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Remembering Ahmed Faraz: A Voice of Dissent – by Arjumand Ara: Kisi aur des ki or ko, suna hai Faraz chala gaya. sabhi dukh samet ke she’hr ke, sabhi qarz utaar ke she’hr ka. (They say that Faraz has left for some other land, Taking with him all the sorrows
Remembering the Visionary, the Poet Ahmad Faraz: Khwab martay nahi Khwab dil hein, na ankhein, na sanseiN ke jo Reza Reza huwe to bikher jaiN ge Jism kee maut se yeh bhee mar jaiN ge
Imran Khan ke naam – By Saifullah Saify: Source: Saifullah Saify
Daughter of The East (Tribute to Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto) – by Rida Haider: Benazir Bhutto wasn’t popular and loved by just Pakistanis but she owns a huge fan-list all around the world. People in every corner wept on her death. Here’s a poem written by supporter & lover of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed from
Festival of lamps: Mela Charagan Madhu Lal Hussain Urs Continued: The three-day annual urs celebrations of one of the greatest Punjabi Sufi poets, Hazrat Shah Hussain, commonly known as Madhu Lal Hussain, continued drawing thousands of devotees and enthusiasts from all over the country. Shah Hussain (1538–1599) was a
On the 100th birthday of Faiz, can we promise him? – by Naveed Ali: 13 February 2011 is Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s 100th birthday. A lot has been written on him and a lot will be written. Generations have been inspired by his words and he has been widely read in the world. We
Allama Iqbal, a genuine poet or preacher? – by Muhammad Asghar Butt: Allama Iqbal is neither a genuine poet nor a genuine philosopher but a genuine preacher of the Muslim World. Definition of a poet: A writer of poems. Definition of a poem: “A piece of creative writing in verse, esp
A flashback of the Benazir Murder – By Taha Kehar: On the evening of 27th December, 2007, we edged along the crowded Shahrah-e-Faisal in Karachi. A cold winter breeze drifted in from a car window that had been left open for ventilation. Air-conditioners were a redundant luxury now that
People’s Poet of Balochistan: Commemorating Mir Gul Khan Nasir: 5th December is the death anniversary of People’s Poet of Balochistan, Mir Gul Khan Nasir. He was a prominent progressive poet, politician, historian, and journalist of Balochistan, Pakistan. Born on 14 May 1914 in Noshki. His father’s name was
Iqbal’s notion of ‘khudi’: Related articles: Iqbal’s and Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan – Dr Javid Iqbal Allama Iqbal and Ahlul-Bayt Allama Iqbal, Bacha Khan and terrorists – by Suroosh Irfani اقبال کا تصور خودی اقبال کا پیغام یا فلسفہ حیات کیا ہے اگر
Iqbal’s vision: A guiding light for LUBP: نگاہ فقر ميں شان سکندري کيا ہے by Allama Muhammad Iqbal (Source: Bal-e-Jibril) نگاہ فقر ميں شان سکندري کيا ہے خراج کي جو گدا ہو ، وہ قيصري کيا ہے بتوں سے تجھ کو اميديں ، خدا سے نوميدي
Call to a nation: story of an old farmer affected by the flood in Pakistan – by Aymen Zaheer: Aymen Zaheer, a young poet, has written a poem “Call to a Nation” which depicts the voice of an old farmer who is affected by the flood in Pakistan. The farmer’s family was displaced by floods; they sit on
Its not just a poem but my heart’s voice for my fellow countrymen – by Ahsan Abbas Shah:
Poets and Hawks: On Pak India War Hysteria by Farooq Sulehria: Once again Pak India peace dialogue is underway, this time between the foreign ministers. Too much is posted and published on the various aspects of Paki India relations, basic issues, Kashmir conflicts, the newly hyped water conflict etc etc.
Would you permit me – by Nizar Kabbani: (this poem was originally shared on our forum by our esteemed contributor Javed Sheikh. You can join the discussion about it here) Would You Permit Me? نزار قباني Nizar Kabbani في بلاد يغتال فيها المفكرون، ويكفر الكاتب وتحرق الكتب،
Bulleh Shah (actually Sultan Bahu) in Germany – by Riaz Ahmed Syed: بلھے شاہ جرمنی میں ….سفارت نامہ…ریاض احمد سید محترمہ کی خواہش کے احترام میں نام نہیں لکھ رہا ،تاہم راقم انہیں پچھلی چار دہائیوں سے جانتا ہے۔ اندرون شہر صدیوں سے آباد خالص لاہوری خاندان کی یہ چشم و
A poem on President Asif Ali Zardari’s bravery and struggle – by Ahsan Abbas Shah: A tribute to the way President Zardari is fighting against terrorism and poverty in Pakistan. No one other than him can sever Pakistan better after BB’s assasination. Here is one of my poems to pay a tribute to the
hami qatl ho rahe hein, hami qatl kar rahe hein – by Obaidullah Aleem: By Abdul Nishapuri Here is a tribute to our Ahmadi brothers (and their families) who were mercilessly martyred yesterday (by the Punjabi Taliban / Sipah-e-Sahaba) while offering the Friday prayers in two mosques in Lahore. This poem was written
