Shahbaz Bhatti martyred by extremist Deobandis – by Amjad Rashid

When I was teaching in my school, I heard a loud voice of a student behind me in the usual noise of students in the class: “Sir, another PPP minister killed today”. It is now a days very common for a supporter of PPP to receive humorous and funny comments from any one in the public about PPP (even if the supporter happens to be a teacher, he or she is likely to receive critical comments from his or her students). So I thought it was just a joke or hoax SMS statement of the student to disturb my attention from the Mathematics Test.

I remained whole day in that school, then I went to another teaching assignment. I received same comments from there too. Then I went ahead to my university where I am myself studying a Masters course, and it was strange to hear the same comment from a class fellow. I was still thinking that all this is the stupid routine as in Lahore, the Nawaz Sharif supporters usually enjoy by teasing PPP supporters.

As per my routine, when I returned 11 at night at home, I was shocked to see the strip on every news channel that the Minister for Minorities, Shahbaz Bhatti, had been killed by terrorists in Islamabad today morning. Then I realized what I thought as stupid comments whole day were actually not just comments, but a true story. I was deeply shocked to hear the news and I was surprised, that like Salman Taseer, the murder place of Shahbaz Bhatti was also Islamabad.

I guessed that it would be another “Qadri” or “Attari” accepting the responsibility of the murder and giving himself in the custody of police by declaring him as Ghazi. But It was another surprise to know that “Tehreek-e-Taliban Punjab” has accepted the responsibility of themurder and declared that all sinful persons included in “Toheen-e-Risalat” would be punished in same way if they don’t take back their stance. My mind got the sketch of the whole planning because now there was no Qadri to surrender, but the terrorists had run from the spot.

The murder of Shahbaz Bhatti has proved that my opinions were right about the Taliban Deobandi extremists and terrorists. I am not against the religious education of Deoband sect at all, but it is the fact that a majority of terrorists belong to the Deobandi sect, or at least they use the Deobandi label. So this time, no Mumtaz Qadri was found as a “showing doll”, so the Deobandi extremists did the trick themselves. My opinion was that Mumtaz Qadri is not a Barelvi, or at least he is not a Qadri because Punjabi Taliban used him, as they were the real mastermind of the Salman Taseer’s murder in Islamabad.

The terrorists are using religion for their jihadi and sectarian agenda, and the “half literate followers” are thinking that these are soldiers fighting for the respect of the prophet (S.A.W.W). They are showing the world that according to their concepts, Islam is indeed a religion based on fight, self liking and terrorism. These people want to make Pakistan, the Talbanistan, that’s why they use different faces against the moderate community of Pakistan but the back face is the same.

Now it is the responsibility of our public to understand the mission and agenda of these terrorists. Christians are also Pakistanis, this thing must be realized and respected by all of us. It is included in a Muslim’s faith that he should accept previous three holy books and all prophets including Jesus (A.s). So please understand that Christians are our brothers, indeed the person having any religion but accepting the one God and obtaining good moral values is real Muslim in Sufism thoughts. Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and all others are generation of one Adam & Eve. Not any prophet in the world ever tried to spread his separate religion from other prophet, the message of every prophet was the same and the religion was also the same. It is human’s fault that we are divided into religions on wrong basis.

I request these “half literate Muslims” to please read Torah, Zaboor, Bible and then Quran, so that they might understand that although books are four, but the message is the same in each book. Islam means “safety from every evil”, and the follower of any religion but with good character is indeed the follower of Islam. We have to unite all for fighting against terrorism. May the soul of late Shahbaz Bhatti rest in heavens!

Video: Rally and protest against the killing of Shahbaz Bhatti on 3 March 2011

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  1. ‘Another blasphemer’ gunned down By Mohammad Asghar | From the Newspaper (9 hours ago) Today
    According to police, Mohammad Imran was sitting at a shop near a bus stand in Danda village when three masked gunmen attacked him. — File Photo

    RAWALPINDI: Only two days after the assassination of Minorities Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti in broad daylight, a poor man who had been accused in a blasphemy case and released last year, was gunned down on the outskirts of the city on Friday.

    According to police, Mohammad Imran, who was released along with his friend Sajid Mehmood on Feb 13 last year, was sitting at a shop near a bus stand in Danda village when three masked gunmen attacked him.

