What would Edhi sahib do? By- Dr. Shazia Nawaz

Yes, just as here in USA you would ask before doing something, “what would Jesus do?” There in Pakistan we ask, “what would Edhi sahib do?”  He is our Jesus (Masiha), so, it is not surprising that someone in their desperation went to Edhi sahib for the solution of current killings in Pakistan.
In his infinite wisdom, Edhi sahib recommended more killings to stop the current killings. And if you see it in a context of ‘what would edhi do?’ It is shocking to some, but really, it is not that shocking at all coming from a Pakistani man. Our answer to every problem is killing someone. What should we do with a robber with a plastic gun? Kill him. What should we do with boys who played cricket in our play ground without permission? Kill them of course. What should we do with the journalist who comes in our way of ‘peaceful’ protest? Kill him. And of course what should we do with all the non-muslims and with all the muslims who does not follow our sect?  Kill them all.

And we are doing it? Once someone says, “Let us kill him”, someone does. Thank God (or out of control hormones), Pakistanis are reproducing like cats. We kill 20 today, 100 babies are born the next day. So, if anyone thinks that Pakistanis can be eliminated from the face of earth, they are seriously mistaken. We know how to grow like wild flowers, or weed for that matter. We are more in number every morning. And we do not waste time on finding difficult solutions like these damn civilized nations. We kill the problem right there. That is it!

Only few were shocked by Edhi sahib’s call to Kiyani for the massive killings of the politicians. Kiyani is the chief of Pakistan Army, a guy with a license to kill. And killing and raping their own is nothing new for our Pakistan Army.

Majority of Pakistanis agreed with Edhi sahib’s call. Let us kill all the politicians and bring the new young ones. Which new young ones if I may ask? Are they going to fall from the sky? The young, smart, patriotic and not corrupt ones? Or are they ready sitting in someone’s basement waiting for the call? And has not this happened before? Over and over and yet over again; when an army officer took over “only for three months” to bring the not corrupt politicians and see how successful that turned out to be every time!

To tell you the truth, I am not sure if there is a solution to the current problems but really the death of all. As history tells us, whenever a civil war started in a country, mostly it ended with the country and with the majority of its people. Why in the world we call few Pakistanis muhajirs? What are they? Better looking? Cultural of violence has always existed in Pakistan and has just escalated to actual killings now. This is how we raise our kids. Teachers beat the hell out of students at schools and parents beat their children at home. We grow up learning violence. Unlike most Pakistanis, I do not agree with the massive killings of politicians. We have a large number of young men and women among them who have never killed anyone and are trying their best to improve the situation in Pakistan. Incompetent they might be, and corrupt they might be, but punishment for incompetency and corruption is not killings, except for only in Pakistan. In other countries, they are asked to resign or are charged for corruption. And they are not voted for the next term.
With the recommendations of mass killings, it would have been better if Edhi Sahib had given the names of those young and honest politicians who he has prepared to take over. Now I am all curious. Who are those young and honest politicians? 
Situation in Pakistan is awful and is multifaceted . Politicians are not the only ones to blame. Army has been the major player in to turning millions of Pakistanis in to mad killers. Was not it Zia-ul-Haq who raised this intolerant nation? “My pathan bhaeeyo, let us kill all the muhajirs since they are actually jews”, is what was announced in a mosque in Karachi a couple of days ago. Well, one smart moulvi! Pakistani sure will run to kill the jews!



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