The concept of “More Civilized Civil Society” – by Hussain Bux Mallah

A typical civil society meeting…40 people, 20 speakers and 120 groups

“More civilized civil society” (MCCS) of Pakistan had won a battle when the CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry was restored by street and general’s powers. The electronic media had sponsored many unknown personalities and a majority of simply civilized people of Pakistan had to bear their speeches and critique of democratic government and political leadership of PPP. The right wing electronic media posed those English speaking “more civilized civil society” actors as an alternate leadership in Pakistan. At that moment people of Pakistan including myself were optimistically hoping that educated civil society actors would be able to resist any type of injustice even in future.

However, Salman Taseer’s brutal killing tarnished the bold image made up in my mind of our civil society. The more civilized civil society (MCCS) were more than comfortable visiting CJ’s house every day probably because the roads leading to his house in posh Islamabad locality were clean and civilized too.

MCCS should have visited Asia Bibi, a Christian woman accused of blasphemy before Salman Taseer’s visit but it is unfair to demand this because roads and streets leading to her house were unclean and uncivilized. Another issue is of distance; Asia Bibi’s house was too away from civilized habitation of MCCS’ actors. There is distance between uncivilized and MCCS of Pakistan but there is no distance between “uncivilized” people of Pakistan and PPP’s leadership. That’s why it was easy for Salman Taseer to visit Asia Bibi and that was difficult for MCCS to digest.

During CJ’s restoration movement, I had spared much time and heard many MCCS’s actors on TV shows for example I had heard people many time crying and lamenting PPP’s leadership. There are many others who are missing from attractive talk shows now a day. I believe they are not afraid of Mullas but they are allies of Mullas. Bilwal Bhutto Zardari is determined to indulge himself in politics of Pakistan and in his young age he has challenged Mulla terrorists and he definitely has put himself in the line of martyrs for sake of peaceful democratic Pakistan.

Safar-ul-Muzafar is about to end and the MCCS have just a few days before the advent of Rabi-ul-Awal. During this time period they have lot of time to criticize PPP government because the Prime Minister of Pakistan had announced not to amend the Blasphemy Bill. MCCS has legitimate right to criticize the government but they must bear in mind that it is not the MCCS wallas but the PPP workers and leaders along with the ANP workers and leaders who have sacrificed their lives in Pakistan’s war against religious extremism.

While scavenging on Salman Taseer’s blood to blame his own party and leadership, will the old Surkhas and modern MCCS’s leadership confront bigots like Hamid Mir? May I suggest that at MCCS’s personalities should openly defy the Blasphemy Law up to 12 Rabi-ul-Awal or up to Chehlum of Shaheed Salman Taseer in Hamid Mir’s or Mehar Bukhari’s talk shows.

PPP has sacrificed a lot and now it is a golden chance for of old age liberals and MCCS actors to demonstrate to the world that “unlike Rehman Malik, Yusuf Raza Gilani and Asif Zardari”, they are not cowards, and that they can daringly call a spade a spade in the footsteps of Salman Taseer. Or the Surkhas and MCCS should surrender themselves to young Bilawal to learn how to live like Bilawal.

Can the Surkhas and/or MCCS boldly declare the blasphemy law as black law in TV talk shows or/and press conferences? Based on their own logic, that will be a fitting and daring tribute to shaheed Taseer. Yes, we know Zardari is corrupt and coward and so is Gilani; both of them have compromised with the mullahs and the establishment. But the Surkhas and the MCCS personalities are neither corrupt nor coward.

That is why the Zardari-Gillani duo have such great support from the media and which is why Surkhas and MCCS are never allowed to criticize the PPP on our free media.

We look forward to them in not only condemning the blasphemy laws but addressing the larger issues which cowards Zardari and Gillani cannot. For example, issues like:

1. Get beloved CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry to censuring ex-CJ LHC Khwaja Sharif for abuse of office by inciting hatred and violence against Hindu Pakistanis.

2. Get beloved CJ to disbarring all lawyers that showered petals on killer Qadri

3. Get beloved CJ to take Suo Moto against all those who are responsible for Shaheed Taseer’s murder (media owners, media persons, mullahs, Law Minister of the Punjab, Punjab Police etc)

4. File petitions to challenge all discriminatory laws that are inserted by dictators including the shifting of the Objectives Resolution from preamble to part of constitution.