    Sub-inspector Mehmood Ahmed, who heads the team investigating the murder, said that two of the attackers entered the shop owned by one Abdul Rehman, while the third stayed outside. “After spotting their target they opened fire, killing Imran on the spot and escaped,” he added.

    Mohammad Akram, an elder brother of Imran, in his complaint suspected that Imdad Hussain, son of Altaf Hussain, of Ckak Baili, was behind the murder. Dawn

    However, police have so far made no arrest. Akram told that the attackers were those who had sent his brother to jail in a concocted case. He was released after the prosecution had failed to produce any witness in the court.

    Mr Akram said his brother`s rivals had filed in the Rawalpindi bench of Lahore High Court a petition challenging his release.

    He said that Imran had a wife and a little daughter and had been facing financial problems since he was involved in the case.

    Imran and Mehmood were booked by police in a blasphemy case in April 2009 on a complaint lodged by one Asif Fareed who had accused them of passing `insulting` remarks against the holy prophet (PBUH) during a discussion at a village café.

  2. Malik, Sherry, Fouzia on top of TTP hit list: NA told
    ISLAMABAD, Mar 4 (APP): Interior Minister Rehman Malik Friday said he himself was on top of the hit list of banned outfit “Tehrik-e-Taliban” while Sherry Rehman and Fouzia Wahab follow him in their list.“I am at number one, Sherry is at number two and Fouzia Wahab is at number three. Next time you may not find me here,” he said while winding up debate in National Assembly on assassination of Minister for Minorities Affairs Shahbaz Bhatti.He called for forging unity to protect the future of coming generations and achieving lasting peace and prosperity in the country.
    “Security and foreign policy are the two issues on which we need to be united than anything else. If you would not join hands today, you would have Taliban and extremists here,” he said.

  3. TALIBAN extremists claimed responsibility for the brutal murder of Pakistan’s Minority Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti yesterday morning, in the second political assassination linked to controversial blasphemy laws.

    Mr Bhatti, the country’s only Christian federal cabinet minister, was gunned down as he was being driven to work through the capital Islamabad yesterday morning and died on the way to hospital.

    Hours after his death, the BBC uploaded a video recorded just weeks earlier by the outspoken moderate in which he predicted his own assassination.

    In the video, Mr Bhatti, 42, says al-Qa’ida and Taliban militants want him dead because of his stand against the country’s blasphemy laws. “They want to impose their radical philosophy in Pakistan. I am leading this campaign against sharia law and for the abolishment of the blasphemy law and speaking for the rights of the oppressed and marginalised, persecuted Christians and other minorities,” he says. “I will die to defend their rights.”

    Mr Bhatti had championed the cause of downtrodden religious minorities in the Islamic nation, but it was his outspoken opposition to the death sentence given to Christian woman Aasia Bibi last year for blasphemy that is believed to have sealed his fate.

    His attackers reportedly left leaflets at the site saying they had acted in the name of al-Qa’ida and Tehrik-e-Taliban Punjab, a branch of Pakistan’s home-grown terror network.

    Tehrik-e-Taliban (Pakistan) deputy spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan claimed responsibility for the attack, telling the BBC: “This man was a known blasphemer of the Prophet (Muhammad). We will continue to target all those who speak against the law, which punishes those who insult the prophet. Their fate will be the same.”

    Television footage showed more than a dozen bullet holes in the left passenger window and door of Mr Bhatti’s black Toyota sedan after at least three gunmen opened fire in broad daylight in an ambush on suburban street.

    President Asif Ali Zardari yesterday condemned the killing and a spokesman later described it as a “concerted campaign to slaughter every liberal, progressive and humanist voice in Pakistan”.

    “The time has come for the federal government and provincial governments to speak out and to take a strong stand against these murderers to save the very essence of Pakistan,” he said.

