Shia-phobia of Saudi Arabia and the institutional genocide of Shia Muslims in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan

Ever wondered why the Wahhabi-Deobandi inspired terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Sipah-e-Sahaba are blood thirsty for Shia Muslims?

Ever wondered why hundreds of Shias are killed like flies each year by the Wahhabi or/and Deobandi terrorist (who are accurately described as Takfiri Khariji by mainstream moderate Sunnis) in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan?

The root cause must be found in the ideological and institutional hatred of the current rulers (Aal-e-Saud) of Saudi Arabia and their ideological masters (Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab and Ibn Taymiyyah) towards all non-Wahhabi Muslims, particularly Shia Muslims.

Saudi rulers and their ideological forefathers treat Shia Muslims as heretics, deviants, Jewish agents, who from a Wahhabi / Deobandi perspective are ‘worse than Christians, Jews etc’.

Therefore, no wonder terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba, Taliban, Al Qaeda etc proudly execute and own up every terrorist activity against Shia Muslims, be that in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere.

As an evidence of the Saudi Arabian institutional and genocidal hatred towards Shia Muslims, the following most recent revelations from Wikipedia must be considered.

1. Saudi Arabian offer of assistance to the USA and Israel to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities;
2. Saudi Arabian extreme hatred for Iraqi Prime Minister Noori Al Maliki because of Mr Maliki’s religious belief (Shia Muslim);
3. Saudi Arabian contempt for Pakistan’s president Asif Zardari because of his (allegedly) Shia sect;
4. Saudi Arabian offer of assistance to the USA, Israel and Arab states (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon) to attack Hezbollah in Lebanon;
5. Saudi Arabian fear that the Wahhabi kingdom will be surrounded by Shia dominated countries (Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Zardari led Pakistan);
6. Saudi Arabian continued financial, logistical and ideological support to Al Qaeda and Taliban (virulently anti-Shia organisations);
7. Saudi Arabian continued financial, logistical and ideological support to Salafi jihadis of Lashkar-e-Taiba / Jamat-ud-Dawa (virulently anti-Shia organisations)



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