5. Use their special comradarie from the Lawyer’s Movement to get PML A-Z to introduce bills to challenge the blasphemy law as well as the 2nd Amendment and Objectives Resolution.

6. Call out all jihadi groups that are affiliated with the Taliban and all those who are supporting these Jihadi groups including the military establishment.

7. Call out their friends from the media to stop giving any air time to religious groups spreading hatred which includes Jamaat-e-Islami.

We all know how bravely Surkhas and the MCCS personalities opposed these Jihadi groups like Jamaat-e-Islami and Sipah-e-Sahaba during the so called Lawyer’s Movement against coward dictator Zardari and we await their Marxist Revolution that has been stalled since coward Z.A. Bhutto launched the PPP in 1967!


Update: The above post has been slightly edited in view of some suggestions. The aim is not to terrorize the Old Surkhas and the MCCS wallas, the aim is to demonstrate to them that it is the PPP leaders and workers, not urban chatterers, who have given their blood to build a tolerant and democratic Pakistan.

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  1. “A typical civil society meeting…40 people, 20 speakers and 120 groups” LOL!! Nasty, but true.

  2. Quite true. Extremely fragmented and insignificant lot. Another trait is to sport grey hair to look old, intellectual and wise.

    For the list I’d like to propose the names of islamabad based:
    Farzana Bari
    Ahmed Bilal Mehboob
    Dr Farrukh Saleem
    Iftikhar Gillani

  3. What is your problem with civil society, you “Let US Destroy Pakistan” wallas! for the first time in 2008 after the installation of PPP-ANP secular dictatorship, the Jamaat Islami and educated people united to overthrow the Zardari-Gillani dictatorship. We nearly succeeded and will succeed soon. Under the banner of Maudodi and the poetry of Faiz, we showed you PPP-wallas what true resistence to oppression is. Jeay Imran Khan, Qazi Hussain, Hamid Gul and Aitzaz Ahsan

  4. @Javed Khan sahab, Allah aap ko kamyab karay. Please aayat-e-Kareema ka khatam karaiye, Shayad Allah aasan karay aapki mushkilat.

  5. @Javed Khan

    What wrongs have Aitzaz and Faiz committed that you named them with rest of these jokers: hypocrite Maududi, mentally unstable Qazi, transport mujahid Hameed gul and playboy Imran Khan.

  6. @ali, Faiz is dead otherwise that anti-Zia communist would never have allowed us to use his poems. But Aitzaz is a true comrade and he wanted to make the bridge between PPP and Jamaat Islami with PML N providing the duct. He nearly suceeded. Aitzaz, Imran Khan sahib and Hamid Gul sahib are the true momineen of Pakistan because they stood for the rights of Lal Masjid and the heroic attempt of the Ghazi brothers to establish caliphate in Islamabad. Aitzaz is the only PPP guy who can openly identify with the Jamaat and brave Ghazi brothers of Sipah Sahaba. Even that Babar Awan places his loyalty to PPP higher than Jamaat Islami. Help us build Maudoodi’s Pakistan and get the rest of PPP to join us; right now we only have Aitzaz’s support.

  7. Excellent post. I propose the following names:

    1. Rasul Baksh Rais
    2. Nasim Zehra
    3. Urooj Zia

  8. Dr Mubashir Hassan
    Farahnaz Ispahani
    Some participants of CFD

    Urooj Zia is too cheap to be included in any list. Better leave her to bheegi billis, kalay kaway and edited.

  9. 1.@mehreenkasana , (edited)
    2.@shahidsaeed , verbal edited radio
    3.@desmukh , bhuttohater mqm lover

  10. I recomend Mehrene Kasani, edited, who pretend to be intellectual, there are 3/4 of them, all trying to be civil society and talking Oxford English on twitter

  11. @Bolshevik Urooj Zia via Twitter
    Dear LUDP jaahils,inciting murder now,eh? And commenting on women’s ‘characters’. Real classy. Morons.

    LAMO…Auntie is scared of death, no one suggested her to be dead though:)

  12. this is disgusting. all of you should be ashamed of yourselves. what makes you better than the rightwing bigots who go around saying people should be killed?

