Anjum Aqeel’s Escape and PML-N’s media spin

PML-N’s MNA, Anjum Aqeel Khan yesterday made a dramatic escape from policy custody with due support of his PML-N workers. Though the action has been “condemned” by the PML-N leadership, but the spin given by Rana Sanaullah, Pervaiz Rasheed, Siddiqul Farooq is nothing but mind boggling. According to their statements, they have indicated that it has to be inquired, whether those who helped Anjum Aqeel escape were PML-N workers or not or they may have been “opponents” who took Anjum Aqeel away!


This is the most frivolous piece of excuse one could ever hear. May one ask the PML-N leadership that when the same people who help Anjum Aqeel win elections on a PML-N ticket and provide all necessary leg work to him, the party would not think for a second before calling such workers as PML-N workers or “Leaguee Karkunan”.


On the matter of any opponent taking Anjum Aqeel away, astonishes the listener! Which political opponent would take such a person away? Yes, the possibility that those who were defrauded by Anjum Aqeel may be the opponents but logically it seems unlikely that they would do so.


One must also question the retail media, whose cameramen and reporters chase their targets endlessly but in this case, all they showed was Anjum Aqeel’s escape, not following him or his workers.


As far as PML-N is concerned, I just want to point out to readers that one of their MNA’s has committed a fraud worth Rs. 6 billion while he and his party are not in power. Imagine what these promoters of “good governance” and “anti-corruption” would do if they ever come into power!





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