Thank you, judiciary, for releasing the notorious target killer Ajmal Pahari

ISI backed judiciary in Pakistan is focused on liquor in Atiqa Odho's luggage but not on saving innocent citizens's lives from killing machines such as Ajmal Pahari

While the whole nation tries to steer itself out  from one incident to another, we find more and more distractions taking place. The killing of people in Kharotabad by FC and then the killing of a youth in Karachi by Rangers are incidents which are causing a lot of agony to all of us. The killings are highly condemnable but the repeated relaying of the videos on the retail news outlets is psychologically damaging.

Can we blame the law enforcement agencies  of being trigger friendly when the likelihood of who they catch red handed or even have confessions go scot free for want of evidence? Case in point is the recent release of notorious and self confessed killer, Ajmal Pahari. His confessional videos are available on Youtube. See the video below:

 Ajmal Pahari\’s confession


Ajmal Pahari was released on 31st May, 2011. A district and sessions court acquitted him while he was an  accused of more than 100 murders, due to insufficient evidence. According to the report on Express Tribune:


The court gave the acquittal orders under the Criminal Procedure Code Section 265-K, in which the charges are groundless and the court decided that the accused cannot be given punishment. The court then acquits the accused to save time.

Pahari was accused in the murder of a man named Junaid Alam Siddiqui alias Ihtisham, son of Rafi Siddiqui, in 2005. Junaid was killed in Jahangirabad, and Pahari and another man, Wasim Boss, were nominated in the FIR (134/2005) lodged at Rizvia police station.

The complainant, who was a witness to the murder, failed to identify Pahari and no other witnesses appeared in court. Since the challan was also submitted after six years, Pahari was acquitted.

Due to security threats, he was brought to the city courts amid strict security with a large number of policemen deployed around the complex.

The Sindh police’s Crime Investigation Department (CID) arrested Pahari from New Karachi on March 28. His name became synonymous with fear not only for his numerous deadly feats, but also recently for extortion and land grabbing in the city. Police officials had kept a tab on his activities for a long time but they admit that he had been set free numerous times because he was strongly backed by one political party. The arrest became possible after this party “suspended” its support, police say.

This was, however, not the first time that Pahari was arrested. In 1997, an anti-terrorism court had declared Pahari a proclaimed offender (along with a high-profile political leader and founder of a party) in a case related to the killing of four American Union Texas employees along with their Pakistani driver. Back then, the reward for Pahari was Rs1 million and he was nabbed by the Central Investigation Agency of the Karachi police in 2000.

However, within five years, Pahari was acquitted in all cases and was released in 2005. Since then, Anti-Extremism Cell SSP Omar Shahid claims that the suspect has committed 58 more cold-blooded murders. And to add insult to injury, Pahari has also made millions of rupees through his network of target killers and extortionists, the officer added.

The elusive criminal was on the run but was eventually nabbed by the authorities in a joint operation conducted by Shahid and Counter Terrorism Unit SSP Chaudhry Aslam Khan from New Karachi’s Eid Gah ground Sector 5-D in March. When asked whether he was sure Pahari would not walk free again, Shahid had told The Express Tribune that the police had done its job by nabbing the notorious killer and now it was for the investigation officers to build a strong case against the culprit in court. He said it was for the courts to decide the fate of the suspect, who is believed to have committed dozens of murders since his release in 2005.


Our CJP has a number of times said that Police should improve its prosecution mechanism whenever asked why criminals are acquitted by courts. Our higher courts are notorious for acquitting leading terrorists like Qari Saifullah, TTP activists, Jundullah, Lashkar Jhangvi, Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists for want of evidence. On the other hand, those prosecuted and convicted like Omer Saeed Shaikh’s death sentences have not been implemented even after years of being convicted.

So the question is, if one is a policeman or a ranger or anyone else, responsible for maintaining law and order, how can he have a contented life when he knows that whoever he arrests will eventually go scot free?



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