  13. PPP kay mutabiq civil kaun?
    * woh jin ka naara, “corruption hai haq hamara”
    * tax chor
    * warasti democracy walay
    * bhutto ghulaam

    aur baqi sub jo bhi PPP pay tanqeed karay woh hai uncivilized, jahil, “democracy ka dushman”, right wing wala wagaira wagaira

  14. i suggest these names openly:

    1. mehreen kasana (she is a nihilist & she doesnt accept ppp as it is)
    2. naveen naqvi (she pretends to be diplomatic)
    3. kala kawa (he is just a edited)


  15. that mehreen kasana girl criticized bilawal bhutto and desmukh guy said he has no merits to be in politics so they should be brought into the public edited!!

    ek sucha jiyala bhutto ki shaan mai koch nai burdasht karai ga!!

  16. you guys should be ashamed of yourself! desmukh, kalaa kawa & mehreen kasana are excellent bloggers

    just go check their followers.. surely they won hearts with their intellect n wit

    this is just violent of you!

  17. @truejiala ek sachay jialay ko bhutto khaandaan se kuch seekhna bhi chahiye. when did BB ask for the murder of people who disagreed with her? everyone has a right to their own viewpoint. it can be wrong but they are bloody well entitled to it.

    and @Q-O who are you to decide who deserves to be in this country? what right do you have to claim people should be killed?

  18. Simply rubbish, calling individuals in such a shameless way,

    We are making it for us and for our well wishers very difficult to be defended by allowing such cynical comments most of which contains persons name and flouting , If someone has a problem with a mindset and a narrative, he should deconstruct it with arguments, we will post it.

    COMMENTS Like these above should be EDITED.

  19. Update: The above post has been slightly edited in view of some suggestions and feedback. Thanks to a fellow blogger, Kala Kawa.

    All below the belt comments will be deleted or edited.

    Instead of name calling, let us present arguments and counter arguments in a constructive manner.

  20. The edited post is a much improved and effective version of the previous one. Well done, folks!

  21. if u dont expose hipocricy you are hipocrites urself. orignal post was real better than fake post like now

  22. @Akram bhai read the comments and see how the post which was sarcastic was being twisted and LUBP wallas were being attacked for causing “incitment” ; I think they were just causing excitment amongst FCS/MCCS/Surkhas. Better they edit and the edit makes this post stronger and places the ball in court of these fakesters and munafiqs. That is why I asked LUBP to remove this post but editted post is ok, better. the LUBP wallas are abused, threatened and blackmailed and have to be very careful in exposing the elites who present themselves as Che. Also, my one minor criticism of LUBP is sometimes they give too much credit to loser bloggers and give them publicity. they should stick to exposing the double standards and lies of the big guns and holy cows of these bloggers. these blogger wallas worship the judges and pucca english masters of the media.

  23. We have 20 more days to reach 12 Rabi-al-Awal, during this the recommenders should contacts with personalities who will publicly declare the blasphemy law as black law in TV talk-shows (edited). The recommenders should contact with them to get their consent too.

    [see updated list]
    Recommended Names Their Consent
    1 Advocate Iqbal Hyder
    2 Tahira Abdullah
    3 Ahmed Bilal Mehboob
    4 Dr Farrukh Saleem
    5 Iftikhar Gillani
    6 Rasul Baksh Rais
    7 Nasim Zehra
    8 Urooj Zia
    9 Anis Haroon of WAF
    10 Naveen Naqvi
    11 Dr. Awab Alvi
    12 Dr Mubashir Hassan
    13 Farahnaz Ispahani
    14 Mehreen Kasana
    15 Aitzaz Ahsan

  24. We don’t want any one to be martyred, please.

    Those who are inciting Zardari and Gilani to commit suicide by hastily standing in front of the fanatics’ firing squad too must reflect on their attitude.

  25. Thank you for updating this post to remove the obnoxious and immature suggestion to name people “who can qualify to be in line of martyrs.” I would recommend also removing those comments that name other people for that list.
    By giving space to such personal hatred and backbiting you are only discrediting what started out as a fine blog, particularly at a time when all liberal and progressive thinking people need to be united on one platform.
    Thank you.

  26. @Beena Sarwar,

    You are right that we need to unite but this is not the way these people mentioned above do unite. They hate, humilate, make fun and what not of every PPP leader. And then expect that it is one way unity!

