Pakistan’s status Post-WikiLeaks leakage – By Sehrish Khan


As the week ends, the most controversial and conflictive details of  the Afghan war come to surface, marking the greatest information leak-out of the US military. The details were provided to The New York Times, The Guardian and German Weekly Der Spiegel by the tattling WikiLeaks following a round of strong condemnation by The White House and the Pentagon.

The reports open a surge of fresh speculation and scanning over the most critical and cantankerous topic of the 9 year old war and that is the involvement of Pakistan military, intelligentsia and spy agencies working in Pro-Taliban mannerism. There has been an outpour of such claims made by several American top officials and military personnel that Pakistan’s military and more specifically the ISI is linked to fueling the fire of insurgency in Afghanistan which shooted up after 2006.

The report claims obscurity over the Pakistan-US alliance revealing a document which includes former ISI head Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul in the details putting allegations on him claiming his links from the past. It says he was involved in designing plans of terror attacks in Paktika Province of Afghanistan to avenge the death of a senior Al Qaeda member by a drone.However, Gul strongly refutes such allegations.

Further, the reports provide claims of ISI’s involvement in the deadly attack on the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan fueling the tensions between India and Pakistan to a greater extent. It also accuses Pakistan of providing training to suicide bombers and attackers. There are details of people termed as “non-state actors” by the Government of Pakistan but with their activities, the spy agencies of Pakistan are aware of, alleges the report. The amount of funds given to Pakistan by the U.S to combat terrorism, exceed $ 1 billion still “safe havens” and “citadels” for terrorists in Pakistan are a big question mark.

Pakistan responds to such claims with strong vindication and denial. The question which arises post Hillary Clinton’s visit to Pakistan and the surfacing of these WikiLeaks reports is that if the U.S has sufficient evidence to put Pakistani agencies on target list then why doesn’t it surface the media? Several congress members have accused the Pentagon and the C.I.A of giving illusive and shady responses to their calls of evidence against Pakistani agencies.

Why hasn’t the American military and intelligentsia, yet scooped out lucid evidence of ISI’s involvement in a major attack? The reports’ accuses Pakistani agencies of indulging in Pro-Taliban and Pro-AlQaeda activities from 2007 to 2009. This situation, if it exists, can not be beyond the knowledge of General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, the current Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan military forces. Therefore, this report indirectly puts allegations on Kayani of being involved in anti-U.S activities. Then why did the U.S welcome Pakistan’s decision of extending the General’s tenure to stay on as COAS till 2013?. Why did the Polish and Indian spy agencies working in Afghanistan failed to predict Pakistan’s role in terror activities. Why did the U.S welcome the Pak-Afghan transit trade treaty which in the above described situation would be likely to cause a fresh surge of violence emanating from Pakistan?. The claims and accusations, like usual, have failed to provide clear evidence against Pakistan. It has also failed to provide answers of such questions.

Pakistan will continue to reject and condemn these allegations. The Government’s duty is to drive out Pakistan safely through this turmoil of conspiracies, meanwhile focusing on the ultimate target and that is to eradicate terrorism and lawlessness, both inside and outside Pakistan’s borders.



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