Toilet Reporting by Jang Group – By Shahid Saeed

To call Jang’s publications and its employed journalists as a group of desperate and ghatia people would be an understatement. In today’s (6th July, 2011), the lowest level of reporting can be seen from a newsgroup which is a market leader. Sabir Shah has reported that according to “middle-market” tabloid from England called Daily Mail, a gift presented by President Asif Ali Zardari to British Prime Minister David Cameron of a painting of him and his wife holding their new born baby ‘deserved to be placed in toilet’ at 10 Downing Street.

The report is nothing but a piece of crap which has been debunked by fellow blogger Shahid Saeed and is presented below. The depth at which Jang Group is willing to stoop  to is unbelievable.

My blood boiled when I read the ghatia report! Let us assume it was a bad painting, the gift was not from Asif Zardari the person but Asif Zardari the President of Pakistan. The gift is from the people of Pakistan. By reporting this way, is Jang saying that Pakistan’s gift is worth to be placed in a toilet? For sure, Jang and The News are the ones that should be read in the toilet!!!

Page 3 of Jang, July 6, 2011


Page 4 of The News, July 6, 2011

Toilet Reporting

Jang Group is a pathetic and disgusting media house, there is no doubt about that. The News just a pathetic excuse of a newspaper where one can see perfect examples of personal vendetta and agenda on display.

Jang Group hates Asif Ali Zardari, there are no two doubts about that too. But to what length it will go to achieve its mission is exemplified in this trash report.

The story is about one of the gifts presented to British Prime Minister David Cameroon during the state visit by President Zardari. I admit presenting a picture of the couple themselves, however nice the painting may be, is odd. And hence, British Tabloid Daily Mail reported on the bizarre gift as well, because that is what tabloids and gossipy papers do. Fact of the matter is, head of states don’t select gifts themselves. Not even their top aides. It’s probably one or two 18 grade FSP officers working in the President’s Secretariat who select the gifts anyways. Regardless of that, the point here is Jang Group’s trash reporting. The headline in The News is “Quality painting that ‘deserved to be placed in toilet’”. The quotes there to suggest somehow that they are quoted/borrowed words. After some attacks, it goes on to “report” that

The leading British newspaper has recommended that the gifted painting be hung in a toilet in 10-Downing Street, the official residence of Premier Cameron.


The newspaper opined that “one can only imagine David Cameron’s reaction when he saw the gift… one for the downstairs loo perhaps.”

In Urdu it reads, “اخبار نے تجویز دی کہ ۔۔۔۔۔”, which effectively translates to, “the newspaper recommended/opined that…”.

Well, The Daily Mail never “opined” and “recommended” this. In fact, this is one of the comments by a reader that appears on the bottom of the page. Out of the 25 comments on the page, five are shown at the top, the most cumulative up-voted and the most down-voted. The toilet remarks come from someone called “Mike” from Cyprus, who says, “Hang it in the Toilet”. It is in fact the worst ranked comment on the page. How comments on a website become part of the report from a newspaper is beyond me, but of course Sabir “Wikipedia” Shah can be expected to be a dumb-ass, illiterate buffoon too and mix up stuff. But probably he didn’t, after all journalists can get away with reporting anything as far as politicians are concerned.

Why he didn’t select the top-ranked and first displayed comment that reads “Why is this article so isparaging? I think it’s a very lovely painting” (with a positive 364 cumulative rating, and the commenter wanted to write disparaging of course) to be part of the report is not difficult to understand.

Sabir “Wikipedia” Shah is a serial plagiarist anyways. Cafe Pyala once compared a wikipedia-ed article, but his daily “reporting” of “examples” from history et al are always coy pastes from the interweb. Jang Group, after all, has high standards to uphold. Even here, he plagiarized quite a bunch from a Press Trust of India report. How the Press Trust of India too reached a conclusion that “some readers agreed with the tabloid’s recommendation that the painting be placed in the toilet” is a whole different story. The world is full of cheap, trash and pathetic journalism. The News is a pack leader in that.

