Javed Chauhdry, a moderate and Mosharraf Zaidi, a liberal?

Governor Salmaan Taseer’s assassination by a “religious fanatic robot” and varying stances regarding this barbaric act have resulted in a new debate. Now those who are asking for Qadri’s execution via judicial process are titled as “Liberal Fascists”. Those who directly or implicitly condoned the murder and appreciated the murderer while comparing him to “Ghazi Ilmuddin” are described as Moderates.

Isn’t it a joke that one dubious writer who frequently mocked the liberals, Mosharraf Zaidi, has now misappropriated the title of liberal, and an Islamist and Taliban sympathiser,  Javed Chauhdry came to the fore as a new symbol of moderates.

The liberal title has been assigned to Mosharraf Zaidi by the Fake Civil Society (usually found on Twitter), and the moderate title was assigned to Javed Chaudhry by a mullah Zahir Ahmad Qadri, a disciple of Mufti Hanif Qureshi.

In his 1 February 2011 column (Express) titled as “Liberal Intiha Pasand Na Banein(Dont be a liberal extremist?” , Javed Chaudhry posted a letter from the above mentioned mullah, who scolded him for his role as a moderate, and asked him not to condemn the mullahs who brainwashed the fanatic Mumtaz Qadri to kill Taseer. In the same letter, Molvi sahib quoted Rehman Malik’s inability to recite Surah Ikhlas and his statement regarding the blasphemer, and justifies Mumtaz Qadri’s act in this regard.

Why did the mullah admonish Javed Chaduhry? The reason was Chaudhry’s another column “3 seconds Ka Fasla (3 second’s distance), in which he referred to Mumaz Qadri’s confessional statement, and cited long quotes from it, in which Qadri stated that he was instigated to the crime by Mullah Hanif Qureshi’s Jumma sermon. Then Javed Chauhdry criticized Mullahs for their irresponsible statements and speeches, which may result in murder of innocent people.

If you read both of the columns by Javed Chauhdry, you will get to the conclusion that in both columns, Javed Chauhdry intentionally provided space to a statement by Qadri and another in support of Qadri. It is evident that the sole purpose of these columns was to spread Mumtaz Qadri’s message to readers in an indirect manner.

Just visit Javed Chauhdry’s columns site, read his columns, view his talk-shows and use your own judgement. Is there any difference between him and the mullahs who assigned him the moderate tag?

Now compare the moderate Javed Chaudhry case to the liberal Mosharraf Zaidi case who is recently seen promoting himself (with the help f the FCS) as a champion of liberal Pakistanis particularly after the martyrdom of a PPP leader, Salmaan Taseer.

Here are some nuggets from Mosharraf Zaidi’s articles which demonstrate his lopsided views on liberal values and liberalism:

Every pink-blooded Pakistan liberal worth the name has been singing a marsiya about the country falling into the hands of the wretched Taliban. Ah, this poor country, such a piece of tin it must be to fall so far, so fast, so furiously. (Source)

Meanwhile far away, in another part of town, uber-liberals and their friends are gathered round. The number one contender for new Lux Style Awards’ category should be “Shrillest and Most Depressing Prognosis of the Imminent Foreclosure of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. There would be dozens of candidates. From the op-ed pages, to the radio, the television and all around the world — the walls are closing in on this Glorious Liberal Garden of Eden. Pinkie, please! … Pakistani liberals are a reasonably well-defined sliver of the population… More than anything else, liberal and conservative, left and right, moderate and fundo, will all have to learn to sit together and enjoy a meal. Find common ground with each other, and invariably with the “mortal enemy” too — Hindu India loves cricket just as much as Inzi Bhai, and Wahhabi Saudis makes some of the best friend chicken in the universe. Find anything, but let’s be human beings and people — before we become either God’s or Jean Paul Sartre’s chosen people. We must eventually live in hope, rather than in fear. (Source)

Most of all, the MQM’s depth of relationship with urban sentiment is evident in the starkly different rhetoric that defines engagement with the issues between Pakistan’s Gucci and Prada liberals on the one hand, and the MQM’s leadership on the other. Convening an ulema conference was a stroke of urban Pakistan genius by the party. No self-respecting secular, progressive liberal (sic) would be caught dead at such a convention. Hence the difference between the MQM (a serious power-player in this country), and cheese and cracker liberals (a loud but politically sterile minority). As much as the lawyers’ movement was an a-religious movement, it was not amoral. And Pakistan’s people (even the ones in nice cars in the city working for banks and educated in the American Midwest) still draw moral inspiration primarily from Islam. (Source)

What lies behind the obsession of right and left, progressive and traditional, liberal and conservative to collectively want to mutilate this conflict into an ideological war that it is not? Perhaps it is the overwhelming instinct ingrained in an irrational public discourse. (Source)

Yet for too many reasonable Pakistanis, the allure of an ideological debate is too much to resist. Liberals versus mullahs. Secularists versus traditionalists. This is a losing proposition. It will, as always, transform into “Islam versus laadeeniyat”. This plays directly to the advantage of the unreasonable people that have already stacked the deck in their favour. (Source)

May God pity the nation where Javed Chaudhry is a moderate and Mosharraf Zaidi is a liberal.



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