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  • Salman Taseer murder case: Let’s have some real fun -by Waseem Altaf

    As the proceedings of the Salaman Taseer murder case are underway at Adyala Central Jail, the son of the late governor Mr.Shahryar Taseer recorded his statement before the judge on Saturday, the 9th of July 2011. The judge of the defendant Mumtaz Qadri, namely advocate Mohammad Rafiq asked Shahryar about the number of his late […]

  • The Face of Pakistan’s Courage

    ‘If you believe in something, you have to be willing to die for it.’ By Bret Stephens On Jan. 4, Salmaan Taseer, the liberal-minded governor of the Pakistani province Punjab, was shot 27 times at point-blank range by his bodyguard, an Islamic fanatic named Mumtaz Qadri. “The bullets pierced every organ in his body except […]

  • My father died for Pakistan: An examination of religious extremism in Pakistan

    The Middle East Institute is proud to host Shehrbano Taseer, daughter of Governor Salmaan Taseer, who was murdered this past January for speaking out against the misuse of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. The assassinations of Punjab Province Governor Salmaan Taseer and Federal Minister for Minorities Affairs Shahbaz Bhatti have raised concerns about the rise of religious […]

  • Justice for Shaheed, Death for ‘Ghazi’ -by Ahsan Muhammad

    Exactly six months ago a lone fanatic pumped over two dozen bullets into Salman Taseer’s torso. According to that lunatic Mumtaz Qadri, Taseer had committed blasphemy by mocking the ‘Blasphemy Law’. A law which awards death penalty to the blasphemer in this land of stupidities. Two news articles caught my eye on 3rd and 4th […]

  • You can bury a man but not his courage -by Shehrbano Taseer

    This article was originally published in the “Daily Express“

  • Shehrbano Taseer in UK speaks out against radical political Islam

    by Lizzy Millar Religious seminaries Madarash in Pakistan are raising a new generation of children to propagate hatred in the wake of bin Laden’s assassination. Shehrbano Taseer, the daughter of Salman Taseer, the governor of Pakistan’s Punjab region who was assassinated by his bodyguard on 4 January for opposing blasphemy laws, blames Pakistan’s countless madrassas […]

  • Shehrbano Taseer vows to continue her father’s mission

    The daughter of murdered Punjab governor Salman Taseer says she is determined to continue his campaign for changes to Pakistan’s blasphemy law, RFE/RL’s Radio Mashaal reports. Taseer was shot dead on January 4 by one of his security guards who objected to the governor’s opposition to the blasphemy law. His daughter, Shehrbano Taseer, has herself […]

  • Bullets of Intolerance – by Farhad Jarral

    The apparent lull following the daylight slayings in recent months of two of Pakistan’s most prominent liberal politicians raises even more questions about a nation unwilling to confront the propagators of fear and destruction. They took less than 60 seconds to complete. Each cold blooded murder was carried out in a public place, and within […]

  • After Salman Taseer now Jang Group is targeting Fauzia Wahab

    Yeah, it’s a well known fact that the Spanish-American war in 1898 was a result of “yellow journalism”, and it is also established truth that ‘Jang Group’ played a leading role in Salman Taseer’s assassination. The Asia Bibi saga unlashed a furious debate on Blasphemy Law and we had watched lots of trial shows talk […]

  • Indian delegates pay rich tributes to Salmaan Taseer

    Condole former Punjab governor’s death with his family An Indian peace delegation, headed by renowned journalist Kuldip Nayar, paid rich tributes to former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer for his meritorious services for the country and raising voice for the rights of minorities. The delegation, which comprised filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, Tajindar Singh Jogi, journalist Jatin Desai, […]

  • President Zardari’s historical address to parliament’s joint session

    President Asif Ali Zardari’s annual address to a joint sitting of parliament addressed the accomplishments of the current government, and called for defeating the mindset of “intolerance and hatred”. The President congratulated the parliament for passing 18th and 19th amendments. He said that the country was in poor condition when the elected government took over. […]

  • In memoriam of Shahbaz Bhatti – by TLW

    Federal Minister for Minority Affairs, Shahbaz Bhatti Born – 9th September 1968 Murdered – 2nd March 2011 I feel this needs to be written. Even if its been two weeks since Minister Shahbaz Bhatti was murdered, and I know everybody feels the same way I feel, but this needs to be said loud and clear. I want to […]

  • My Pakistan is a progressive Pakistan: Shehrbano Taseer

    Shehrbano Taseer, speaking on the Express 24/7 show “Faceoff with Munizae Jehangir”, which aired on Friday, said that everyone is collectively to be blamed for the assassinations of Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer and Federal Minister for Minority Affairs Shahbaz Bhatti. She said that if it was not for the current government or the previous government […]

  • Thanks but no thanks, LHCBA – by Saad Mansoor

    The Lahore High Court Bar Association has passed a resolution condemning the killing of Governor Punjab Salman Taseer and Minister Shahbaz Bhatti. The ever so enthusiastic lawyers community of Lahore have condemned the murder with a carefully worded resolution that diverts all attention and likewise condemnation immediately to a political statement by Rehman Malik. Justice […]

