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Dagestani jihadist group issues statement on Boston bombings – by Thomas Joscelyn: Vilayat Dagestan, a jihadist group that is part of the Caucasus Emirate, an al Qaeda-linked group operating in the North Caucasus, has issued a statement on the Boston Marathon bombings. The group released the statement on its main website
بوسٹن دھماکے، سعودی وہابی دیوبندی دہشت گردی اور عالمی امن – از حق گو: بوسٹن بمبنگ کے حوالے سے ہدایت ٹی وی پر نشر ہونے والے ایک شو میں بردار حیدر زیدی کے ساتھ بردار علی ناطق اور علی تاج کی گفتگو کا لب لباب یا خلاصہ پیش خدمت ہے بردار حیدر زیدی
بوسٹن بم دھماکوں کے مجرم چیچن دہشتگرد وہابی نظریات سے متاثر تھے – بی بی سی رپورٹ: ’تیمرلان وہابی مکتبہ فکر کی جانب راغب ہوگیا تھا‘ آخری وقت اشاعت: اتوار 21 اپريل 2013 امریکی شہر بوسٹن میں دھماکوں میں مبینہ طور پر ملوث ہونے والے بھائیوں کے گھر والوں نے بی بی سی کو بتایا کہ
تکفیری دیوبندی و سلفی دہشتگردی اور سعودی عرب – چولی دامن کا ساتھ – از حق گو: پاکستان، شام، عراق ، بحرین ، اور افغانستان کے بعد تکفیری دیوبندی دہشت گردوں کی دہشت گردی بوسٹن امریکا بھی پہنچ گیی ، حالیہ بم دھماکوں میں ملوث افراد گو کہ چیچن ہیں مگر ان کا سلفی وہابی عقیدے
Stop the Wahhabi Deobandi hate to prevent Boston type attacks – by Rusty Walker: In the U.S we have become insulated against uncomfortable truths in the effort to be politically correct. We want so badly to not appear Islamophobic, that the Islamofascist have free reign in this country.  The Chechens involved in the
Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi-Deobandi terrorists from Chechnya chief suspects in Boston bombing: Related posts: Boston bombing suspect ordered deported after Obama meets with Saudi minister http://fb.me/2sA8K9kAf Exposed: Links between Deobandi militants of Sipah Sahaba Pakistan and Uzbek militants It has unfortunately become clear that two Chechan Salafi-Wahabi Muslims are the prime
Saudi funding and radicalization (Wahhabisation) in N. America and Europe: It has been proven beyond a shadow of doubt the a vast majority of terrorists acts in the world can be attributed to Wahhabi Salfists terrorists, in Pakistan they are called Takfiri Deobandis. Not all Wahhabis/Salafis are terrorists but the data
Boston marathon bombings remind us of previous massacres of sportsmen by Deobandi-Wahhabi militants: 2013, April 15, Boston, USA: Massacre of American sportsmen Two large explosions at the final stretch of the Boston Marathon killed at least three people and injured more than 100, sending a pall of smoke over the area and
LUBP condemns the cowardly terrorist attacks on Boston marathon and stands in solidarity with the victims: LUBP unequivocally condemns the horrific bomb blasts that have left three people killed and over 98 injured in Boston (based on news reports like this http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2013/04/15/177349725/two-explosions-rock-boston-marathon-finish-line-at-least-3-dead-dozens-injured) As a blogzine that focuses primarily on Pakistan, we are all too familiar
Quilliam and other analysts are downplaying Saudi-funded Salafists’ role in US Ambassador’s murder in Libya: Related post: How should Muslims respond to the hateful movie “Innocence of Muslims”? – by Mahdi Baloch Imagine if that had happened in Syria, or with a visiting US diplomat to Iran, Pentagon-based revenge already would be in effect
How likely is it that a Muslim would turn into a Salafi or Deobandi extremist or terrorist? A Pakistani checklist: Related posts: Pakistan’s Most Wanted Terrorists: Leaders, inciters and executioners Names and pictures of Wahhabi Deobandi terrorists responsible for global terrorism since 9/11 Ulma-e-Deoband and My Bit for Change: Two websites producing Wahhabi and Deobandi Jihadists in the West
Saudi-funded TV channels continue to radicalize Muslim youth: With billions of petro dollars to fund their global clout, the Saudi lobbies have simply brought off opposition to their continued efforts to spread Wahabism worldwide.  In failing to confront Wahabism, North America and Europe remain paralysed by a combination
British Secular Muslims welcome ban on hate preacher Zakir Naik: Related article: Zakir Naik: Muslim preacher of hate – by David Leppard The majority of Pakistani, Indian and other Muslims living in the UK have welcomed the UK government’s ban on hate preacher Dr Zakir Naik’s entry to the
Islam, a religion of peace, hijacked by the violent children of Sayyid Qutb – by Fouad Ajami: Islam’s Nowhere Men Millions like Faisal Shahzad are unsettled by a modern world they can neither master nor reject. By FOUAD AJAMI ‘A Muslim has no nationality except his belief,” the intellectual godfather of the Islamists, Egyptian Sayyid Qutb,