  4. اپنے ہی دیس میں پرائے: بش فیصل آباد

    علی سلمان
    بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، لاہور

    پاکستان کے مقتول وفاقی وزیر برائے اقلیتی امور شہباز بھٹی کو ان کے آبائی گاؤں خوشی پور میں ایک صدی پرانے مسیحی قبرستان میں سپرد خاک کر دیا گیا لیکن ان کی تدفین سے پہلے ہزاروں مسیحی سوگواروں نے وزیر اعلی پنجاب شہباز شریف اور توہین رسالت سے متعلق قانون کے غلط استعمال کے خلاف نعرے بازی کی۔

    دوروز پہلے اسلام آباد میں قتل ہونے والے وفاقی وزیر شہباز بھٹی کی میت ہیلی کاپٹر میں فیصل آباد سے کوئی تیس میل دور مسیحی اکثریتی گاؤں خوشی پور لے جائی گئی۔

    ملک بھر سے مسیحی وہاں صبح سے ہی جمع ہونا شروع ہوگئے تھے ہیلی پیڈ پر گورنر پنجاب لطیف کھوسہ اور پیپلز پارٹی کے بعض اراکین صوبائی اسمبلی پہنچے اور میت کو اتار کر ایمبولینس میں لایا گیا۔

    مسیحی نہ گستاخ رسول ہیں اور نہ کبھی ایسا کرنا چاہتے ہیں لیکن ظلم یہ ہے کہ جب کسی پر یہ الزام لگا دیاجائے تو اسے اپنی بے گناہی ثابت کرنے کے لیے عدالت تک نہیں پہنچنے دیا جاتا اور اگر عدالت اسے بے گناہ ثابت کردے تو پھر اسے پورے ملک میں سر چھپانے کو جگہ نہیں ملتی۔‘
    بشپ آف فیصل آباد
    نوجوانوں کی ایک ٹولی نے ماتم شروع کیا اور ہزاروں سوگواروں کے گھیرے میں ایمبولینس جوں کی رفتار سے رینگتی ہوئی گاؤں کے قلب میں واقع شہباز بھٹی کے گھر کی جانب روانہ ہوئی جہاں مسیحی افراد کی ایک بڑی تعداد نعرے بازی کر رہی تھی۔

    شہباز شریف مردہ باد کے نعروں کے علاوہ توہین رسالت سے متعلق پی پی سی کی شق دو سو پچانوے سی اور بی کے خلاف بھی نعرے لگائے گئے،ایک نعرہ تھی’ یہ سی یاں بیاں نا منظور‘۔ نعروں میں شہباز بھٹی کے علاوہ پنجاب کے مقتول گورنر سلمان تاثیر کو بھی خراج تحسین پیش کیا گیا۔

    پورے گاؤں میں تقریباً تمام گھروں پر کالے ماتمی جھنڈے لہرا رہےتھے جبکہ شہباز بھٹی کے گھر کے صحن میں عورتیں ان کے میت کو اٹھانے والی چارپائی کے گرد بیٹھی میت کے انتظار میں رو رہی تھیں۔ شہباز بھٹی کا تابوت آنے سے پہلے ان کی والدہ اپنے دو بیٹوں کے ساتھ ایک کار میں گھر پہنچی وہ شدت غم سے اتنی نڈھال تھیں کہ ان سے چلا نہیں جا رہا تھا۔

    اگر قاتلوں کو جنت ملتی ہے تو ایسی جنت کا کیا فائدہ جہاں خونی درندے اور قاتل پائے جاتے ہوں۔
    بشپ آف فیصل آباد
    انہیں کمرے میں لٹا دیا گیا اور وہ آخری رسومات میں بھی شرکت نہ کرسکیں۔سفید پھولوں سے سجا تابوت گاؤں کے سینٹ ڈومینک گرلز ہائی سکول کے وسیع احاطے میں لے جایا گیا جو مرد عورتوں بوڑھے بچے مسیحی سوگواروں سے بھرا ہوا تھا۔ان میں مقامی افراد کے علاوہ ملک بھر سے آئے لوگ شامل تھے۔

    ان کے تایا زاد بھائی ماسٹر عقیل نے بتایاکہ صرف ڈیڑھ مہینے پہلے اپنے والد کی موت کی رسومات کے موقع پر شہباز بھٹی نے کہا تھا کہ وہ بہت جلد قتل کردیئے جائیں گے اور ان کی خواہش ہے کہ ان کی آخری رسومات بھی سینٹ فیدیلیس چرچ میں ادا کی جائیں۔

