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The liars collective: Pakistani media in service of the ISI – by Nadeem F. Paracha: Related article: A glaring example of how ISI dictates Pakistani newspapers: The case of a missing WikiLeak cable The liars collective If you think people like Zaid Hamid, Aamir Liaquat and Atiqa Odho are kind of silly with their
Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks VS Mir Shakil ur Rahman’s Mickeyleaks: Related article: A glaring example of how ISI dictates Pakistani newspapers: The case of a missing WikiLeak cable Let Us Build Pakistan rightly claims that ‘Jang group’ is inherently biased against democratic politics, is continuously propagating misconceptions about Pakistan
Zafar Hilaly’s ‘hate India’ op-ed in service of his masters in the ISI: Related article: A glaring example of how ISI dictates Pakistani newspapers: The case of a missing WikiLeak cable No conspiracy theories, please by Zafar Hilaly Talking to Time Magazine on July 28, 1958, Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt confessed:
VIEW: Voyeuristic incontinence —Gulmina Bilal Ahmad: VIEW: Voyeuristic incontinence —Gulmina Bilal Ahmad We will clamour for international assistance, international conferences and privately lead secular lives, but when it comes to our writings, our analyses and our politics, we conveniently turn Islamist. The rhetorical practice of
Pakistani media publish fake WikiLeaks cables attacking India: Related Article: A glaring example of how ISI dictates Pakistani newspapers: The case of a missing WikiLeak cable Comments alleged to be from WikiLeaks US embassy cables say Indian generals are genocidal and New Delhi backs militants They read
Times of universal deceit — by Dr Mohammad Taqi: The US government has now ordered all its employees to stay away from the WikiLeaks website even on their home computers and not read what the government still considers classified information. Big Brother keeps digging itself deeper into a
WikiLeaks, the web and the power of the people -by Dan Nolan: The tale of WikiLeaks is fast becoming the litmus test of the robustness of the internet. Julian Assange has been arrested in the UK and refused bail and the international scrum to scan legislation and precedent to find a
External actors: Saudi Arabia’s covert role in Pakistan: Two quick comments on the following news item: The first comment is by Marvi Sirmed (via Twitter): Does it hit somewhere on Ghairat Brigade? So much in pain for drones & Kerry-Luger? The Second comment is by Masroor from
Shia-phobia of Saudi Arabia and the institutional genocide of Shia Muslims in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan: Ever wondered why the Wahhabi-Deobandi inspired terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Sipah-e-Sahaba are blood thirsty for Shia Muslims? Ever wondered why hundreds of Shias are killed like flies each year by the Wahhabi or/and Deobandi
Don’t shoot the messenger for revealing uncomfortable truths – by Julian Assange: Related articles: Progressive Pakistani bloggers in support of Julian Assange Assange: charges are part of campaign to close down WikiLeaks, he vows to fight extradition “We Liberals strongly support Julian Assange and the democratic spirit and meaning behind his
WikiLeaks in my prospective – by Ahsan Abbas Shah: وکی لیکس کی حقیقت اور نظریہ حق و باطل یہ دنیا اس وقت ایک گلوبل ولیج کا منظر پیش کر رہی ہے ایک ایسا ولیج جس کے لوگ ایک ساتھ سوچتے ہیں ایک ساتھ چلتے ہیں ایک ساتھ محسوس
WikiLeaks: “Why so serious?” – by Suleman Akhtar: Why So Serious?
Assange: charges are part of campaign to close down WikiLeaks, he vows to fight extradition: Related articles: Progressive Pakistani bloggers in support of Julian Assange Two plus two WikiLeaks claims the arrest is an attack on media freedom, but it is worth pointing out that one of the claimants making the sexual assault allegations
Oh what fun, but who’s surprised by WikiLeaks? – by Kamran Shafi: SHOCK! Horror! WikiLeaks! Bombs rock Islamabad! Kayani mulled ousting Zardari and bringing in Asfandyar! Kayani distrusts Nawaz more than Zardari! ISI chief tells Americans Zardari is corrupt! Zardari says he might be assassinated! ISI extols virtues of some Taliban!
