishment men because millions of rupees have been wasted on these posters while the condition of the roads and streets reminds us the reigns of Mughal Emperors.

Vice president of Punjab section of PML-N, Mian Muhammad Afzal Khokhar is very famous in the area where he won the election of MNA, because after winning the election, he was not able to visit his area for a single time. The Lahore – Multan road, which is the most important road of Punjab, actively participating in the economy of Punjab & Pakistan, is in its worst condition in the history of Pakistan while Afzal Khokhar is enjoying in Islamabad. He is the owner of the business of billions rupees and MNA at this time, but is not aware of the condition of masses in his constituency. He has taken grant from National Assembly for the construction of Multan road still not a single rupee is spent.

This Lahore – Multan road connects Peshawar to Karachi but unfortunately this is the part of the fort of PML-N who are destructing their own fort. Only Afzal Market (the market of Afzal Khokhar MNA PML-N) is progressing day by day. The budget which Afzal Khokhar got for his constituency is spent on the renovation of his own market, we haven’t seen any other project in the constituency from the day he is elected till now.

The most prominent promise of Chief Minister Punjab to turn the Chief Minister’s House (built by former CM Punjab Ch. Parvez Elahi) in the university exclusive for women is forgotten like past. When I questioned about this promise from a close friend of Chief Minister, I was astonished to know that this promise was not fulfilled because the rooms of that chief minister house are very narrow, so it is impossible for Punjab government to turn this into a university for women. So the people living in the fort of PML-N are deprived of quality education specially women, only they are shown imaginative heavens by Nawaz group but practically, it exists nothing.

Another gift for the students living in fort of PML-N is that Punjab government allowed Educational Institutes to keep their own separate entry test & admission system. Now students applying in different Educational Institutes will have to submit thousands of fees in the name of entry tests & admission. The standard of Education will also increase from double face to multi face which will be very teasing for the people of Punjab.

The job seekers in different departments of Punjab, especially Punjab Police are compelled to give money for adopting any post. The merit system is almost finished in Punjab. The rates for doing job in Punjab police are:

For constable = 150,000 (Pakistani rupees).

For A.S.I = 500,000 (Pakistani rupees).

These rates are fixed with no concession and the money will have to be provided to corresponding Punjab government officers before the job & interview. These rates are very famous in Lahore and every kid of Lahore knows it.

These issues are only cream, while to check the whole milk, very long time is needed. Now it proves that the claim of PML-N that Lahore is its fort is totally wrong. Nawaz group is definitely deceiving people of Lahore and Punjab and almost all funds are being eaten by friends of Punjab government. There is only one place where the funds are being used honestly, which is Jati Umrah Raiwind.



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