    یہ چرچ اس احاطے کے سامنے ہے جہاں شہباز بھٹی کی آخری رسومات ادا کی گئیں لیکن ان کے سوگواروں کی تعداد اتنی زیادہ تھی کہ ان کی میت کو چرچ کے اندر نہ لے جایا جاسکا۔

    یہ چرچ سنہ انیس سو ایک میں بیلجیئم سے تعلق رکھنے والے کیتھولک مسیحیوں نے تعمیر کیا تھا اور مقامی لوگوں کے مطابق اس زمانے میں سو مربع زمین مقامی مسیحیوں میں بانٹی گئی جو اب اس کا ایک چوتھائی بھی نہیں رہ گئی۔

    شہباز بھٹی کی آخری رسومات کےلیے پاکستان کے مختلف علاقوں سے چار بشپ صاحبان سمیت پادریوں کی بڑی تعداد موجود تھی۔بائیبل کی تلاوت کی گئی اور حمد گائی گئی۔

    بشپ صاحبان نے جذباتی تقاریر کیں۔بشپ آف لاہور الیگزنڈر جان ملک نے کہا ہے جو لوگ شہباز بھٹی کے قتل کو سیاسی رنگ دینا چاہتے ہیں وہ حقیقت سے نظریں چرا رہے ہیں۔حقیقت یہ ہے کہ ملک میں انتہا پسندی زوروں پر ہے اور پاکستان اقلیتوں کو تحفظ دینے میں ناکام ہوچکاہے۔

    بشپ آف فیصل آباد جوزف کوٹس نے کہا کہ اگر قاتلوں کو جنت ملتی ہے تو ایسی جنت کا کیا فائدہ جہاں خونی درندے اور قاتل پائے جاتے ہوں۔ خداکا کوئی نبی کسی خونی درندے کی پشت پناہی نہیں کرسکتا تو پھر ایسے لوگوں کو پھولوں کا ہار کیوں پہنایاجاتا ہے جو کسی کی زندگی چھین لیتے ہیں۔

    انہوں نے کہا کہ جس سماج میں سوال اٹھانے کی اجازت نہیں وہ سماج مردہ ہے۔جس معاشرے سے برداشت اور معافی کوچ کرجاتی ہے اس کی حالت اس گدھ کی مانند ہوجاتی ہے جو مردار کھاتا ہے۔

    انہوں نے کہا کہ’ مسیحی نہ گستاخ رسول ہیں اور نہ کبھی ایسا کرنا چاہتے ہیں لیکن ظلم یہ ہے کہ جب کسی پر یہ الزام لگا دیاجائے تو اسے اپنی بے گناہی ثابت کرنے کے لیے عدالت تک نہیں پہنچنے دیا جاتا اور اگر عدالت اسے بے گناہ ثابت کردے تو پھر اسے پورے ملک میں سر چھپانے کو جگہ نہیں ملتی۔‘

    بشپ نے کہا کہ ’ہم اپنے ہی دیس میں پرائے ہوجاتے ہیں،ہم پر زندگی کا ہر دروازہ بند کردیا جاتا ہے۔کوئی دلیل سننے کو تیار ہوتا ہے نہ بے گناہ ماننے پر آمادہ ہوتا ہے۔‘

  5. In my opinion, those who genuinely feel that they are the next targets must immediately mobilize and push for the repeal of blasphemy laws and get it abolished immediately. Let the murderers and their backers understand the people’s power.


  7. Minister Shahbaz Bhatti’s assassination is further proof of the brazen confidence with which extremists kill our leaders. The assassination of the Governor of Punjab, Salmaan Taseer, should have awakened us to the fact that we are now fighting for our country. The brutal killing of Minister Bhatti must remind us that we can never go back to sleep. “This is the horrible fate of this cursed person,” read the leaflet the murders left on the scene. Exactly what was his crime, one wonders bitterly. Was it that he was a Christian? Was it that he worked tirelessly to protect the minorities of our homeland? Was it that he devoted his career to honoring the white stripe on our flag? Yes to all the above.

