The need to revive PPP- USA Chapter – by Furqan Riaz Ahmed

PPP USA has 400 people and 4500 groups!

Pakistan Peoples Party is the largest political party in Pakistan. It is the only national party, which is represented thoroughly throughout all of Pakistan’s provinces and has influence in FATA as well.


Like many political parties in Pakistan, which have international chapters and bodies for their overseas and expatriate members, supporters and workers PPP does too.


For those who are familiar with the long dedicated struggle of the party know it is impossible to compare the history and struggle of the party’s leadership as well it’s dedicated workers with that of any other political party or entity inside Pakistan.


Living and going to University in a metropolitan city like Houston, which is also home to thousands expatriate Pakistanis I come across various political bodies as well as events. It is shocking for me, however, to see that despite representation in all parts of America, the Pakistan Peoples Party USA chapter and its local and state chapters are pretty much redundant when it comes to organizing political meetings, membership drives, fundraising events and creating awareness about the deteriorating situation in Pakistan.


It may be argued that overseas Pakistani’s have no time for or interest in Pakistani politics but that is not reality. Many political entities such as the MQM, PTI and APML have a strong presence here and have raised lots of funds and support from their overseas supporters right here in Houston. Many of them have set up local offices and also run some charity bodies affiliated with their respective political parties, but the PPP-USA is nowhere to be seen.


As I stated earlier my aim is not to compare however, it hurts a worker to see other parties, which do not necessarily have the mass support that the PPP does gain such momentum within the expatriate Pakistani community in the United States.


After visiting the PPP- USA website I did learn that there is a organizational set up with leadership and workers present here however it is not the presence you would expect from the largest political party of Pakistan. The USA chapter of the party has many distinguished professionals as well as middle class working supporters that just need to come together to revive the USA chapter.
As everyone knows without expatriate remittances and support Pakistan would be in a much more difficult position. Therefore it is of utmost importance that the Party which represents Pakistan’s federation expand their presence throughout the United States.




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