    All this while it has been really one way unity, but now they need to realise that it can not work that way. At least they should give due respect to top leadership and criticise policies instead.

    They never mention of Ji,PTI, PMLN, MQM….their punching bag are only PPP Zardari, Bilawal, and BB. A little sense of respect from both sides will help to be united.

  27. Ma’am Beena must also take notice of the language used by some of her own (FAKE) civil society colleagues (Urooj Zia throwing Fuck You and Chutya at the LUBP team, Tammy Haq dubbing LUBP as LUDP, Mosharraf Zaidi condemning ‘rabid jiyalas’ etc).

    As Shoiab Mir very rightly said:

    Mujhe meray doston se bachao
    Dushmanon se mayn khud nimat loonga
    (Save me from my friends; I can deal with my enemies.)

  28. زرداری کی کرپشن پر پلنے والے کراے کے ٹٹو کیسے ایک ایماندار اور شریف آدمی ڈاکٹر مبشر حسن اور سید اقبال حیدر کی تعریف کر سکتے ہیں

  29. Now Aitzaz Ahsan has let us down. He was the chiragh of our house and now he has burnt down the last citadel of hope as well. As a lawyer and as an author I am today truly broken.


    Blasphemy law should remain intact: Aitzaz

    Staff Report

    ISLAMABAD: The blasphemy law (295-C) should remain intact, and if Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer committed any mistake or blasphemy, instead of killing him he should have been punished under the law of the country, Pakistan People’s Party senior leader Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan said.

    While talking to reporters at the Supreme Court building, Aitzaz said no amendment of any kind should be brought in the blasphemy law and it should remain intact at every cost. He said that Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani had given assurance for implementing Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif’s agenda, and therefore the PML-N chief should also support the government.

    To a question, Aitzaz said that he had not been offered the governorship of Punjab. “Better and more eligible people than me are waiting for the governorship,” he added. Aitzaz further said that President Asif Ali Zardari as the co-chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party would decide the appointment of the Punjab governor.

  30. @beena,
    Many thanks for the comment.
    We do not moderate comments ie approving and disapproving as per our liking. Only thing we ensure is that nothing abusive gets published or if it does, it is duly removed or edited. If you look at it and see some posts, scathing comments against ppp leadership and LUBP editors have been published

  31. @Ahmed: Great policy. But if people are making lists of people “who can qualify to be in line of martyrs” to my mind that comes under the category of ‘abusive’ and ‘incitement to violence’ and as such should not be allowed.
    @Nadeem, @Khalid – No one should use abusive language against anyone else. And if someone does, it doesn’t justify being abusive back.

  32. @Beena ji, all reference to martyrs, even in the sarcastic sense have been removed and there is no incitment to violence in the post. In the comments, many have taken names of dubious people who abuse and falsely malign the PPP (some even claiming to be true PPP and true lawyer leader like Aitzaz who abandoned brave HR activist like Asma Jehangir during recent SCBA elections)
    I think they (Nadeem, Khalid)are meaning MCCS/Surkhas/FCS and not people who should be harmed in any way or abused; just exposed for their munafiqat.
    Now these jaali characters are after the PPP to loose more blood and more leaders and why they can’t tell their Jamaati and Taliban yaars from media and judges that blasphemy kaala kanoon hai.
    Please don’t mind my comments as like everyone else here, we all respect you and admire your activism.

  33. What did you guys do to her?


    Bolshevik Urooj Zia
    Logging off for a few days/weeks/months. Sick of attn-seeking nobodys AND being told I “ask for it”. Fuck this. Have better shit to do. Bye.

  34. Mullahs will not stop until their mentors in Aabpara signal them to do so.

    قومی اسمبلی میں ایک موقع پر رحمٰن ملک نے کہا کہ وہ صدرِ پاکستان آصف علی زرداری کی جانب سے پارلیمان میں یہ وضاحت کرنا چاہتے ہیں کہ ناموس رسالت کے قانون میں کوئی ترمیم نہیں کی جا رہی اور نہ ہی اس بارے میں کوئی کمیٹی بنائی گئی ہے۔

    انہوں نے کہا کہ وزیرِاعظم بھی پہلے ہی وضاحت کرچکے ہیں اس لیے اس معاملے کو سیاسی رنگ دے کر ملک میں احتجاجی مظاہرے نہ کیے جائیں۔

    اسلام آباد میں بی بی سی کے نامہ نگار اعجاز مہر کا کہنا ہے ناموسِ رسالت کے قانون میں ترمیم نہ کرنے کے حکومتی اعلان کے باوجود مذہبی جماعتوں کے مظاہرے جاری ہیں جوکہ حکومت کے لیے بظاہر کافی پریشانی کا باعث ہیں۔

  35. What the fuck is this shit?

    Compiling hitlists of bloggers and tweeters?

