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نیشل ایکشن پلان؟ لدھیانوی باہر کیا ہوئے، سپاہ صحابہ کے بانی حق نواز جھنگوی کا بیٹا الیکشن لڑے گا: لاہور ہائی کورٹ نے گزشتہ دنوں اہلسنت والجماعت کے سربراہ مولانا محمد احمد لدھیانوی کو پنجاب کے شہر جھنگ کی صوبائی اسمبلی کی نشست پر ہونے والے ضمنی انتخابات کے لیے نااہل قرار دے دیا تھا۔ مولانا محمد احمد
A tribute to my uncles who were gunned down in the Nazimabad attacks – Aliya Zaidi: You never think it’s going to happen to you… until it does. Just over a week ago, I was in a queue with my four-year-old son. We were waiting for a train ride around the park near my parents’ house, when
Banned ASWJ-LeJ terrorists Killed in Karachi is simply a Balancing act by PML N, establishment to create False Binary:   The ghastly and cowardly murder of Shia and Sunnis by Deobandi terrorists of ISIS affiliate ASWJ in the last month had created immense press against the latter. During this time frame, ASWJ massacred unarmed Shia women, children and
Funeral prayers of NAP – by Hassan Kazmi:   In his address to the Police officials at Police Lines today, the federal Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan has tried to defend his case of allowing DPC to hold rally in Islamabad despite imposition of 144 in
Attack on majlis – Dawn Editorial:   AS the state scrambles to contain the menace of sectarian militancy, the extremists have resorted to using novel methods, and increasingly hitting ‘soft’ targets. Mass-casualty attacks have thankfully been averted this Muharram — thanks largely to the multilayer
Ms. Khan the Sunni girl that called out the Deobandi Biggots:   The World Shia Forum Team appreciates the courageous, honest and dignified response of Ms. Khan in responding to the murder of her father-in-law, Mr. Nayyer Zaidi. Ms. Khan’s stirring and clear response to “The Independent” is not only
پاکستان میں شیعہ پروفیشنلز کی نسل کشی جاری: ایسی تصاویر عموما کسی بڑے پروفیشنل ادارے کی ویب سائیٹس پر، ملٹی نیشنل کمپنیز کے بروشرز میں یا کسی بزنس میگزین میں معاشیات یا بزنس سے متعلق مضمون میں نظر آتی ہیں۔ تصویر دیکھ کر ہی اندازہ ہوجاتا ہے
خاموشی سے مرتے رہو ورنہ ایران دفع ہو جاؤ – سید فرخ عباس حسینی: دنیا بھر میں انسانی بنیادوں پر یہ اصول رائج ہے کہ کسی بھی گھر میں فوتیدگی ہو جائے تو محلے والے اور جاننے والے آتے ہیں ، افسوس کرتے ہیں ، مرحوم کے لواحقین کو اپنی ہمدردی اور حمایت
U.S. Citizen Syed Nasir Abbas Zaidi and 3 generations of his family massacred by ISIS-affiliated Deobandi terrorist group ASWJ:     The Government of Pakistan, lead by PML N leader Nawaz Sharif has publicly backed ISIS-affiliate Deobandi terrorist group ASWJ and caused the massacre of innocent women, children and unarmed police cadets. PM Nawaz Sharif and the army
Takfiri Deobandis continue to massacre lovers of Imam Hussain a.s. and continue to attend PMLN rallies:     At least five people were killed and several others were injured when Takfiri Deobandi armed men opened fire in the Nazimabad No. 4 area of Karachi. The attackers reportedly targeted participants of a majlis that was going on