  • Salmaan Taseer, Shahbaz Bhatti and Fake Civil Society – by Shakeel Arain

    Related post: PPP is on the same left-liberal footing even today. FCS, Please take note Pakistan’s urban chatterers (also known as Fake Civil Society FCS) deliberately refused to accept Mumtaz Qadri (assassin of Salmaan Taseer) as a product of the military establishment’s jihad enterprise. They rather comfortably called him a lone wolf; a lone wolf […]

  • saffaak masiha – by Sana Bucha

    saffaak masiha – by Sana Bucha

    سفاک مسیحا ثناء بچہ جس دن شہباز بھٹی کو ابدی نیند سلایا گیا، اس دن میرے پروگرام میں مسیحی برادری سے بے شمار ایس ایم ایس موصول ہوئے۔ کسی نے لکھا ”ہم کرسچن بعد میں، پہلے پاکستانی ہیں!“ دوسرے نے انصاف کے لئے آواز بلند کی، تو تیسرے نے اپنے خوف کا اظہار کچھ یوں […]

  • Are we a nation of murderers? — by Marvi Sirmed

    Never had I felt so dejected and heartbroken throughout my life of activism and movements I had ever been a modest part of, the way I did when a friend called me to be careful. These ‘be careful’ messages have become a routine after each of my media appearances. “No dammit, you have to remain […]

  • PPP is on the same left-liberal footing even today. FCS, Please take note

    It has increasingly been noticed that whenever there is a setback, a certain class of people purporting to be liberals whom we cover as Fake Civil Society or FCS as lovingly call, begin blaming the victim. When Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was assassinated, the victim i.e. the PPP and her husband was blamed to be the […]

  • Zardari’s dilemma: Between blood, revenge and legacy of martyrs – by Ahmad Nadeem Gehla

    “The toothless government should stop appeasing extremists”, the wise men and women of Civil Society, media and anchorpersons of TV talk shows are vehemently advising President Zardari. It would have been worth ignoring, if Sara Taseer, the daughter of Governor Salaman Taseer and an important Ambassador appointed by ruling PPP would not have taken the […]

  • Words to live by from Nicholas of Cusa in the shadow of Shaheed Shahbaz Bhatti – by Rusty Walker

    Editor’s note: While our frothing at the mouth right wing media fans anti-Americanism, the psuedo liberals engage in an Anti-Americanism of a more sophisticated kind.  Using Cold War terminologies, their discourse of “anti-imperialism” is only reserved for the UN mandated NATO action in Afghanistan and NOT for the establishment’s game of “Stratagic Depth”.   Here is […]

  • PSF activists support Mumtaz Qadri? Poor reporting by the Daily Times: A plea to Shaheed Taseer’s family – by Shahid Khakwani

    It was shocking to read about Peoples Student Federation (PSF), the student wing of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) presenting flowers to Mumtaz Qadri, the assassin of Shaheed Salmaan Taseer in Daily Times owned by Shaheed Governor (now being run by Taseer’s family). As the PSF has been holding countrywide protests on assassination of Governor Taseer, […]

  • How a new film may help popularize fundamentalism in Pakistan

    Editor’s Note:  We are cross posting the following article sent to us by one of our valued supporters.  The following article from the Christain Science Monitor highlights the support for Islamofascism in a segment of society that is traditionally thought to be socially liberal. The socially liberal have been confused largely, unable to follow a certain […]

  • Where Ansar Abbasi and Mosharraf Zaidi converge: “PPP killed Sherry Rehman’s bill”

    Related articles: Three musketeers and the “PPP abandoned Salmaan Taseer” narrative A plan well executed Charter of irresponsible journalism in Pakistan in 2011 It is always entertaining to witness the little asset talk of the FCS eleven on Twitter which usually reads something like this: “Loved your fantastic column in xxx today. [Don’t forget to […]

  • In the memory of Salmaan Taseer shaheed – by Saeed Ahmed Khan

  • Javed Chauhdry, a moderate and Mosharraf Zaidi, a liberal?

    Governor Salmaan Taseer’s assassination by a “religious fanatic robot” and varying stances regarding this barbaric act have resulted in a new debate. Now those who are asking for Qadri’s execution via judicial process are titled as “Liberal Fascists”. Those who directly or implicitly condoned the murder and appreciated the murderer while comparing him to “Ghazi […]

  • Religious persecution threat high in Punjab

    Analysts and officials said Punjab’s extreme poverty, as well as lack of education, makes people in the region more vulnerable to the lure of militancy. The militants in Punjab had a good infrastructure on the ground, with many organizations involved in various feuds, including sectarian violence. These militants are overwhelmingly members of banned organizations and […]

  • Public prosecutor in Taseer murder case and the CFD’s stance – by Barrister Waseem Ijaz

