Remembering Wasif Ali Wasif

Wasif Ali Wasif (15 January 1929 – 18 January 1993) was a writer, poet and sufi from Pakistan who was famous for his unique literary style. He used to write short pieces of prose on topics such as life, fear, expectations, happiness, and so on. He was the regular columnist of Pakistan Urdu Newspaper Nawa-i-Waqt. In his life most of his columns were combined toform books with his own selected title. He wrote potems in Urdu and Punjabi language. He used to answer questions about Islam and tasawwuf in specially arranged gatherings at Lahore attended by the notable community. Some of these sessions were recorded in audio and were later published as Guftago (talk) series.Tair-e-Lahooti – Kalam of Wasif Ali Wasif – sung by Abida Perveen

طائرِ لاہوتی

میں نعرۂ مستانہ، میں شوخیِ رندانہ
میں تشنہ کہاں جاؤں، پی کر بھی کہاں جانا

میں طائرِ لاہوتی، میں جوہرِ ملکوتی
ناسوتی نے کب مجھ کو، اس حال میں پہچانا

میں سوز محبّت ہوں، میں ایک قیامت ہوں
میں اشکِ ندامت ہوں، میں گوہرِ یکدانہ

کس یاد کا صحرا ہوں، کس چشم کا دریا ہوں
خود طُور کا جلوہ ہوں، ہے شکل کلیمانہ

میں شمعِ فروزاں ہوں، میں آتشِ لرزاں ہوں
میں سوزشِ ہجراں ہوں، میں منزلِ پروانہ

میں حُسنِ مجسّم ہوں، میں گیسوئے برہم ہوں
میں پُھول ہوں شبنم ہوں، میں جلوۂ جانانہ

میں واصفِ بسمل ہوں، میں رونقِ محفل ہوں
اک ٹوٹا ہوا دل ہوں، میں شہر میں ویرانہ

شب چراغ – واصف علی واصف

Famous quotes of Wasif Ali Wasif:* When the eye becomes the heart, the heart becomes the eye
* The world is ancient, but it has not lost its newness
* Remove the conflict between your desires and your duties, peace will come
* Fortunate is the person who remains pleased with his fortune
* A more fearful thing than death is the fear of death
* We earn to live but we live to earn.
* When the child is ill, the mother will know how to pray.
* If the roof begins to fall; flee but if the heavens are falling! Stay on!
* Some are dead in life and some are alive in death.
* He who has no light in his heart, what will he gain from the festival of lamps
* If you want to live long then die for nation and Islam
* He who survives dying dies after survive


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