    Go find some L-e-J Choots to kill then we’ll talk.

  36. @TLW, what are you talking about! What hit lists! Why are you twisting things! this is so dishonest. This article is simply asking some attention seeking hogs to put their money where their mouth is and do something about the blasphemy law as, per them, the PPP has failed them. So do something instead of abusing PPP and inciting violence against the President and prime minister. And people like you who hide with your Altaf bhai in London, why don’t you guys come back and do something instead of always demanding that PPP workers and leaders continue to lay their lives while people like you curse and abuse and slander them from the sidelines.

  37. @LUBP, mein nay kaha tha keh yeh civil society walley will twist your words and distort them no matter what you do. Please moderate these comments also as I can see on twitter that these people have hate for you all and will do anything to defame you. Yeh aap par kechar ochaltay hain, inko koi mauka mat do! and please delete/edit all comments with names and curse words.

  38. When this article came up, you guys had written the name of some rizvi guy, then some woman, and then had left the space blank, implying names should be filled in with people who deserve to be “named”. This is threatening behaviour.

    I have had to defend Mr Zardari verbaly against wanton reactionary abuse, so please keep your assumptions to yourself.

    And for your Goddamn information I am NOT an MQM supporter you presumptious prick. First someone calls me a budding PTI (ugh) candidate, then when I show I’m serious I get promoteded to MQM supporter (double ugh). I’m constantly on the prowl for a good reason to vote PPP.

    This article is simply asking some attention seeking hogs

    Wait a second, they’re just a bunch of bloggers, and one very non-opinionated reporter, and you’re commenting on the internet. You’re on the same path of attention seeking as anyone else.

    to put their money where their mouth is and do something about the blasphemy law

    They’re a bunch of bloggers for God’s sake, and you’re compiling lists of them.

    always demanding that PPP workers and leaders continue to lay their lives while people like you curse and abuse and slander them from the sidelines

    Uh, nobody is asking PPP people to lay their lives down for them. You guys are talking about them venomously.

    And every blogger more or less acknowledges the dangerous hold that our intelligence services have inside our society.

    My particular anger was that you were abusing an online acquintance, (Kasana), and an old friend of mine who also happens to be a reporter, Urooj Zia.

    I am not a “civil society” wala, whatever the hell it is (and no I don’t want any hyperlinks to your definitions), and I will not take attacks on my friends.

  39. TLW, Mai Kolachi, Safdar Baloch…
    Guys, let’s not fight amongst ourselves and show immaturity. Let’s not call each other names like MQM wala, PTI wala, prick, etc.

    @TLW, you have seen at LUBP we havent been moderating that is approving some comments and disapproving some. The list of people that we talked about was those people who do not stop short of criticising the PPP for each and everything but never are clear against bigots.

    The campaign of these FCS and bloggers is twisted in a way to make it sound that the PPP has failed and it needs to be booted out of power. All we are saying let the PPP complete its five years and then overthrow us with ballot.

    And for those who call us “Zardari kee krupshion par palnay walay”, I wish we are given money for the work we do, I honestly do!

  40. I am the biggest silent fan of LUBP. I have never commented before because my job requires traveling and I can not comment with my phone. I was so happy that LUBP was honest and I used to tell my friends that the B in the name stood for Bold and Brave to write what was honest but never get your conscience silent.
    Today I am sad because the site has left honesty and started silencing and editing the truth.

  41. TLW

    You may also wish to read what your old friend Urooj Zia has been vomiting against this very blog on Twitter in chorus with Samad Khurram etc.

    Nothing personal about it. Political and ideological boundaries clearly divide the two groups.

  42. Suleman Mirza

    Please explain how exactly has LUBP left honesty and started editing the truth? I want to learn.