Salam Ay Zardari – by Ahsan Abbas Shah: Ahsan Abbas Shah’s poem in appreciation of the President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari:
Faiz on Iqbal – by Farooq Sulehria: Few students of Pakistani literature know that Faiz Ahmed Faiz translated Allama Iqbal’s Payam-e-Mashriq into Urdu. An equally little-known fact is Iqbal’s presence at the founding conference of the Progressive Writers Association. While Iqbal, being the national poet of
Bhuttos’ Rendezvous With Death: Shahnawaz, Benazir, Murtaza, Sanam, Nusrat and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in northern Pakistan I Have A Rendezvous With Death — by Alan Seeger I have a rendezvous with Death At some disputed barricade, When Spring comes back with rustling shade
Pakistan’s first ‘tarana’ by Jagan Nath Azad: Related post: Jagan Nath Azad did not write Pakistan’s first national anthem – by Dr Safdar Mehmood Cross Posted from Beena Sarwar’s Blog Complete version of the tarana by the Lahore-based poet Jagan Nath Azad, who was asked by
Nawaz Sharif ne apna zameer baich diya – by Ahsan Abbas Shah: نواز شریف نے اپنا ضمیر بیچ دِیا سید احسن عباس رضوی
A poem on Asif Ali Zardari – by Zufli: Poem Contributed by Ahsan Abbas Shah
A poem dedicated to all mullahs and Taliban apologists: فرض کر لو کہ ہم مسلماں ہیں یوں سمجھ لو کہ ظلِ یزداں ہیں ہم ہیں توحید اور رسالت مست اہلِ سُنت ہیں، اہلِ قرآں ہیں یہ نہ دیکھو کہ ہم حقیقت میں ننگِ دیں اور ننگِ ایماں ہیں
Farewell, Ajmal Khattak: September 15, 1925 – February 7, 2010 With the death of Ajmal Khattak, a renowned leftist-nationalist politician, poet and writer, another chapter in history has closed. Khattak was greatly influenced by Bacha Khan, the great Pakhtun nationalist leader and
Those last moments…… – by Saria Benazir: Blazes of fire, And high peaks, Oh my Lord!!! Deep seas, And heavy showers of rain, Dark black clouds, And still red drops of blood,
Enclosed in my heart – by Saria Benazir: Enclosed in my heart, Are a few words? Not merely words,
Benazir Bhutto – ik kaneez-e-karbala: Benazir Bhutto 21 June 1953 – 27 December 2007 بیاد بے نظیر بھٹو (کاوش: عبدل نیشاپوری) اک کنیز کربلا اور اک گروہ اشقیا اک گلوۓ بے خطا اورایک تیر حرملہ روشنی کے چارسو تھی ظلمت فکر ضیا٭ در پۓ
Ist December…..: I wrote this poem last year on the first anniversary of Bibi Shaheed. It was published on PTH on Bibi’s birthday and now on her 2nd death anniversary I am posting it here as my first post on LUBP.
Remembering Shaheed Benazir Bhutto: Contributed by: Ahsan Abbas Shah اُداس رات کے سینے سے ایک چیخ اُٹھی زمین کانپ گئی آسمان لرز گیا
Benazir Bhutto: Mein Baghi Hoon – I am a rebel: Benazir bhutto recited Dr. Khalid Javed Jan’s poem when she returned to Pakistan in 1986 when over a million people welcomed her in Lahore. The poem was written during General Zia’s tyranical rule. This particular clip is from the
Benazir Bhutto: Darte hain bandooqon walay – by Habib Jalib: Dartay hain bandooqon walay ek nehatti larki sayPhailay hain himmat kay ujalay ek nehatti larki sayDaray hooway hain maray hooway hain larzeeda larzeeda hainMulla, tajir, general jiyalay, ek nehatti larki say“Aazadi ki baat naa kar, logon say na mil”,
Taliban attack the tomb of Rahman Baba in Peshawar: William Dalrymple on the attack: Wahhabi radicals are determined to destroy a gentler, kinder Islam: General Zia’s Wahhabi legacy in Pakistan: In identifying General Zia-ul-Haq’s great dis-service to Islam and Pakistan, Green Sufi writes: “It is hard to say the General’s rule was a bed of roses for Islam. Some steps he took could
Remembering Wasif Ali Wasif: Wasif Ali Wasif (15 January 1929 – 18 January 1993) was a writer, poet and sufi from Pakistan who was famous for his unique literary style. He used to write short pieces of prose on topics such as life,
Remembering a true Sufi: Pir Naseeruddin of Golra Sharif: Pir Naseeruddin of Golra Sharif passes away Observer Report Islamabad—Sajjada Nasheen of Golra Sharif Pir Syed Naseeruddin Nasir died of heart attack in Islamabad Friday. He was fifty-nine years of age. Naseeruddin Gilani was true Ashaq-e-Rasool, spiritual leader, religious
A poem for Palestine: Seraphim weep as children die: (picture from Sunday Times, 28 Dec 2008) Israel yesterday (27 Dec 2008) launched its largest raid on Gaza with two waves of air attacks that killed at least 225 people and injured more
A poem for Benazir Bhutto – and some comments by ordinary Pakistanis: Benazir Bhutto (21 June 1953 – 27 December 2007)In MemoriamWe are prepared to risk our lives, But we are not prepared to surrender our great nation to the militants. – Benazir Bhutto Hideous serpents hissed and recoiled,Mesmerized by your
How can I shoot my brother in India? Remembering Shaikh Ayaz: Shaikh Ayaz (1923-1997) was one of the major Sindhi poets of Pakistan. He was one of very few brave writers who wrote against the tyrannical rulers of Pakistan and the wars they waged against their own