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Pakistan: A Brighter Future?: Pakistanis tend to be dreamy romanticists. Our favorite dream relates to the sudden emergence of a knight in shining armor from heavens to rescue everyone through able governance. Unfortunately, this is a pipe-dream, for leaders emerge from within societies,
Anjum Aqeel’s Escape and PML-N’s media spin: PML-N’s MNA, Anjum Aqeel Khan yesterday made a dramatic escape from policy custody with due support of his PML-N workers. Though the action has been “condemned” by the PML-N leadership, but the spin given by Rana Sanaullah, Pervaiz Rasheed,
What would Edhi sahib do? By- Dr. Shazia Nawaz: Yes, just as here in USA you would ask before doing something, “what would Jesus do?” There in Pakistan we ask, “what would Edhi sahib do?”  He is our Jesus (Masiha), so, it is not surprising that someone in
Misuse of Pakistan’s PhD Grants in US and Canada: Editor’s Note: We thank the author, a US national, of this article for providing us this valuable information. Pakistan’s government seems to be unaware of how its taxpayer’s money is being abused in foreign land. Grants worth millions intended
Cleansing our Army – by Adnan Asghar:
شرم تم کو میاں مگر نہیں آتی – by Dr. Shazia Nawaz: اپنا (APPNA) پاکستانی doctors جو امریکا میں رہتے ہیں ان کی تنظیم ہے. ہم لوگ ہر سال اپنا کی میٹنگ کرتے ہیں جس میں ہم لوگ پاکستانی صحافی اور سیاست دانوں کو بھی بلاتے ہیں. ان کو بلانے کا مقصد کبھی تو خیالات
Toilet Reporting by Jang Group – By Shahid Saeed: To call Jang’s publications and its employed journalists as a group of desperate and ghatia people would be an understatement. In today’s (6th July, 2011), the lowest level of reporting can be seen from a newsgroup which is a
Pakistan: A Hardy Country – By Niaz Murtaza:   A recent book on Pakistan calls it a hard country, which it is. However, a better characterization is that it is a hardy country, able to withstand massive shocks simultaneously without collapsing completely. Since 2006, Pakistan has experienced
KSE, not as impressive as it looks: Numbers don’t lie, or do they? – by Ali Wahab: Source: Express Tribune, July 4, 2011 With fiscal year 2011 ending, Pakistan’s main stock index, the KSE-100 Index showed impressive growth of 28.53%, closing at 12,496 points. The other component of capital markets, the debt side, saw Engro Corporation breaking
Imran Khan Fan Club Gets Necessary Thrust – Welcome Dr. Adil Najam: Dr. Adil Najam has been appointed as Vice Chancellor of Lahore University of Management Sciences. We congratulate him on his appointment. His appointment will usher a new era for Imran Khan’s support base (also called grass roots) in the
Is Pakistan “more shameless” than the US? – by B. R. GOWANI: The author Christopher Hitchens, a former leftist turned US patriot, in an article in the July issue of the Vanity Fair, blasts Pakistan for the various ills bedeviling that country. Another of his point is that Pakistan is extracting
Sadqay on Kamran Khan & Geo’s Innocence – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi:   Kamran Khan, Geo TV’s ace anchor having his show named after him, “Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath” is known for his end of times scenario build ups related to the PPP government’s demise. Starting from corruption stories to
Pakistan – A National Identity Crisis – By Hammad Khan: Many forms of government have been tried and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all wise. Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form
MQM Leaves Government Yet Again:   Related Article: The Pseudo-liberals strike back Muttahida Qaumi Movement has announced, yet again, that it is leaving the Federal Government, Provincial Government and the coveted position of Governor Sindh. This time the announced reason for parting ways has
Wikileaks – President Zardari, Iran and US Pressure: Related Articles: Shahbaz Sharif was willing to remove CJP after restoration General Kayani wanted more US drone strikes in Pakistan US blames Jang Group of publishing ‘false, inflammatory’ stories  I have been meaning to write on the recent Wikileaks
Political Supreme Court gets a taste of Awami backlash! Man tries to self-immolate in Court Premises:  The supreme court of Pakistan which has increasingly become a Supreme League of Pakistan – Chaudhry wing over the last few years got a taste of “awami” backlash when a person who has been visiting the Supreme Court
What an egomaniac our CJP is! Appoints same judges as Commission heads!: To say our Chief Justice, Iftikhar Chaudhry is an egomaniac would be an understatement. While he remains trigger happy to humiliate the sitting government over one thing after another, either through his suo-moto notices or through his “spokesmen” in
Benazir Bhutto – A shining example for the younger generation- By A.L:   21st June is one of the longest day of the year. It is also that day of the year when a great leader of Pakistan was born 58 years ago. Benazir Bhutto was a brave and dauntless leader.
