Justice for Shaheed, Death for ‘Ghazi’ -by Ahsan Muhammad

Exactly six months ago a lone fanatic pumped over two dozen bullets into Salman Taseer’s torso. According to that lunatic Mumtaz Qadri, Taseer had committed blasphemy by mocking the ‘Blasphemy Law’. A law which awards death penalty to the blasphemer in this land of stupidities.

Two news articles caught my eye on 3rd and 4th July 2011 on tribune.com.pk. They were,

1. Punjab governor’s murder: Trial court records Taseer’s son’s statement

2. ‘Osama and Obama bad, Qadri good’


‘Punjab governor’s murder Trial court records

Taseer’s son’s statement’

I went through it and found this following nonsense,

‘The lawyer representing Killer Qadri tried to raise questions about the character of the the deceased while cross-examining Sheheryar Taseer (Salman Shaheed’s son)’

What else one can expect from killer Qadri’s lawyer? Is this the level of our lawyers community? How can any judge allow these kinds of utterly stupid questions? It seems this lawyer is also a maniac and maniacs don’t speak sanity.

Govt must purge madrassas of terrorists, say Barelvi scholars. PHOTO: FILE/ONLINE


‘Osama and Obama bad, Qadri good’

These platinum lines were said by a certain Dr. Ashraf Jalali head of Idara-e-Sirat-eMustaqeem. He was speaking at the annual degree awarding ceremony at Aiwan-i-Iqbal for 40 religious scholars. According to him Barelvi muslims (Taliban of Mazarat) consider both Obama and Osama bad as they both have killed many muslims. He doesn’t stop here, he goes on and extols killer Qadri and demands the government to release him (what?). In short Malik Mumtaz Qadri is this Dr’s hero.

Now, why no channel is taking up these two incidents of absolute craziness? Why no anchor is grilling this Dr. Jalali and the lawyer of killer Qadri? Why is there complete media silence on the proceedings of Qadri’s trial? Why? Why? Why?

I am not a PPP-jiyala PPP-lover but Salman Taseer was to me a good human being who stood against the bloody obscurantist mentality which is prevalent in this land. I demand justice for Salman Taseer Shaheed and death for Qadri.

Remember it is not just an issue of one man. The seculars and liberals have to stand-up so that any wannabe ‘Ghazi’ should think not twice but thrice before attempting any act of buffoonery.



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