I hope someday MSR, Shaheen Sehbai, Sabir Shah, Ansar Abbasi, Ahmed Noorani and lot are sued successfully for a zillion rupees and they go bankrupt.

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  1. The head of Geo toilet group Mir Khalil Rehman’s nude pic by which he was blackmailed for sodomy is in custody of Zulifkar Mirza. Now it is time to public that picture.

  2. I promise to all, first in morning shit i wipe my ass wid Jung Newspaper then i use water :p

  3. I like the painting, it is beautiful. jang idiots not only insulted their own country but the british PM too. It was him and his wife on the painting, right?

  4. it is clear that our President(Mr.110%)brought shame to Pakistan everywhere and every time. First he became a laughing stock in USA when he flirted with Sara Palin in front of international media and now he became a laughing stock in UK also. I fail to understand what enmity he has with Pakistan? why is he hellbent to bring disgrace to Pakistan everywhere?
    For God’s sake please leave us alone,we dont want a president who is a moron and has no commands no respect.

  5. They should hang this picture in toilet and we shoudl hang Mr10% in toilet for disgracing our country all over the world

  6. The head of Geo toilet group Mir Khalil Rehman’s nude pic by which he was blackmailed for sodomy is in custody of Zulifkar Mirza. Now it is time to public that picture.

    Eventhough, I am not a big fan opf Zardari but I can vouch that Zardari is not a Munafiq, he does what’s expected out of him but Jang Group is a whole different ball game!

    This C#nt Mir actually begged Altaf Churun Farosh to spare his life and Altaf ridiculed him by asking him to perform felatio on him. Altaf Hussain released his semen on Mir’s face and asked him to lick it all as well.

    This was video taped to black mail Mir Khalil and Omer Mehmood Goga (Ex MQM) was one of the witnesses present at the scene. He infact kidnapped Mir Khalil, that’s why till this day you won’t see anything in The News or Jang about MQM. Recently when Ansar Abbasi tried to be efficient and released a report about MQM target Killers than Altaf sent one nude photo of Mir Khalil to Asif Ali Zardari which was later used by Zulfiqar Mirza.

    Jang group is full of “Zindeeqs” who use religion as a shield to cover their @$$es.

    I don’t think that video of Mir will ever be released but it’s a fact that Omer Mehmood Khan Goga reiterated in his videos as an example of how MQM works!

  7. Jang group has gone tabloid. Since they have no serious issue to discuss, they fill their print and web space with these frivalous news. If foreign press is ridiculing our President, they are doing some fine job for their government. If any of Pakistani media is highlighting the same they have an agenda and personal vendetta at the cost of country’s prestige.

    President Zardari will not be President all his life, may be after next election there might be another president. Similarly, judiciary judges would not sit on the bench for all the time to come. There are retirements and new elevations in the normal procedure. Since how long stay orders on recovery of 7 billions of rupees payable to government would remain dormant, one day it has to come for hearing.

  8. uh! I see a huge bias here. I think they copy-pasted stuff from the “Daily mail”. It wasn’t their own suggestion. Secondly you should have reported objectively rather than venting out and specially using the word “Ghatia”. I mean you’re against shoddy journalism but a part of it too? And Pakistani awam needs to better the standard of their comments. Talking about their toilet practices at the first available chance stinks!

  9. Forbidden Fruit, thank you for the comment. The objective of the post was to highlight the level to which Jang group stoops to. Yes the word “Ghatia” is to show my disgust at their level of reporting. It was also to show that by copy pasting material and angling it in a certain manner, it is Pakistan and its people who were ridiculed.
    If you go through the comments on our blog, they are quite above par with excellent discussions coming out. Yes, there are some who choose to act strangely, but as a policy we publish all comments, only those with abusive language is censored.