I am a Sunni, a Shia and an Ahmadi – by H.A. Khan

Two days before as I opened the LUBP Blog to read its daily articles I felt so sad that again a worst wave of religious violence is repeating in our society to divide the society into religious classes and then provoke them in the name of religion.

This is a fruit of the worst dictator Zia-ul-haq which is still in the provoking aspect. Target killing of the innocent minorities (Shia, Ahmadi etc…) is in higher spirits and our Punjab Govt is just relax and happy as they are their friends and they know that if they will be taken to court then our Independent Judiciary in Lahore high court will take no time to give their release orders in their favour.

It’s indeed sad for me when I look that just for cartoons/caricatures our faith provoked us and we these so called Ulma of Islamism can block the streets with the slogans (Islam aur Rasool S.A.W.W par hamari jaan qurban) but they don’t have the spirit of faith to come and agitate on the innocent killings of innocent people. They are so rigid that they will never ever come on streets for the human beings but if they will know that at some place some pages of the Holy Book torn they will immediately come with their faith of Islam to protest but not in the case of the lost of innocent Human lives.

I still remember that in our Sunni homes lots of children had been told very earlier that look be aware as these (Shias and Ahmadis and other sects are not good people) so I always fell sad and I always declare that I belong to all religions and to all sects as I believe that the killing of any innocent irrespective of anything is a bloodiest crime and it should be taken and tackle with the iron hand.

In the end I will request the PPP Govt to take very strict and strong action against these so called Islamists and the rigid, Time has come to eradicate as Attaturk did it to refine our society and the state should also declare that there will be no particular religion of the State and all will be dealt equally without any kind Of discrimination.



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