Missing Daniel Pearl – Jang Group’s dirty role: While our entire nation reels under the influence of extremism, with no one’s life safe, our journalists have been at the receiving end of targeted killings and terrorism like all of us. With the mushrooming of electronic media in
The Good Old Days of Fatwas and Anita Ayub – by Dr. Shazia Nawaz:       I was reading an article the other day in which a female writer explains that how women too are going to get male virgins in heaven. While I found the article interesting and entertaining, it reminded
Poem in honor of Taliban Khan and Taliban – by Junaid Orakzai: جرات کی بات کہو، تم سب جئے عمران کہو جئے ملا کا جھاد، جئے القاعدہ، جئے طالبان کہو کیا کہنے ہوں گے، جب شراب کر دیں گے حلال کون ہو گاپھر شریعت سے پریشان ،کہو؟ وہ ہیں اتحادی ہمارے
Budget illiteracy – by Aakar Patel: Related Articles: Budget coverage misses the mark: What on earth is ‘relief’? – By Farooq Tirmizi In a very good roundup of how budgets are reported in Pakistan, Aakar Patel has rounded up how people who do not understand
Thank you, judiciary, for releasing the notorious target killer Ajmal Pahari: While the whole nation tries to steer itself out  from one incident to another, we find more and more distractions taking place. The killing of people in Kharotabad by FC and then the killing of a youth in Karachi
Another point of COD implemented – Election Commission Complete: Pakistan Peoples Party has been at the receiving end of electoral rigging and gerrymandering by establishment and Pakistan Army over many general elections. Despite of all types of targeting, the PPP remains the largest political party of Pakistan having
Geo kay anchors tornay kee koshish nakaam! Blackmail kar kay Geo!:  According to fiction writers at Jang Group, the media cell of the President House has been trying its best to break away anchors of Geo TV to make them join firstly state owned  PTV and after failing, now
The need to revive PPP- USA Chapter – by Furqan Riaz Ahmed: Pakistan Peoples Party is the largest political party in Pakistan. It is the only national party, which is represented thoroughly throughout all of Pakistan’s provinces and has influence in FATA as well.   Like many political parties in Pakistan,
Awami leader, Ch. Nisar and his PML-N tone down in NA: Pakistan’s very own awami leader, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan almashoor (aka) Mr. Bean began the budget session on Monday, June 6, 2011 after his “threat” that he may not do so in “protest”. He also felt that his party’s
Budget coverage misses the mark: What on earth is ‘relief’? – By Farooq Tirmizi:   Source: Express Tribune By Farooq Tirmizi Published: June 6, 2011 For the journalists who cried themselves hoarse that the federal government’s budget for fiscal year 2012 contained no ‘relief’ for the masses, I have a few questions: what
Change of focus: Shunning the security paradigm for development – by Ali Wahab: Source: The Express Tribune Published: June 6, 2011   The last few weeks have been disappointing as well as hysteric for a majority of Pakistanis. Disappointing because a high value target was found and killed in Pakistan and hysteric
PEMRA Takes Notice of Irresponsible Reporting / Talk Shows by TV Channels: PEMRA has issued notices to Geo, Dawn News, Dunya News and News One for their irresponsible talks shows in the aftermath of PNS Mehran attack. The most damning aspect is against Hamid Mir’s Capital Talk televised an interview of
PML-N’s budget drama – They have succeeded in failing us: On June 3, 2011, the fourth budget of the current government was presented in the National Assembly by Finance Minister, Abdul Hafeez Shaikh. The main opposition party, Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz’s members raised slogans throughout the speech of
North Waziristan Operation – A Dawn – ISPR Exclusive Editorial: With an operation in North Waziristan inevitable, already there is an increasing talk in the media to muddle the preparations (if any) for the operation. Though other mindless newspapers and analysts take their chances by questioning  whether the operation
Sharif Family Businesses use Judiciary to avoid paying taxes! Bravo: While the PML-N Chief is right now speaking about corruption in Pakistan after his condolence meeting with President Asif Zardari, we are pleased to highlight one news item that has caught our attention. According to The News, the allies
Jang’s dirty and confusing role continues – Hamid Mir, Saleh Zafir, Ansar Abbasi, et al: The Abbottabad Saniha Commission has been under the scanner from day one. Firstly the government was being lambasted for not creating the commission and when it finally did under the chair of a “senior judge” of our azad adliya,
سلیم شہزاد کی ہلاکت – ایک بار پھر ایک لمحہ فکریہ – by Naveed Ali: صحافت ایک پیشہ نہیں بلکہ ایک بھاری  ذمہ داری ہے، یہ ریاست کا چوتھا ستون شمار ہوتی ہے، صحافت ریاست اور اس کے اداروں اور افراد کے احتساب کا سب سے بڑا ذریعہ ہے ساتھ ہی ساتھ شہریوں کو
Finally, a Middle-Income Country – By Dr. Niaz Murtaza: As expected, a recent World Bank report has confirmed Pakistan’s graduation to the ranks of middle-income countries. However, this elevation has generated little national euphoria and even the beleaguered government has forgotten to take credit.  Does this elevation represent
Saleem Shehzad’s killing; Media: Wake up and smell the coffee!: This is the height of it. You find anyone who doesn’t tow the line of our “deep state” or becomes a potential threat to those linked with the “deep state” are not just beaten, but are killed. Syed Saleem
Pinch of Poverty – by Azhar Nadeem: The Pinch of poverty 1891 is a famous painting by Thomas Benjamin Kensington. It is a famous oil painting which shows a small girl selling flowers along with her Mum and two siblings at a street corner in London.
Indo-Af-Pak and the “strategic depth” – by BR Gowani: Source: The Humiliation First the US Navy Seals came in the dark of May 1st night and killed Osama bin Laden, living a couple of miles drive from Pakistan’s capital Islamabad. Two weeks later, in the country’s biggest
Voices of Pakistan: Why do Pakistanis Have Such Mixed Opinions About America? – by Sobia Ali: Source: HuffPost World I belong to the minority of people who actually know the correct pronunciation of “Abbottabad,” unlike President Obama, or Jon Stewart because I grew up there. While I have always taken interest in socio-political issues in Pakistan,