  43. تم لوگ اعتزاز احسن کے خلاف ہو کیونکہ قانون کی بات کرتا ہے، زید حامد کے خلاف ہو کیونکہ اسرایل اور انڈیا کے اجنٹ کا بھانڈا پھوڑتا ہے صمد خرم کے خلاف ہو کیونکہ وہ امریکہ کے پاکستان اور وزیرستان پر حملوں کے خلاف ہے . تم لوگ ہر اس شخص کے خلاف ہو جو پاکستان کا دوست ہے، جو بے نظیر، تاثیر اور زرداری جیسوں کے یار ہوں، پاکستان کے وفادار کیسے ہو سکتے ہیں؟

  44. Shakil, if a site tries to defame someone, they will throw up in disgust. Abuse is always met with abuse. Our president Zardari has been a smart man. He doesn’t go about randomly abusing people in this day and age. I suggest you smarten up just like him.

  45. Rizwan, randomly insinuating that someone is an opponent, just because they are critical can cross the line into defamatory language.

  46. Dear readers thanks for your valuable comments and critics.

    Please read the article passionately and try not to twist it. I have written this as a citizen of Pakistan but not as an expert, anchor, analyst or with any intention to defame someone. We all want to see Pakistan as peaceful and a country of Humans and not as of “Qadri, Zahawari’s country”. I know liberals who dislike PPP they have minimal options thus they always had supported, Army, Judiciary, FCS and Mullas. The torchbearers of liberalism and most famous personalities of FCS or even of Real Civil Society [unlike Rawalpindi Bar Association] should feel pride if someone has recommend them for struggle against Islamofascism and demanded for open condemnation against Blasphemy and other anti-Human Laws.

    See previous related article on LUBP

    Let us not vote or support PPP – by Hussain Bux Mallah

    We killed Bhuttos, we are killers of hundreds of leaders and Jiyalas of PPP. Yes, we the voters and supporters of PPP are responsible for their killings. If you don’t want more funerals of your leaders stop supporting them and change your mind by supporting elitist civil society, judiciary, military and mullas to rule you. Judiciary killed Bhutto, agencies killed Murtaza, military and mullas killed Benazir Bhutto in December and in January military and mullas killed Salman Taseer. Why those high profile leaders had to scarify their lives? It is because of you people. They had sacrificed their lives for your peaceful Pakistan, for your freedom and for your better future.

    Bhuttos and Khan Ghaffar Khan taught us to be non-violent and not to support violence. Their philosophy continues and our next target for scarification Asif Zardari got favour from Bilawal and he said “Democracy is best revenge” and people have to change a violent slogan “BB hum sharminda hein k teray Kail ab tak zinda hein” into non-violent slogan” BB kay Katil Sharminda hein k BB ab tak Zinda hay’. We remember that scale of enmityof military wings with Bhutto’s non-violent philosophy aroused when President Zardari announced not use first the human killer atomic bomb against India.

    Salman Taseer’s killers are being supported by violent segments of civil society called “Bar Associations” who supported murderers (judiciary) of Z A Bhutto and now supporting Mumtaz Qadri. Bar Associations are willing to kill an innocent marginalized Christian [whom they pejoratively call chuhra] woman. Blasphemy law is not an Islamic law but it is racist law and elite civil society or middle class of Pakistan is racist by default therefore they
    don’t appose a racist law. There is strong caste and class system even well-built than India. Bhuttos had interrupted and wanted to change racist society into liberal, non-violent and peace lover society in Pakistan. “Bhutto is
    not a name of caste or tribe but it is a philosophy of social change” said President Asif Zardari in his recent speech on third death anniversary of Shaheed BB.

    Salman Taseer is not last person who killed by people who are followers of Islamic racism and anti Bhuttoism but still there are many Bhuttos waiting for scarification for philosophy of social change.

    You people the supporters of Bhuttoism are responsible for killings of hundreds of Bhuttos and you definitely digging one grave when you cast one vote or raise one slogan in favour of Bhuttoism.

    I cannot stop you Jiyalas to vote or raise slogan because I was surprised to observe your patience on three anniversaries of Shaheed BB which you might have learned from Bhutto’s philosophy of social change, equality and non-violence. But I can suggest that let us not vote or support PPP, let us not write articles, books and poetry, let us not dance or sing, let us not raise slogans, let us not shed tears on killings our leaders. This is the only way we will not be targeted and killed.