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منٹو کے جنم دن پہ فلم ڈائریکٹر نندتا داس کا خط منٹو کے نام- نندتا داس: ڈئیر منٹو صاحب، جنم دن مبارک ! شوٹنگ کے پاگل پن ، چیلنج کی کثرت کے درمیان ،تم مجھے پرسکون رہنے کی طاقت دیتے ہو۔اور پختہ عزم کے ساتھ چیزیں جیسے وہ ہیں اور ان کے بارے میں ویسا
The Pink: She really loves You but you are coward: کاری کاری رینا  ساری سان اندھیرے کیوں لائی روشنی کے پاؤں میں یہ بیڑیاں سی کیوں آئی بھجیا رے کیسے انگارے جیسے چھاؤں اندھیری ، دھوپ میلی کیوں ہے رے آپ اگر ایک فیمنسٹ ہیں اور آپ نے انرورادھو
دھندے والی – عامر حسینی: وہ مری اس وقت سے دوست ہے جب میں ایک ایسے رسالے کے لئے کام کرتا تھا جس کے سرورق پہ بڑی حد تک برہنہ دو عورتوں کی تصویریں ضرور شایع کی جاتی تھیں اگرچہ رسالے میں بہت سے
Pakistan criticised for censoring article about Muslim women and sex:   A feminist writer has criticised Pakistan for censoring an article on Muslim women and sex, saying the ban exposed the extent of the country’s discrimination against women. Mona Eltahawy, an award-winning Egyptian-American journalist and campaigner for women’s rights,
Editorial: World’s only multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-gendered religious procession attacked by Deobandis: According to the Voice of America, “Eight people were killed when gunmen opened fire on a Shi’ite Muslim religious procession in Pakistan on Friday, hospital officials said, in what appeared to be the latest incident of spiralling sectarian violence”.
Who will speak out for kalash tribe of Pakistan? – by Pakistani Meem: Who will speak out for kalash tribe of Pakistan? Are we going to allow this rich culture to disappear from our northern frontiers? Are we going to wipe these kafirs from Pakistan’s religious diversity too? online petition: Pakistan
The vulnerability of Khawja Siras in Pakistan -by Zeeba Hashmi: The fact is they exist, and have been existing here throughout our history. They were the entertainers, the artisans, the lovers, the bodyguards, the warriors, the dancers, the feeble among the crux of the society that never looked at
On US Embassy and Pakistani Homosexuals – By Nuwas Manto: Now that its been sometime since the US embassy Pride event took place I believe it is time to shout back at the ensuing homophobia resulting out of it. The resultant fear of many queers that a public anti-homophobia
Allama of the 21st Century – Ibtisam Ilahi Zaheer – by Usmann Rana:   Capitalizing on the US embassy holding pride event and the ensuing fiasco, Aaj television tabled a debate on LGBT people with a panel consisting of Islamabad based journalist Marvi Sirmed and fashion journalist Mohsin Sayeed along with the
CBS Tribute to Pioneering gay Pakistani-American Muslim poet Ifti Nasim: Editor’s Note:  We are reproducing the glowing tribute by CBS for Ifti Nasim.  His death reminds us of the intolerant society we have become.  Our LGBT friends and supportors have informed us that there are different interpretations of the religious
In Memory of Iftekhar Naseem:         ہمیں افتخار نسیم ہمیشہ یاد رہیں گے اس لئے کہ ہماری جان پہچان  نہ ہونے کے برابر تھی، صرف ایک قاری اور مصّنف کا رشتہ تھا، پھر بھی وہ چند مکالمے جو ہم میں ہوئے
Homophobic and secularphobic judges in Pakistan’s apex court: Related post: Pakistani Tweeples slam pro-JI homophobe Samad Khurram ’لامحدود اختیار سے سیکولر ازم کا خدشہ‘ پاکستان کی سپریم کورٹ کے چیف جسٹس افتخار محمد چوہدری نے کہا ہے کہ پارلیمنٹ کو لامحدور اختیارات دینے سے ملک سیکولرازم کی
A Pakistan you never knew! Being gay in the Islamic Republic – by Shaheryar Ali and Nuwas Manto: First published at Sherryx’s Weblog “Invisibility” and “Silence” are the hallmark of  fascist societies. A national stereotype is built and than implemented through ideological and coercive apparatuses  of the state. Gender is an important battle ground in these “nation-building”