  8. Shahbaz Bhatti is Shahheed we Slute Him, another Bhutto is marterd. i request to the Govt to burry him in Larkana, besides wid SHaeeds,

    MAA ki GOAD SAY Lay Ka MOOT Tuk
    Banazir Banazir

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  21. Setting up an account may be easy, but managing one is expensive. Following the law requires a team of lawyers and accountants to carefully monitor tax laws in dozens of countries and maintain accounts that stay on the safe side of confusing rules. It’s not really worth the cost for anyone other than wealthy investors looking to put aside money, tax-free, for future generations. Or for large multinationals who prefer to centralize their global cash-flow stream in a place that doesn’t tax corporations or require a lot of financial reporting. Why would a huge company like G.E. want to pay U.S. taxes every time its Spanish subsidiary sells parts to a company in Belarus when it could avoid them by incorporating offshore?

  22. Minnesota, MLB, Such a balanced attack, and with the Bombers coming up in two weeks,We all love the holiday season but it sure can be distracting for the players thinking about family and friends. 1. but the virtual construction video game seems to hold a particular fascination for kids. Status and Attention. [mp3 file: runs 00:54:01]Crazy Busy! the world of psychology more or less agreed that here wasn’t much going on in the moral lives of infants.

  23. I’m clearly a fan of bucket lists but I understand that they’re not for everyone. I wonder whether they create too much pressure to try to cram in everything? Psychotherapist Philippa Perry is worried that some people may have one for the wrong reasons.

  24. As a biofuel, butanol is better to ethanol (commonly produced from corn because it can readily fuel existing motor vehicles without any modifications to the engine. It also can be transported through existing fuel pipelines, is less corrosive and contains more energy than ethanol. Plus, when produced in this manner, it uses waste products such as newspaper, whereas ethanol is often produced from food sources, creating social, environmental and land-use conflicts.

  25. In 2012 when Colorado and Washington were set to vote on legalizing marijuana the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness estimated that if the measure passed in only one state it would result in an annual loss to the drug trafficking organizations of $1.4 billion.

  26. So our suggestion now is that he follow through on his pledge to improve his temperament. Dallas County Democrats should give him that chance in the March primary; Lowy is a clear choice over Staci Williams, 54,Michael Kors Outlet, a former Dallas municipal judge. The winner faces no GOP opposition in November.

  27. The report sets out four scenarios as to future growth and says that the above can only be achieved with the correct investment in grid, port facilities and skills. Failure to do so could lead to the creation of only 900 jobs.

  28. However, the Obama administration has 20 days to respond.A US couple neglected their child to the point where it almost starved to death, as they chose to live a fantasy life in an online virtual world.

  29. Earlier in the evening, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, who headed the Romney effort in that key swing state, tried to bolster confidence in the crowd as they worried over early results.

  30. he has 10 goals in 20 games, 550 and 575 plate appearances. ”I had to rely on myself a lot more as far as what I was doing at the plate. perceptual, Published by Princeton University Press. But the Jazz are as healthy as they have been all season and improving in a season they deemed as a development campaign last summer. Brandon Knight finally converted a 3-pointer in the third quarter. we’d want to hear from you. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but I’m not from Glee team or anything.

  31. The five-phase 2009 vote took about a month – this time there are almost double the stages but the process will not take that much longer. The higher number of phases is explained mainly by polling in 18 seats in smaller north-eastern states being staggered across three voting days because of “administrative reasons”.

  32. If you stay for a weekend, take a peek at the hotel’s Grand Ballroom. With sweeping draperies, gilded trim and mint-hued wall details, plus multiple gleaming crystal chandeliers, it’s as though you’re stepping right back into the ’30s.

  33. Pada suatu hari,aku berasa sedih dan kecewa kerana aku baru mengetahui yang pelatih itu sebenarnya menyukai kawan aku.Tambahan aku rapat dengan kawan itu.Aku hanya menerima perkara dengan hati yang kecewa tetapi aku tidak pernah membenci kawanku itu kerana dia sangat baik terhadap aku.Semakin lama,pelatih itu semakin menunjukkan yang dia meminati kawanku itu.Aku pula tidak dapat menahan diri dari terpandang dia kerana dia mengingatkan aku kepada saudaraku.Semakin lama aku pandangnya,semakin aku rasa suka kepadanya.Dia pula selalu memandang ke arah kawanku itu tetapi kawanku itu tidak menyukai dia.Kawanku itu berusaha untuk menjauhkan diri daripada dia.