Blessed are the WikiLeaks revolutionaries —Babar Ayaz: Related Article: Progressive Pakistani bloggers in support of Julian Assange It is ironic that the Saudis have labelled Zardari as a “rotten head”, while their whole body polity is rotten. This comment is like the pot calling the kettle
Progressive Pakistani bloggers in support of Julian Assange: I endorse the following petition by the Reader Supported News (RSN) and express my dissatisfaction with the timing and the veracity of charges levelled against Julian Assange. On behalf of progressive, anti-establishment Pakistani bloggers, I am writing this post as
Saudi Arabia is ‘biggest funder of terrorists’ – by Rob Hastings: Saudi Arabia is the single biggest contributor to the funding of Islamic extremism and is unwilling to cut off the money supply, according to a leaked note from Hillary Clinton. The US Secretary of State says in a secret
Wikileaks and living in ‘Denialistan’ -by Arshad Mahmood:
WikiLeaks founder threatens to release entire cache of unfiltered files: At the centre of a tightening web of death threats, sex-crime accusations and high-level demands for a treason trial, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange threatened to unleash a “thermonuclear device” of completely unexpurgated government files if he is forced to
Leaky logic – by Nadeem F. Paracha: Now how bad can it be for a president to be criticised by a monarch who is alleged to have asked the Americans to bomb Iran and whose countrymen are still thought to be one of the leading donors
US embassy cables: Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists raise funds in Saudi Arabia: Monday, 10 August 2009, 23:56 S E C R E T STATE 083026 SENSITIVE SIPDIS RELEASABLE TO PAKISTAN EO 12958 DECL: 08/07/2019 TAGS EFIN, KTFN, PREL, PTER, UNSC SUBJECT: UN 1267 (AL-QAIDA/TALIBAN) SANCTIONS: USG OPPOSITION TO FOCAL POINT DE-LISTING
Wikileaks and the ‘ghairat’ of jokers of military establishment – by Rauf Klasra:
American diplomacy of contempt – by Shiraz Paracha: The mastermind as well as the motive behind the WikiLeaks release of US diplomats’ official correspondence with Washington is not known yet. However, the material released so far shows that George W. Bush was not the only mediocre with
Leaks disclose secrets of in-camera sessions; is Pakistan really playing double game?: “It’s a bombshell,” says the historian Timothy Garton-Ash in a Guardian video on the released of the cables. “It’s the most extraordinary window into how American diplomacy works.” Founded by secretive Australian Julian Assange, Wikileaks was originally based in
Zaid Hamid on Wikileaks: yahoodi bandar, amreeki haathi (and khaki gidh): Related articles: Wikileaks on General Kayani and his ‘democratic’ puppets WikiLeaks unmasks who are our real puppet-masters? Who is behind Zaid Hamid’s crush India brigade? – by Kamran Shafi Two apparently unrelated pieces. The first one is a TV
WikiLeaks and the astonishment of Pakistani media and middle class – by Ayaz Amir: Astonishment only for the innocent Virtually nothing in the Wikileaks disclosures in relation to Pakistan is truly shocking or astonishing. Knowing the nature of our politics, the dominance of the army and the long shadow of the United States
An opportunity that Pakistan missed -by Sandeep Dikshit: Leaked secret cables from the U.S. embassy in Islamabad, just after the November 26, 2008 attacks in Mumbai, reveal a more complex narrative than that chronicled so far. The Pakistan government was willing to work with India; New Delhi
Who’s Most Interested In WikiLeaks? Pakistan, Says Google Trends: Internet users in Pakistan led the way in Google searches for the term “WikiLeaks” in the build-up to and the first two days of releases of secret diplomatic cables. Google Insights for Search through Monday show that people in
WikiLeaks unmasks who are our real puppet-masters?: Related articles: US embassy cables: Pakistani army chief hints at unseating Zardari Wikileaks on General Kayani and his ‘democratic’ puppets General Kayani allowed US special forces to secretly operate in Pakistan U.S. diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks make perfectly
Don’t you ever doubt my loyalty to the USA! – Nawaz Sharif: 1. (C) Summary. During a meeting with Ambassador January 31, Nawaz Sharif confirmed…. As proof of his pro-Americanism, Nawaz reminded Ambassador that he had overruled his Chief of Staff to deploy Pakistani forces with the U.S. coalition in the
Wikileaks on General Kayani and his ‘democratic’ puppets: Related articles: WikiLeaks unmasks who are our real puppet-masters? Wikileaks reconfirm the Taliban ISI Alliance (LUBP update 29 Nov 2010) General Kayani allowed US special forces to secretly operate in Pakistan ‘President’ Kayani is the most powerful man of
Wikileaks reconfirm the Taliban support in Pakistani establishment: Related articles: Wikileaks on General Kayani and his ‘democratic’ puppets King Abdullah, the great-grandson of Abu Jahl – by Omar Khattab The whistle-blowing site Wilileaks has released a cache of 250,000 secret messages sent by US diplomatic staff. Here
Viewpoint Interview with Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa: Military’s predation is an institutional feature’, Ayesha Siddiqa. A dissident’s job is always fraught with dangers. In case of Pakistan, the risks involved in criticizing all-powerful Khakis and their proxy Taliban hardly need an elucidation. Still, dissident voices keep
The man who really matters in Pakistan – by Farzana Shaikh: Whatever David Cameron may say, looking both ways is by no means peculiar to Pakistan. For while Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari has looked the other way as his country drowns in the worst floods in living memory, the
A Note on the Mighty Wurlitzer – by Zahir Ebrahim: Source: Project What is the ‘Mighty Wurlitzer’? It used to be the honorific of Frank Wisner, the first chief of political warfare for the Central Intelligence Agency, used to describe the C.I.A.’s plethora of front organizations and newsmedia
We got leaked- by Sindhyar Talpur: Wikileaks, an international whistle-blowing website, recently leaked US and Allied forces military documents highlighting the situation on the ground in Afghanistan. One of the many things highlighted is Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI’s, double game in the War. If you
Pakistan, Afghanistan and politics of US withdrawal- by Shehrbano Taseer: WASHINGTON DC: On Wednesday, the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) and the Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) co-sponsored an event featuring Pervez Hoodbhoy and Zia Mian. The speakers discussed the present crisis in Pakistan regarding the Taliban
Dangerous Conspiracy Theories – by Peter Chamberlin: Dangerous Conspiracy Theories By: Peter Chamberlin How could a bunch of “lone wolf” researchers be considered dangerous to the United States? The official explanation given is that we confuse those who hear or read what we have to say,
Pakistan’s status Post-WikiLeaks leakage – By Sehrish Khan: Source: PICTURES BEYOND THE PICTURE As the week ends, the most controversial and conflictive details of  the Afghan war come to surface, marking the greatest information leak-out of the US military. The details were provided to The New York
Pakistan’s ISI aids Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan: WikiLeaks Afghanistan War Diary 2004-2010: Pakistan Aids Insurgency in Afghanistan, Reports Assert By MARK MAZZETTI, JANE PERLEZ, ERIC SCHMITT and ANDREW W. LEHREN Article Source: New York Times, July 25, 2010 Data Source: WikiLeaks Afghan War Diary, 2004-2010 Americans fighting the war in Afghanistan