    Related articles: LUBP Archive on Peasants for Democracy (PFD) LUBP Archive on Fake Civil Society (FCS) ‘Peasants for Democracy’ demand Aitzaz Ahsan to be a prosecutor in the Taseer murder case A newly found alliance of civil society individuals and organisations in the name of ‘Citizens for Democracy’ (CFD) seemed to be a good step […]

  • ‘Peasants for Democracy’ demand Aitzaz Ahsan to be a prosecutor in the Taseer murder case

    Related articles: LUBP Archive on Peasants for Democracy (PFD) Public prosecutor in Taseer murder case and the stance of Urban Citizens for Democracy – by Barrister Waseem Ijaz Peasants for Democracy (PFD) is a non-partisan organisation of rural and poor Pakistanis. The PFD members are weary of the fact that voices and perspectives of rural […]

  • Lawmakers call for ensuring minority protection

    The issue of minorities was raised through points of order, by PPP’s Nawab Moammad Yusuf Talpur and Ms Palwasha Khan, and PML-Q’s Akram Masih Gill particularly in the context of kidnappings for ransom in Sindh province and the resignation of a Hindu member of the provincial assembly there and his reported migration to India. As […]

  • Javed Chaudhry, will you please think? – by Abbas Ather

  • Rally to restore sanity and conscience

    Cross-posted from A Song of the Wilderness On Sunday, January 30, 2011, a cross-section of the Pakistani youth gathered at Liberty Chowk, the place where a couple of years ago, a dastardly terrorist attack against the Sri Lankan cricket team occurred. This rally was arranged mainly by Facebook, and around 600 people were expected to […]

  • Pakistan: 2010 disastrous year for rights, HRW

    The Taliban and other religious extremists in Pakistan increased their deadly attacks against civilians and public spaces during 2010, while the Pakistani government response was marred by serious human rights violations, Human Rights Watch maintained in its World Report 2011. The 649-page report, Human Rights Watch’s 21st annual review of human rights practices around the […]

  • International Minorities Conference III

    International Minorities Alliance demands Pakistan to be run according to the vision of its founder. International Minorities’ Conference 2011 was organized by International Minorities Alliance on “Equal Citizenship, Equal Rights” at Avari Hotel, Lahore, Pakistan on Jan 23, 2011. The historical Conference was presided over by a renowned poet and intellectual Mr. Nazir Qaiser while […]

  • The concept of “More Civilized Civil Society” – by Hussain Bux Mallah

    “More civilized civil society” (MCCS) of Pakistan had won a battle when the CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry was restored by street and general’s powers. The electronic media had sponsored many unknown personalities and a majority of simply civilized people of Pakistan had to bear their speeches and critique of democratic government and political leadership of PPP. […]

  • Not everyone who criticizes the PPP is pro-establishment – by European

    Editor’s note: There are some very valuable points in the following article, which deserve to be considered and openly debated. The LUBP is open to criticism; while some of us may disagree with some of the arguments presented in this post, we are very happy to acknowledge diverse voices at this forum and have a […]

  • Three musketeers and the “PPP abandoned Salmaan Taseer” narrative

    Related posts: The blaming the victim brigade and Shahbaz Bhatti’s murder An open letter to President Zardari — by Shahid Saeed “Civil” Society must stop blaming the PPP: A rebuttal to Naveen Naqvi and the ‘Twitter Opportunists Club’ The aim of this post is to highlight and confront the “PPP abandoned Taseer” narrative which is […]

  • To fake sympathizers of the PPP, thanks but no thanks – by Shahid Khan Khakwani

    “We are sympathizers of the PPP. The party has compromised with the establishment and abandoned its workers. It abandoned shaheed Salman Taseer. Where are ‘korray khanay walay’ today?” Have you heard what urban middle class activists of Fake Civil Society and ‘independent analysts’ are talking about the PPP of today? They are suggesting that this […]

  • Blaming the victim – by Sana Jokhio

    It has come to our attention that a certain section of (fake) civil society (FCS) is using the martyrdom of Governor Taseer to malign the remaining PPP leadership. At a recent candle light vigil in Islamabad, where PPP supporters were also present, Farzana Bari and a couple of others used the solemn occasion to take petty shots at […]

  • Police unable to arrest or interrogate the two mullahs who encouraged Mumtaz Qadri to kill Governor Taseer

    Cross-posted from Pakistan Blogzine Of course, the fake civil society (FCS) will never write against their heroes, the Islamofascist judges, who are granting bail to terrorists and their abettors nor against the GHQ’s Jihad Enterprise which is single major source of the

  • This is not a clash of civilizations but an internal conflict between moderates and extremists

    A recent report in Time explains the huge significance of Salman Taseer’s killing. “The manner of his murder reveals a truth that many Muslims still deny: This is not a clash of civilisations between Islam and the West but an internal conflict between moderates who advocate inclusiveness and extremists who preach hatred,” says the report, […]