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Karachi, Fire Rages On – by Saif Ali Azad: Karachi, the unfortunate city is once again burning; the current wave of bloodshed, target killing and terror rattled the city once again. It is presenting like wore torn city, bullet riddled bodies, corpses, fire engulfed vehicles, buses and buildings.
Bloodshed in Karachi – by Ahsan Abbas Shah:
Yellow Cab – by Ahmed Mughal:
Sparking Terrorism – by Syed M. Raza: Since 2004 Pakistan has faced the largest number of Suicide bombings in almost all major cities of Pakistan. Yesterday I was reading an article on daily metro published from London, in which there was some news about Inter faith
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America’s Friendship and Pakistan’s Limited Options for Survival – by Ammar Kazmi: Quite recently, Hillary Clinton has visited to revamp the bonds of friendship between Pakistan and America, but the fact of the matter is that this so called friendship is based on lust, power hunger and conspiracies. Subsequently, bears no
Musharraf’s newly born Puppy:
“Wahid Hul” – by Allama Rai Muzammil Hussain:
Do you endorse military courts for terrorists? – by Ammar Kazmi: Army, Police & Others have arrested 2500 (khudkush) suicide bombers but there is no one who can dare to trial them! Some judges are scared & some are in their favour. Finally they all will be released due to
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A Legendary Politician: R.I.P Hakim Ali Zardari – by Ahsan Abbas Shah:
Judiciary’s confrontation with democracy – by Chitaan Janjal: With the entrance of Asif Ali Zardari to corridors of Powers, all the hell broke loose. Establishment is annoyed, right wing political parties are in ire and Media is blowing fire against him. The remaining deficiency is bridged up
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Alone ZARDARI But So Many Enemies – by Chittan Janjal: As an impartial observer, I tend to feel sorry for many of those fellow countrymen, who are trapped in a sort of phobia—the Zardari phobia— and the most unfortunate thing is that there does not seem to be any
Are we building abusive Pakistan? – by Ahsan Abbas Shah:
Pakistan government on Hajj scandal – by Ahsan Abbas Shah:
Shahbaz Bhatti martyred by extremist Deobandis – by Amjad Rashid: When I was teaching in my school, I heard a loud voice of a student behind me in the usual noise of students in the class: “Sir, another PPP minister killed today”. It is now a days very common
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